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Full Version: images from morning of 26th
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From Michael Tracey in Scholars and Rogues

Another, key story emerged in March 1997 when it was reported that police found it curious that there were “no footprints in the snow,” around the house. The implication was obvious, and intended: no footprints, no intruder. The slight problem with this, as law enforcement knew and the crime scene photos from December 26 make clear, was that there was little or no snow around the house.

first photo of lawn taken before crime scene tape put up
officers noted that is was funny, no footprints in the snow. What could explain that?
I think I know the answer.
In October of 1998, I attended a meeting of the Denver Press Club. One of the people who attended brought some interesting information to the table. According to this person, they were awake that night, and there was a light dusting - at 2 am. It is perfectly possible that the killer went in and out of the Ramsey house before the dusting of snow.
THIS could be the reason there were "no footprints in the snow". (reporter Julie Hayden said in the Documentary that for her it became a "non-issue")