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I posted this under LE - Steve Thomas but will link here
Q. 331, the second full paragraph, it starts with "Fleet and Priscilla White were being hauled over the
coals because they wanted to see their previous statements, pointing out that they were being denied
the same privilege given to the Ramseys"?
A. Yes.
Q. "Chief Mark Beckman declared to the Whites, who had supported another candidate for his new
job, were 'morally empty' and again suggested putting Fleet White in jail." When did that occur?
A. That was late spring, I believe, of '98, certainly in 1998. But I recall this.
Q. Do you recall Mark Beckner ever asking you if you thought that Fleet White could possibly be the
A. Mr. Wood, I think maybe even in this same passage.
Q. I think that's where it is, here it is, I'm sorry. "'For what?' I had asked Beckner incredulously.
Beckner later asked me if Fleet could possibly be the murderer." Have I read that correctly?
A. Yes.
Q. That would have been a comment made in 1998 by Chief Beckner?
A. That's correct.
Q. How about the two friends of Fleet White that were there, did you all ever get any non-
testimonial evidence from those two individuals?
A. Which two friends are you referring to?
Q. The ones that were with him on Christmas and were at the Ramseys on I believe the party of the
23rd; do you know who I'm talking about?
A. Mr. Fleet White's house guests at the time?
Q. Yes. His friends that were house guests, did you all ever get any non-testimonial evidence, hair,
DNA, 5 handwriting from Mr. Cox or Mr. Gaston?
A. I believe Detective Harmer received that assignment and made attempts to conduct that
investigation. And I'm not sure whether or not she was successful in those attempts.