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Full Version: Who is Judith Phillips??
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Summer Dawn

Many people may remember her as one of the photographers that have taken pictures of JonBenet... Some pictures of Patsy when she was  was sick..

She actually knew the Ramseys in Atlanta and they all ended up in Boulder together. She was at one of Patsy's birthday parties.. seemed to be at many events together..had mutual friends..She talks about it in PMPT.

After the murder,  her true colors showed and she started selling the pictures she took of JonBenet and trash talking everyone.

Recently I heard she thinks Burke was capable of this murder. Utter BS 
Feb 1998 - PMPT being released

Judith Phillips, a professional photographer who has known the Ramseys 14 years, said she never noticed any red flags indicating anything was wrong in the family. Still, she agreed the evidence seems to point in their direction. The Ramseys have since cut Phillips out of their lives, she said.
"It's hard to believe they did it - but it's also hard to believe, based upon the evidence, that they didn't " kill the child, Phillips said.
In March,1997, Phillips - a self-described feminist - visited Patsy Ramsey at a friend's home. She watched Patsy closely and noted that Patsy's memory seemed to be faulty and that her friend seemed to float in and out of "being totally exhausted." Overall, however, Phillips said Patsy was doing "remarkably" well.
Patsy asked Phillips to talk to then Mayor Leslie Durgin, a friend of Phillips, and ask her why the police weren't protecting the Ramseys, Phillips said. Phillips later relayed to Patsy Rarmsey that Durgin had indicated the city was protecting them, but that Durgin said she also was supporting the work of the Boulder police and district attorney's office. Durgin couldn't be reached for comment.
"They don't speak to me anymore," Phillips said of her former friends.