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Full Version: Examples of BORG attacks
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Examples of frivolous BORG attacks include leaving bad reviews on Johns business or the work places of people that support Ramsey innocense.
and attacks on the GoFundMe account which is actually going to pay for DNA tests related to this case.


Not to mention getting facebook profiles shut down for not agreeing.
They got me thrown off FaceBook when I had done NOTHING WRONG. I figure the moderators just figured it wasn't worth saving my one account if it meant 50 people were going to complain.

In the end, it left me with time to rebuild this site and i honestly think that was a better way to spend my time.

Most of the discussions there are full of misinformation and people too lazy to do any research. I rarely miss it and some friends let me know if there is anything of real interest happening. (That doesn't happen often.)