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Full Version: Doc Miller link to Pete Peterson
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Thomas C. MILLER and R.W. Peterson, Plaintiffs-Appellants,
James R. COLLIER;  Detective William Phillips;  and the City
and County of Denver, Defendants-Appellees.
No. 92CA2030.

Colorado Court of Appeals, Div. I.
June 16, 1994.

Theodore A. Borrillo, Doris A. Waters, Denver, for

Daniel E. Muse, City Atty., James C. Thomas, Asst. City Atty.,
Denver, for defendants-appellees.

David B. Kopel, Golden, Robert Dowlut, Washington, DC, for
amicus curiae The Firearms Civ. Rights Legal Defense Fund.

Opinion by Judge KAPELKE.
In this action against defendants, the City and County of Denver and two of its police officials, to recover damages under 42 U.S.C. section 1983 (1988) and for relief in the nature of
certiorari review and mandamus under C.R.C.P. 106, plaintiffs, Thomas C. Miller and R.W. Peterson, appeal from the judgment of the trial court dismissing their complaint with prejudice.  We reverse and remand for further proceedings.

In their complaint, plaintiffs allege that they are private investigators who need to carry concealed weapons in order to protect themselves and others during the course of their work. They further allege that they have applied unsuccessfully to the Denver Police Department and Chief of Police for permits to carry such weapons.
In addition, they allege that Miller applied for a permit in July 1991 and that defendants denied his application in June 1992, on the ground that he had no “compelling need” to carry a concealed weapon.  Defendants informed Miller that he could reapply, but when he requested an application he was advised that the Denver Police Department was no longer providing applications for concealed weapons permits.
Peterson, who had held a concealed weapons permit for approximately eighteen years, applied for a renewal of his permit in March 1992.  Defendants allegedly denied his application without an explanation.
Pete Peterson is the PI who was hired by the parents of the teenager who was assaulted in her room less than a year after JonBenet was murdered. Early on, a reporter told me Peterson went to the reporter's house to discuss the Ramsey case and when Peterson left, there were some Ramsey papers missing. I believed the reporter and wondered why he would steal what the reporter was obviously willing to share.

Peterson later gave a press conference where he appeared to be … IMO he appeared to be drunk. I don't know if that clip is online but would invite others to view it and judge for themselves.

I didn't know about a link between Miller and Peterson. BIG reminder that Boulder is a small place and there are a LOT of ties between people. Some not so obvious. Ohers, however, really are.

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