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Full Version: I disagree with the experts on one point
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According to Lin Wood in the John Ramsey v CBS lawsuit:

140. The pathologist performing the autopsy on JonBenét’s body discovered that she
was sexually assaulted by being vaginally penetrated, including penetration with the broken
wooden handle of the garrote.
141. Defendant Spitz concurred during his examination in the 1990s that JonBenét was
penetrated with the broken wooden handle of the garrote.

I disagree with the experts.  I agree there was a sexual assault and I accept their finding that a shard of the paintbrush was found in the vagina.  I disagree with how it got there.

I see no evidence proving JonBenet's long johns and panties were pulled down to her ankles or removed in order to give the killer a clear and unhampered access to her vaginal area.  I think they were pushed down slightly when her abuser put his hand in her clothing to assault her - I don't think part of his "need" was to see her genitals or watch this assault.  I think he was looking at her face and I think when he has assaulted others he had the same needs and methods.

I could be wrong, but that is what the evidence tells me.  The evidence I am referring to is the urine stain and blood drops that were found in her panties.  I believe I am right on that.    When he pulled the long johns and panties back up, there was not far to go and the urine and blood was not disturbed by that movement.

The birefringment material found in the vagina came from the paintbrush and I believe that tiny sliver broke away from the paintbrush when the killer snapped the center part of the paintbrush away from the rest.  The shard stuck to the killer's hands and was transferred to the vagina during a digital assault.  

I believe she was alive and alert during that assault and that was when she let out that horrible scream heard by the neighbor, Melody Stanton.  She would have been struggling at that time and if he tried to assault her with a broken piece of wood, I feel sure there would have been scratches on her external genitals which... never appeared.

So I disagree with the experts in this area and would document that here.