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Full Version: 1996 Boulder info
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Population in 1996 - 89,522

In 1996, Boulder Police Department reported 
1 murder
49 rapes
132 assaults
874 burglaries

(released figures in 2010 report)
BOULDER LE in 1996 included 4 sergeants, 23.5 detectives, 6 support people

A breakdown doesn't quite match.

Major crimes division - 1 sergeant and 6 detectives

Special Investigations unit - 1 sergeant and 6 detectives

General investigations - 1 sergeant and 8 detectives

Crime analysis Unit with 1 crime analyst and 2 assistants
Education requirements for BPD officer in 1996 was a high school diploma OR a GED AND "60 semester hours or sworn police officer experience."

That is a fact - and it may have been part of the problem when they were also rotting people into the detective position so everyone got a chance at the better hours and title.