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Full Version: private interviews
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The Whites have never spoke to me, never responded to any efforts I have made to meet with them or be in contact.  But they have been in contact with plenty of people who have spoken to me.

The Whites speak to many people - - and they do NOT accuse the Ramseys of any crime, don't speak about their grand jury testimony and don't discuss details of the evidence to many.  I won't pretend to be able to quote them, but I can report what I have seen and heard (notes from those interviews).

Fleet and Priscilla NEVER said the Ramseys had a troubled marriage, they had seen evidence of a loving relationship between John and Patsy, hugs, kisses and caring looks and actions.   

Fleet and Priscilla NEVER said the Ramseys were neglectful or abusive toward their kids - - the truth is they never saw the Ramseys yell at the kids and certainly did NOT see them spank the kids.  The Ramseys were easy-going people, fun to be with and nothing in their time with the Ramseys made the Whites think they were capable of such a crime.

My comment - - I still think the Whites told all that to the police but were pushed by the police who can lie during investigations.  I think the cops assured the Whites that both the BPD and FBI were sure it was the Ramseys - - poor F&P had misjudged their friends - - and advised the Whites they had better accept that and help the police prove it by getting the parents to agree to be tarred and feathered in the interrogation room - - or find themselves suspect.

Sadly, I think the Whites buckled.