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Go back to the names of people who were not really good but REASONABLE suspects.  People who were in Boulder at the time and were suspected by others who knew them - co-workers, classmates, family.  Research every one on thatlist to see what they have done Iin the past 20 years.  

The person who killed JonBenet was not like most of us, he was a sadistic person, a pedophile, and I believe he left his DNA mixed with her blood in her panties.  We have a good profile of that DNA.  It was NOT a group DNA found there, just the victim and someone there when she was bleeding from a sexual assault.

This is a quote from Investigator Andy Horita's investigative report to the DA.  (Pg 8 of 16)

Amy Jeanguenat, the DNA expert who anlyzed the panties sample at Bode Technology,  "stated that she saw NO indication that a third party contributed to the mixture and would 'testify in court' to that effect."

That quote is worth repeating.  

Amy Jeanguenat "...stated that she saw NO indication that a third party contributed to the mixture and would 'testify in court' to that effect."

Summer Dawn

I would like to add we have SO much information here.. make sure to go over everything.. educate yourself FULLY about this highly complicated case..
Some of these posts make me cry, others make me laugh. But rebuilding this forum sure has reminded me of a lot I had just about forgotten. There really is a lot the investigators COULD do if they had the time and money.

Summer Dawn

(03-20-2017, 09:49 AM)jameson245 Wrote: [ -> ]Some of these posts make me cry, others make me laugh. But rebuilding this forum sure has reminded me of a lot I had just about forgotten. There really is a lot the investigators COULD do if they had the time and money.

Oh yeah completely!! I feel the same exact way. I didnt realize how much I forgot until reading here. This fourm has inspired me again to crack back at it and start completely reviewing this case. I think we are making a difference and hope to continue!!
Glad you are here.

Summer Dawn

(03-20-2017, 05:48 PM)jameson245 Wrote: [ -> ]Glad you are here.

Thanks, me too Smile Smile Glad to be back SmileSmile
Back to case - - I would like to ask if the DNA from the panties matched the FBI profile for DNA-X. They need to get this kind of question from interested parties (like us) and see if our questions open new doors in their minds.
From Steve Thomas' deposition:

"Thomas depo 47 - the knife"
 Q. There was a pocket knife found on the basement counter?
A. Which I learned later, right.
Q. And was that ever sourced, to your knowledge?
A. No. My recollection of that is terribly vague because I don't know when we talked about those
thousand-plus pieces of evidence collected, those were potential pieces of evidence, I think that the
pocket knife may have been collected, but I don't know. There was the suggestion that I overheard
that that belonged to Burke.
Q. Was that ever sourced to Burke?
A. Not prior to me leaving.

My comment. Later it seemed the police were shocked to know Burke had been reunited with both of his red Swiss army knives in Atlanta. The movers must have packed them up and sent them to Georgia without thinking they needed to give a count of knives to the authorities.

So, we know the cord was cut and that knife COULD have been brought in by the intruder/killer. (I hope it is still in the evidence room.)

I think that knife needs to be checked for DNA.

But maybe it already was - and maybe it is where they found the DNA-X. (We know the DNA-X was not on her body or clothes) If so, that DNA could be very important.


How to solve it?
Turn the clock back to 1996 and do a repeated canvass of the neighborhood.

Its hard to solve a case where the police were so quick to "solve" it. We have little forensic evidence and what little there is was due to a fluke that an assistant PROSECUTOR fought a valiant battle for a more thorough forensics job.

Its hard to elminate residents, transients, frequent guests, relatives who were staying in the neighborhood when there was no 'census' taken. We don't know how many were 'flopping' or 'semi-flopping' in the area. We don't know about the frat houses or pseudo frat houses that were not too distant. Many 'residents' but no one did any listing. Did the intruder have a nearby bolt-hole? I don't know, but the BPD had no intent to ever find out about nearby residences because the BPD 'solved' the case right off.

Business grudge? Sure unlikely but how can you follow that lead decades later?

DNA swab Amy's house? sure. Its expensive, its a super long shot and Boulder politicians would prefer the case to be forever in limbo rather than actually solved. Despite the cleaning efforts and time lapse it would still be possible to collect fingerprints and dna from Amy's home, but who has the money to spend on such a large project with such little hope of success? How do you get elimination prints from a decade of guests?

Nutcase? Look at the Monk on a Mountain Top bomber. Unabomb case spent millions of dollars and unimaginable man hours interviewing highly paid engineers and jet engine repairmen... and the perpetrator was staying in homeless shelters. The FBI didn't ever see a homeless drifter for the simple reason that no one ever does. Yet decades later even the Boulder area shelters have closed and their files are unavailable.

Pervert? We don't know if leopards change their spots or die in autoaccidents that very afternoon. All we know is that its been decades and no dna 'hits' have materialized. Interview a whole slew of perverts? Its that kind of thinking that was the Garbage In Garbage Out phenomenon that lead the FBI profilers to say instantly "inside job". Dig up the medical records and any stored tissue of Boulder area nutcases who died in the interim? How?
I don't understand why any person sentenced to do ANY time shouldn't be required to pay for their own DNA to be taken and processed, put into the system.

Is it an invasion of their privacy? Yes, I suppose it is but if they are in jail after being convicted of a crime.... I weigh their right to some privacy (not having their DNA used to check and see if their criminal activity has been more far reaching that thought) against the well being and safety of our children.... and...
They have to pay court costs, fines. Just tack it on.

Let's get the bad guys off the street.
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