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Full Version: Steve Thomas book revealspage 215 - the cops gave the DA a presentation of the case t
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I wrote a companion book for Steve's book and it is available online, link nearby.  I decided to share this here - shows the FBI was not fully informed but BORG early on.

In his book, page 215 - the cops gave the DA a presentation of the case to prepare for their trip to Quantico - to see the FBI.  Thomas admits not giving them all the information - "withheld the 911 tape and grave-site surveillance".  And he was upset when Hunter wouldn't participate in the trip to Quantico because they case was OBVIOUSLY not there.
page 216 - the FBI agents were painfully aware that there were two "camps" in Boulder - this according to Thomas.
 again, Spitz is mentioned as one who discounted the stun gun evidence, but Thomas doesn't say what was presented to PROVE the opposite.
Smit had photos of the stun gun marks - in March of 2000 they were discussed on 20/20 - and there were experts other than Spitz who had OTHER opinions.  Thomas conveniently doesn't mention any of that.
page 216-219 - VERY interesting part of the book that I don't want to get too far into just now - this is where Thomas says the FBI is BORG - interesting in light of later polygraph issues.  On page 219 the words "under the hammer" were used.  Doesn't sound like anyone I would want putting ME on a polygraph!