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John Ramsey
Why he needed to be considered, evidence pro and con
1 1 John Ramsey
01-29-2017, 02:21 PM
by Moop
Bud and Sandra Henderson
Homer "Bud" and wife Sandra, ex-employees of Access Graphics
Sub Forums:
PMPT - Schiller/Brennan book
2 2 Steve Thomas' book and a ...
02-07-2017, 05:37 PM
by jameson245
Game Player
Toth's favorite suspect
1 9 Toth wrote:
02-11-2017, 09:12 AM
by Toth
Candy Cane Man
had a candy cane from the Ramsey yard
1 2 highlights
02-16-2017, 03:03 PM
by jameson245
Patsy Ramsey
Why she had to be considered - evidence pro and con
1 1 Patsy Ramsey
01-29-2017, 02:29 PM
by Moop
Burke Ramsey
Why he was NEVER considered a suspect right after and what happened to cause a change 20 years later.
Sub Forums:
Said about Burke
2 4 Burke Ramsey
02-09-2017, 09:45 PM
by jameson245
Gary Oliva
2 2 Tid Bits about Gary Oliva
02-06-2017, 03:23 PM
by Summer Dawn
Michael McElroy
Maintained bondage site - interviewed by police and bragged about it online
1 5 Who is McElroy?
02-16-2017, 07:31 PM
by searchinGirl
Michael Helgoth
Suicide or murder? Suspect or not?
1 2 Who is Michael Helgoth?
02-01-2017, 11:02 PM
by Gemini6
John Kennedy
What he knew, was he ever a suspect and should he have been?
1 2 John Kenady
01-30-2017, 02:34 AM
by Maikai
John Steven Gigax
Maker of Nazi jewelry, friend of Michael Helgoth. What did he know, should he have been a suspect?
1 1 John Steven Gigax
01-29-2017, 12:31 PM
by Moop
Ninja Guy
Amy's intruder who hid for hours in her house before the attack.
1 4 Ninja Guy ("Amy" assault)
01-31-2017, 12:20 PM
by Moop
Matthew Falcon
assaulted a female in a Boulder park - should he be investigated further?
1 1 Matthew Falcon
01-28-2017, 06:50 PM
by jameson245
Randy Simons
Photographer found walking naked down country road. Told police he did not kill JonBenet.
1 8 Who is Randy Simons?
02-04-2017, 05:21 PM
by Toth
5 7 Sonoma Transcripts
02-13-2017, 06:57 PM
by Moop
LHP and Mervin
The housekeeper and her husband
1 1 Linda Hoffman Pugh and he...
01-29-2017, 12:50 PM
by Moop
Fleet and Priscilla White
simply because they were among the last to see JonBenet alive
1 1 The Whites
01-29-2017, 01:19 PM
by Moop
Joe Barnhill, Jr.
He lied to police about being in Boulder that night
1 1 Joe Barnhill, Jr
01-29-2017, 02:04 PM
by Moop
Chris Wolf
turned in by a girlfriend, he had no alibi that night and is noted in several books
1 1 Chris Wolf
01-29-2017, 01:53 PM
by Moop
Jack Logan
Member of the Ramsey's church, he is brought up in some Ramsey discussions
1 1 Jack Logan
01-29-2017, 02:09 PM
by Moop
James Allen Selby
Confessed to several murders, including that of JonBenet, before committing suicide
1 1 Who is James Allen Selby?
01-29-2017, 10:52 AM
by Moop
John Gardiner
Worked at Pasta Jay's, clearly a man with problems he stabbed Pasta Jay after JonBenet rose from the sidewalk....
1 2 John Gardiner
01-29-2017, 08:53 PM
by jameson245
Kevin Raburn
mentioned in Schiller/Brennan book
1 1 Kevin Raburn
01-28-2017, 06:48 PM
by jameson245
Santa Bill McReynolds
Hired to be Santa, we know he WAS investigated
2 5 Santa Bill McReynolds
02-10-2017, 09:58 AM
by Toth