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  Shreveport (letter)
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-14-2018, 08:23 PM - Forum: odds and ends - Replies (2)

TT:  Okay. Patsy, we got a uh, got some information for a friend of yours down in Shreveport. You know anybody down in Shreveport, Louisiana?
PR:  I don’t know anybody down in Shreveport.
TT:  The name, that come up at all you guys know of?
PR:  I think I heard something about it in the press or something, but I never have known anybody that I can remember in Shreveport.
TT:  Okay. Um . . .
PR:  Do you know the name? Do you guys have the name?
TT:  I, I don’t have the name right off. I don’t have that.
PR:  Maybe it’s somebody I knew that moved to Shreveport and I didn’t know that.
TT:  Right.
PR:  But I don’t . . .
TT:  Don’t know of anybody that, recent friends that would have moved down there.
PR:  No.

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Posted by: jameson245 - 09-14-2018, 08:20 PM - Forum: other family members - Replies (6)

TT:   Okay. What about some of JonBenet’s playmates? She had some in school?
PR:  School mostly, yeah. Well, pre-school, Quinn Hasley was one of her best little girlfriends.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  And uh, Daphne White.
TT:  Um hum. Did they all go to the same pre-school?
PR:  Yeah.
TT:  And that’s . . .
PR:  First Presbyterian.
TT:  Down of 15th and Canyon.
PR:  Right.
TT:  Is that right?
PR:  Um hum, um hum.
TT:  Okay. Okay.
PR:  And uh, then this year in Kindergarten she like little Annie Smart and uh, Megan Kostinick. She liked them.
TT:  Okay. Did these little girls ever come over to you, to your house to play?
PR:  Um hum. Um hum.
TT:  About how often would they come over?
PR:  Oh, about once very couple of weeks maybe or so.

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  St. John's Foyer Group
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-14-2018, 08:14 PM - Forum: The House at 755 15th Street, Boulder, CO - No Replies

Patsy in interview with Thomas and Trujillo

TT:  Okay. Um, you guys had a, a Foyer Group meeting back on the 13th.
PR:  Right.
TT:  You want kind of . . .
PR:  What is that?
TT:  What is the Foyer Group, yeah.
PR:  The Foyer, it’s a Foyer dinner group from church . . .
TT:  Okay.
PR:  . . .from St. Johns and um, they have small groups , kind of a dinner group assigned and you meet with that group throughout the year, usually like school year.
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  And you have dinner in each others home, but this particular, there are like dinner, individual dinner groups of maybe six to ten that meet in each others homes and then the entire Foyer Dinner Group which is made up several of these smaller groups. . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  . . .had a Christmas party at our house, so the entire group was invited.
TT:  (Inaudible) the six to ten of that, six to ten couples or six to ten people?
PR:  People.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  (Inaudible) Might be couples and singles.
TT:  Right. So, about once very six months to ten months you rotate around to another house. Is that, to have dinner. Is that right?
PR:  Right. Well, I think they have, they meet monthly, you know, and like if we’re all in a group we’d go to your house one month and my house one month . . .
TT:  Right.
PR:  . . .or whatever.
TT:  Okay, and so about once a, once every five to six months you have a host of a group of a, a group six to ten people . . .
PR:  At your house, right, uh huh.
TT:  Okay. Now, is this just a dinner group, religious group . . .
PR:  Well, they’re, they all go to St. Johns so their, you know. . .
TT:  It’s not like you sit down and discuss the Bible while your eating dinner or anything like that.
PR:  No, it’s more social. Yeah.
TT:  It’s all social. Okay.
PR:  Yeah, uh huh, yeah.
TT:  About how many people were over at the house on the 13th?
PR:  Oh, you know, 50 or 60 maybe.
TT:  Okay. Quite a few then?
PR:  Yeah.
TT:  How many total, do you have an idea about how many total Foyer Groups there are? Are there about 10 groups then?
PR:  Probably yeah. Well, no. I think there are more than that, but I think, you know, not everybody came.
TT;  Okay.
PR:  I know there are a couple of pages worth, I think. I don’t, I don’t remember ever having counted them exactly.
TT:  Do, do you have a list of the people that were over to the house on the 13th?
PR:  No, but Carolyn Blyley probably does.
TT:  Over at St. Johns?
PR:  Yeah, she’s, she put it together. She just called me and asked me if I would have it at our house and I think, you know, I wouldn’t have to do anything just have my house . . .
TT:  Okay.
PR:  . . .she know I decorate a lot for Christmas and all that.
TT:  So you were just kind of the host house. . .
PR:  Right.
TT:  . . .invite everybody.
PR:  Right. She sent the invitations and all that.
TT:  Okay. Steve.

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  on Burke
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-14-2018, 07:28 PM - Forum: Burke Ramsey - bio - Replies (3)

TT:  Um, tell me about Burke’s normal bedtime routine before Christmas. How does, how does he normally go to bed.
PR:  Oh, he, he um, usually does his homework and then puts his pajamas on and sometimes reluctantly and . . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  He loves to watch Discovery so he tries to, but he’s suppose to be reading a half hour a night, so we would read to him a little bit or he would read to himself and so he was generally pretty good about going to bed.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  About 8:30 or so.
TT:  (Inaudible) About what time does he . . .
PR:  About 8:30, um hum.
TT:  Burke also has a TV in his room, right.
PR:  Well, the TV doesn’t really work. He used it for videos.
TT:  Okay. He also, what kind of videos was he playing?
PR:  He loves anything that has to do with airplanes. He has, you know, these flight instruction tapes and . . .
TT:  They’re flight, like flight simulator that flies . . .
PR:  No, mean like the real (inaudible) pilot tapes, you know, to learn how to fly.
TT:  Oh.
PR:  He like to watch those and.
TT:  Okay. So he’s looking at doing that as a kind of a hobby or something?
PR:  Oh yeah. He loves airplanes, like John.

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  on family finances
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-14-2018, 07:26 PM - Forum: John Ramsey - biography - No Replies

TT:  Okay. Kind of a, who handles the finances for the family, the checkbooks, pays the bills, that kind of stuff?
PR:  He does.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  Usually.
TT:  John takes care of all that kind of stuff?
PR:  Well, I have a checkbook that I write, you know, my kind of, the personal things, you know, like, whatever, housekeepers or household kind of stuff, you know, but, he usually does (inaudible).
TT:  And that’s, particularly what your talking about, that’s, those kind of personal . . .
PR:  You know like laundry . . .
TT:  . . .housekeeping stuff.
PR:  . . .and you know.
TT:  Is that the checkbook you wrote the check to Linda Hoffman out of?
PR:  Uh huh.
TT:  Okay. And that’s uh, she was going to borrow $2,000 is that right?
PR:  Right.
TT:  On uh, the, on Friday the 26th? That’s when she was due back in the house. Christmas was Wednesday.
PR:  Right. Oh yeah, I think that’s right, yeah.
TT:  Okay. Do you remember if you ever wrote her a check for that $2,000, because I know she talked about it.
PR:  Right. I don’t think I did, because I think, I was thinking about that as I walked down the stairs that morning, that I, oh, I’ve got to remember to leave that check.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  And then everything broke loose.
TT:  Okay. She never picked it up or anything. She never stopped by later and got the $2,000.
PR:  I don’t (paper rustling causes Patsy’s voice to be inaudible) left that day so I don’t know what happened.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  I mean I didn’t write the check, so.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  (Inaudible)
??:  (Inaudible) on the break.

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  John medical
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-14-2018, 07:25 PM - Forum: John Ramsey - biography - No Replies

Patsy's interview with detectives Steve Thomas and Tom Trujillo

TT:  You know John uh, John had some problems, kind of was in the hospital (inaudible) when you were going through cancer (inaudible due to background noise) treatments. How did that turn out?
PR:  He had paracraditus.
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  (Inaudible)
TT:   Kind of an inflammation around the heart?
PR:  Right. And he had bee to Mexico and I will always believe he got something nasty in Mexico . . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  Um, but he, one evening he was grabbing his chest, you know, and I said what’s the matter and he said, oh I have this little chest pain and I said well it must just be indigestion they said that if your having a heart attack your arms hurt and he said well, my arms kind of hurt.
TT:  (Chuckle)
PR:  In the car. So we took off to the hospital.
TT:  Now was that here in Boulder or was that down in (inaudible).
PR:  That was Boulder.
TT:  That was in Boulder? Okay. How many days did he, did he spend overnight in the hospital.
PR:  Uh huh. Yeah.
TT:  Just one day in the hospital.
PR:  Um, (paper rustling causing Patsy’s voice to be inaudible) one or two.
TT:  Nothing permanent though.
PR:  No. He took some kind of medication for it and that was (inaudible) . . .
TT:  Strong antibiotics and all that and . . .
PR:  Yeah. I can’t remember what the name of it was.
TT:  Does John have any other major medical problems at all?
PR:  No. Well, he had uh, he goes to Mayo Clinic regularly and uh, this past fall he had some prostate tests. . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  Um, but those were all fine.
TT:  Okay. So he’s in generally good health?
PR:  (Inaudible)
TT:  Okay. Other than the one or two days in the hospital um, for his paracaditis, any other stays in the hospital for John?
PR:  Um, I don’t, not that I recall.

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  from police interview
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-14-2018, 07:18 PM - Forum: Access Graphics - Replies (1)

Patsy being interviewed by Steve Thomas and Tom Trujillo

TT:  Okay. You know John’s been in, in the computer business for quite a few years.
PR:  Um hum.
TT:  Starting his own company, merging companies, stuff like that.
PR:  Um hum.
TT:  Up through the years, as the companies have merged together, any bad feelings between employees maybe getting squeezed out, um, anything like that that your aware of?
PR:  Not that I’m aware of. I think, when, when they merged uh, to the best of my knowledge, when they merged to form Access, all the three companies that were merging all played a role somehow, you know.
TT:  Um hum. No body (inaudible).
PR:  Nobody got squeezed out I don’t think.
TT:  Demoted anything like that. Moved out of top management positions or shuffled around at all?
PR:  Not, not that I’m aware of no.
TT:  Okay. Any problems when Access moved into, into Boulder from Atlanta. People that didn’t want to move to Boulder or anything like that that you are aware of?
PR:  Um, no. Hum um.
TT:  Okay.
ST:  Um, Pat, let me jump in with one quick one on Access, uh, um, I was charged with investigative a lot of the aspects of Access employees that had been dealt with, a lot of the VPs over there and so forth . . .
PR:  Um hum.
ST:  . . .um, I was made privy to some information that there may be some sort of either IPO offering or management buyout. Uh, was anybody going to get hurt by that over uh, in the Access Corporate office. Was that going to hurt anybody that would . . .
PR:  But, I don’t know what IPO is?
ST:  And Initial Public Offering if they, if they took the company public, um.
PR:  You know, I, I really don’t know anything about that.
ST:  Okay. Fair enough.
PR:  John didn’t really discuss. . .
ST:  Okay.
TT:  Bus . . .business matters with you.
PR:  Not, no. Hum um.

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  Tom Trujillo interview
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-14-2018, 07:13 PM - Forum: Patsy Ramsey - bio - Replies (1)

TT:  Okay. Let’s just (inaudible) a little bit. Kind of tell me a little bit about yourself, your background, where you were born, kind of the nuts and bolts kinds of stuff.
PR:  I was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia, November 29, 1956. I attended school there, uh high school. I, I was (noise of someone pouring water, Patsy’s voice is inaudible during that sound) college (inaudible) Charleston, West Virginia and (there is a very loud scraping sound which covers Patsy’s voice) short time (more background noise) and then I moved to Atlanta in the summer of 1979 and was working for McCann Erickson Advertising Agency (inaudible) And in 1980, November, I married my husband, John.
TT;  Okay. So let me back you up just a bit. What high school did you, Parkersburg, Parkersburg High School right?
PR:  Parkersburg High School.
TT:  Okay. What kind of clubs were you in? What kind of activities did you do in high school?
PR:  I was a cheerleader in the 10th grade. I was on the drill team my senior year.
TT:  Drill team?
PR:  Like a, like a dancing, with the band.
TT:  Okay. Not like a . . .(inaudible)
PR:  Pom pom kind of thing, you know, yeah, no.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  Um, I was in student government there.
TT:  Did you hold an office those senior years?
PR:  Uh, I don’t remember.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  I was president of the student body when I was in the 9th grade . . .
TT:  Okay.
PR:  . . .in junior high school. And I was very active in the speech and debate team there and uh, participated regularly in that group.
TT:  Where did you go to college at?
PR:  West Virginia University.
TT:  Okay. And you graduated from there.
PR:  Yes.
TT:  What was your degree in?
PR:  Journalism.
TT:  Okay. How’d you do with that? How’d you do in college with your journalism degree?
PR:  I graduate Magna Cum Laude.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  And uh, my emphasis was in advertising so that’s what I did for a, some short time after I graduated.
TT;  Okay. And you were Miss West Virginia, Miss America about what did year did all that happen?
PR:  1977.
TT:  Okay. That’s during college.
PR:  (Inaudible)
TT:  Okay. Did any scholarships come out of that?
PR:  Yes. I uh, there was some scholarship for winning Miss West Virginia. I can’t remember exactly how much and then at the Miss America pageant I won a non-finalist talent award and I think it was a $2,000 scholarship for that.
TT:  I’ve got to ask which talent.
PR:  (Laughter) “The Kiss of Death” dramatic dialog.
??:  (Laugher)
ST:  (Inaudible) Miss Jean Brody.
PR:  Your right.
TT;  Was that, was that earlier?
PR:  “The Pride of Miss Jean Brody.” Well actual. . . no it wasn’t, actually what happened, uh, I did the Miss Jean Brody, I competed in high school with that and uh, placed nationally with it and then I had done that for Miss West Virginia and won with that and then when you go to Miss America you have to do through this business of um, in the event you make the top ten and your on television there are all these rights and royalties or whatever they call it and uh, I have, they have to give you clearance, okay, and to make a long story short, I was unable to get clearance for this. Uh, I can’t remember exactly the details, but uh, I ended up writing a dialog that I used and I don’t even remember, but it had a lot of the same characterizations and that kind of thing. It was all, I was definitely thrilled when I won the talent, you know, because it was a real chore getting there.
ST:  I bet.
TT:  (Inaudible) Atlanta in ’79 and who did you live with down there?
PR:  I lived with Dan and Claudia McCutcheon.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  Who had been friends from Parkersburg.
TT:  Did you guys move down there together?
PR:  Well, I went to Atlanta with Dan’s sister, Stephanie, who was my age.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  And we had been roommates in college for a year and we went down to visit her brother and sister-in-law . . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  . . .who had also gone to high school with us so we were all friend. And um, we went, I think initially for just a short visit and then came back a few weeks later to, and decided to move to Atlanta. Stephanie had gotten a job and, and I was still interviewing with advertising agencies.
TT:  You (inaudible) get a job with Hayes Computers you think?
PR:  No, I, that was much later.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  I had worked with McCann Erickson Advertising Agency.
TT:  Okay, so you worked as an advertiser to start with.
PR:  Right.
TT:  When you first moved to Atlanta you lived in an apartment building?
PR:  Um hum.
TT:  Same place that John lived, is that right?
PR:  Well we were, we were guests at Dan and Claudia.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  You know, kind of sleeping on the couch there.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  In a one bedroom apartment and John lived upstairs.
TT:  Okay. Where was this apartment at? Do you have any idea . . .
PR:  Where was it?
TT;  Yeah. Do you know the address or anything?
PR:  Uh huh. It was Post River Apartments on Talersbury road in Atlanta.
TT:  Okay.
ST:  Downtown Atlanta then?
PR:  No, this was north . . .
TT:  On the outskirts.
PR:  . . .Atlanta. Marietta. Uh huh. But we were only there for just about a month actually . . .
TT:  Okay.
PR:  . . .staying with then.
TT:  All righty. Um, tell me about some of the TV shows you guys watch. You specifically. Uh, say in recent history, last, the last year. What kind of TV shows do you guys watch?
PR:  I don’t watch TV much.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  You guys, who guys?
TT:  You, John, Burke.
PR:  Burke likes Discovery.
TT:  Okay. Discovery Channel?
PR:  He likes the Discovery Channel.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  And John likes the Weather Channel.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  He’s a pilot.
TT:  Is this a, is that because he’s a pilot?
PR:  Yeah. And he watches that, whatever the, you know the thing that runs across the bottom with the stock market . . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  I don’t know what that is.
TT:  Okay. What’s the. . .
PR:  And he likes old movies.
TT:  Okay. What’s the last book you read?
PR:  Last book I read?
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  I am reading right now um, “At Home in Medford” by Jan Carran.
TT:  Okay. What other kind of books do like to read?
PR:  You know, I don’t read a whole lot, because I’m usually so tired by the time I go to bed.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  Um, uh, I’m just drawing a blank.
TT:  Okay. Do you, do you get to the movies at all? Have you been out to see any shows at all?
PR:  Oh, I have . . .
TT:  I, I know it’s difficult in the last couple of months. . .
PR:  Right.
TT:  . . .because of, of what’s (inaudible).
PR:  Right.
TT:  Let’s say before December, what kind of movies have you and John gone out to see?
PR:  Well, actually we didn’t go out to movies very much, because we had a home theatre . . .
TT:  Okay.
PR:  . . .so we would usually we’d see everything about a year after it came out.
TT:  Once it came out on video.
PR:  Yeah, but we, you know, the kids liked to watch movies up there . . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  . . .we watched “Forrest Gump” and . . .
TT:  Do you and John watch movies at all up there?
PR:  Uh, yeah, but I usually fall asleep. He, he usually goes, gets the movies and there not my favorites and I usually fall asleep.
TT:  Okay. What kind of, what kind of movies did he, do you guys end up starting to watch.
PR:  Um, he likes Mel Brooks (water being poured drowns out Patsy’s voice). He liked 1941. He loves animal House. I got him that for Christmas, and uh . . .
TT:  So the kind of comedy type movies.
PR:  Um hum.

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  read please -
Posted by: jameson245 - 09-09-2018, 09:27 PM - Forum: good primer, perhaps - Replies (8)

Murder of JonBenet Ramsey Taken From TruTV – Crime Library By Marilyn Bardsley and Patrick Bellamy with edits by jameson (CORRECTIONS IN CAPS)

Exposure - The JonBenet Ramsey Story 

The first images of JonBenet Ramsey that were broadcast to the world showed a pretty little girl in heavy make-up and flamboyant costumes parading across a stage. At the time, the media described her as "a painted baby, a sexualized toddler beauty queen." From the day in 1996 when JonBenet was found dead in the basement of her home in Boulder, Colorado, the Boulder police and a large proportion of the world's media believed that her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, were responsible for her death. 

Prior to the murder of their daughter, John and Patsy Ramsey's life seemed almost ideal. Patsy, a former beauty queen, was married to a successful businessman. They had moved to Boulder where John ran a computer company that he had started in his garage, in 1991. The Ramseys readily adapted to their new life in Colorado and made many new friends. They REMODELED a large house in an elite suburb, and entertained often. Their last party in Boulder, just three days before the murder, was particularly happy.

EARLIER, AT A SEPARATE PARTY - Over a hundred guests were present at a Christmas function. The Ramseys believed that they had good reason to celebrate. Patsy had warded off a recurrence of ovarian cancer and John had been voted Boulder's "businessman of the year." 

According to the Ramseys' testimony, they drove home the few blocks from a party at a friend's house on Christmas night. JonBenet had fallen asleep in the car so they carried her up the stairs to her room and put her to bed at 9:30 p.m. Shortly after, Patsy and John went to bed, as they planned to get up early to prepare for a trip to their holiday home on Lake Michigan.
The next day, Patsy woke just after 5:00 a.m. and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. On the staircase, she found a two-and-a-half page note that said that JonBenet had been kidnapped by a "small foreign faction" and was being held for a ransom of $118,000. She was to be exchanged for the money the next day. The letter warned that if the money was not delivered, the child would be executed. Patsy yelled to John as she ran back up the stairs and opened the door to JonBenet's room. Finding she wasn't there, they made the decision to phone the police. The 911 dispatcher recorded Patsy's call at 5:25 a.m. The police arrived at the house seven minutes later. 

The uniformed police officers that attended were openly suspicious from The Start. The Ramseys, treating the ransom demand seriously, were already taking steps to raise the ransom money. The note said that the kidnappers would call John Ramsey but no call came.
Suspicion Mounts
It was while the police were waiting for the call that they made several critical mistakes. They did not conduct a proper search of the house, the area was not sealed off and friends were allowed to walk in and out at their leisure. No moves were made to protect any forensic evidence. The scale of their mistakes became apparent later that afternoon when a detective asked Fleet White, a friend of the Ramseys, to take John and search the house for "anything unusual." They started in the basement. Later, during the documentary Who Killed JonBenet?, made by Channel Four in London, John Ramsey describes what they found: "As I was walking through the basement, I opened the door to a room and knew immediately that I'd found her because there was a white blanket — her eyes were closed, I feared the worse but yet — I'd found her." 

While the Ramseys went to stay with friends, their home became a major crime scene. As this was the only murder in Boulder that year, the investigating police had little experience in that type of crime, with very few of them having conducted a murder investigation at all. Regardless, they immediately assumed the Ramseys were guilty. The fact that JonBenet had been found in her own home by her father was considered highly suspicious. By the time her body had been taken from the house that evening, some of their suspicions had been passed to a local journalist. 

On December 27, The Rocky Mountain News quoted an Assistant District Attorney as saying, "It was very unusual for a kidnap victim's body to be found at home — it's not adding up." According to Charlie Brennan, the journalist who wrote the story, the police had also indicated to him that they held a strong belief that the parents were responsible. Julie Hayden, a television reporter for Denver's Channel 7, also covered the story on the same day and drew the same conclusion. She later explained that from her first exposure to the case, the police had made it very clear that they were not scouring the area looking for "some mad kidnapper," but instead, concentrating their efforts on John and Patsy Ramsey. 

From that day on, a clear pattern emerged in the coverage of the case. While police chief Tom Koby made little comment, reporters had their own sources, which tended to implicate the Ramseys. At that point, John and Patsy were placed under police protection but were largely unaware of the mounting suspicion against them. One man, however, saw the early warning signs and acted. Mike Bynum, a lawyer friend of John's, hired Brian Morgan to act as their personal counsel. In the same documentary, Bynum defended his appointment, stating:
"It is foolish to blindly throw oneself into the maw of the justice system and to trust the result. One simply must be thoughtful about the way one acts, especially in a case of media attention that reaches the point of near hysteria and especially in a case of media attention which, from the outset, portrays certain people as clearly guilty."
He also defended the need for legal representation:
"If you're guilty, you want to think about having a lawyer, and I want to tell you what, if you're innocent you better have a lawyer — there is no difference." 

The Media Evidence
By December 28, various local news sources made it clear to their readers that the Ramseys were the principal suspects in the case. While the police made few comments regarding any evidence they had to implicate the parents, the media began to cite their own "evidence." The first "clue" they focused on was the supposed lack of footprints in the snow surrounding the house, which suggested that someone inside was responsible. Later the media admitted that this opinion was based on an official report from a policeman at the scene who noted: — "Strange, no footprints." The next item was also gleaned from a police report. It stated that there were allegedly no signs of forced entry. 

The mayor of Boulder, Leslie Durgan, added further weight to the story when she appeared on television stating: — "By all reports there was no visible signs of forced entry. The body was found in a place where people are saying, someone had to know the house."
The facts surrounding the so-called "evidence" tell a completely different story.
The first point to come under scrutiny is the snow cover. News video footage shot on December 26 clearly shows that large areas surrounding the house had no snow cover at all. In support of this, Julie Hayden, the television reporter states:
"We looked at the videotape once the footprints in the snow started becoming an issue and one of the things that I observed was, there did not seem to be snow going up to all of the doors. So, in my opinion, this thing about footprints in the snow has always been much ado about nothing because it seemed clear to me that people could have gotten in the house, whether they did or not, without traipsing through the snow." 

Even with blatant visual evidence that proved that the theory was groundless, the story continued to be told. 

Even more doubtful was the claim of "no forced entry." The police report on December 26 noted that there were a number of open windows and at least one open door; therefore, an intruder would not need to break in. One possible point of entry was the basement window. Not only was it easily accessible via a ground level lift-out grille, it had been broken sometime before Christmas and could not be secured. These facts, although well documented by the police, did not come to public attention until a year after the event.
When questioned regarding the accuracy of the information he received, reporter Charlie Brennan stated that up until March 1997, he and other members of the press did not know that there was a broken window in the basement and believed that his police source had fed him false information. 

The reality of this situation is that an intruder could have easily entered the house through the basement window and moved around the house virtually undetected and unheard.

 JonBenet's bedroom is one floor below her parents' room, a total distance of 55 feet of walkways, covered by thick carpeting, making it ideal for a soundless approach. 

Furthermore, there is no hidden room. A carpeted spiral staircase, a few feet from her room, leads down to the kitchen. From the kitchen, it is only a few steps to the door that leads to the basement stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a short corridor that leads directly to the room where her body was found.
The end result? — No secret room, no need for forced entry and very little snow, which leads to one of two conclusions — either the press distorted the facts to embellish their story or someone inside the police department leaked false information, intentionally or otherwise. Despite having been proved incorrect, all three bits of misinformation were given continual coverage.

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Local professor profiles JonBenet's ransom note

  • Feb 18, 2003

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Rachelle Treiber
He was not allowed to take photographs while touring the palatial Boulder, Colo. home where a 6-year-old girl had been killed just months earlier.
But Thomas McAninch did what any good criminologist would: he carefully committed as many details as possible to his memory.

The unique layout of the family's home, the odd placement of light switches and the maze that made up the basement where the child's body had been discovered the day after Christmas in 1996.
Although he is not directly involved in the case, as a professor of criminal justice at Scott Community College, McAninch took a special interest in the 1996 homicide of JonBenet Ramsey, and in an investigation that has resulted in no arrest and little closure.
He believes that is due in part to a botched investigation by Boulder Police.
"I have been there and been through the house, I have spoken with people who investigated the murder — but I am not connected to the case," said McAninch, a 53-year-old Bettendorf researcher and educator. "I teach profiling, but I do not consider myself an expert."
McAninch, a member of the Quad-City Council of Police Chiefs, has written numerous publications and lectured at national conferences on various criminology subjects including profiling.
Along with his wife, Helen, a local lawyer, he has developed supplemental materials for criminology textbooks for Wadsworth and McGraw-Hill publishers.
In addition, he has toured Chinese prisons at the invitation of that country's government, serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Gang Research, and was recently honored with the Frederic Milton Thrasher Award — named for a University of Chicago sociologist who studied gangs in the 1920s.
This semester, in one of his courses at Scott Community College, he explores profiling methods used in several murder cases including the unsolved killing of JonBenet, the little beauty queen who for years after her death still was being featured on the cover of national tabloids wearing pageant gowns.
"I have been asked this at conferences, by academicians, by the press — but I don't know who killed JonBenet. I do know that someone in that house is connected with her death," he said. "And that this was never a kidnapping, it was a murder whether accidental or purposeful."
Standing before his class during a recent lecture on the subject of profiling, he explained his analysis of the ransom note found in John and Patsy Ramsey's home just hours before their daughter's body was discovered in the basement.
"It is a right-handed person who wrote this block-style with their left hand," McAninch said of the letter.
"I have had many kids sit down and re-write this — it takes an average of 15 to 30 minutes. Someone just killed a 6-year-old then sits down to write a three-page letter in the house where the body is — that is someone who is not afraid of being discovered in the home," he added.
He said the note itself attempts to point the reader to a type of individual, specifically a Middle Eastern terrorist —a person who would act quickly and without empathy for JonBenet or her family.
But McAninch said he was taught something very important from famed FBI profiler and criminologist Robert Ressler.
"One of the things Bob Ressler taught me is if someone is trying really hard to get you to look one way, the first thing you should do is look the other way," McAninch said.
And that is why his interpretation of the ransom note has led him to believe the author is someone exactly the opposite of what the note states. A person who is staging a crime scene.
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He said it was apparent from the beginning of the letter that a crime was being staged to look like something it was not.
"The author says they represent a ‘small foreign faction,' but no self-respecting terrorist would consider themselves less that representative of the masses," he said. "It also says ‘we respect your business,' but would a foreign faction respect your business? You just don't find this kind of thing in kidnapping notes," he said.
Furthermore, he believes a sentence that states, "speaking to anyone about your situation will result in your daughter being beheaded," also is an example of the author trying to speak as they believe a terrorist would.
And terms written in the letter like "fat cat" are idioms that would not be taught to a foreign person learning the language. For those reasons, he said it was easy to eliminate a person from the Middle East as the author of the ransom note.
"A profile does not predict the individual, it predicts the type of person, and more specifically, it eliminates people," he explained.
Regarding the lengthy period the person took to write one version of the letter, he said the note itself is edited, which would have taken even more time. "There is an inserted ‘not,'" which is very important. It reinforces that this person had time and they are comfortable — not a stranger to the house."
Several parts of the letter, he said, also show the author is a person who knows John Ramsey well.

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According to FBI agents, the $118,000 requested in ransom note turned out to be the exact amount of John Ramsey's Christmas bonus.
And the end of the letter, which states "Victory, S.B.T.C.," is something McAninch said stands for Subic Bay Training Center, where John Ramsey was stationed while serving in the military in the Philippines.
"Also, throughout the letter, the writer stops calling John ‘Mr. Ramsey,' and begins to call him by his first name, showing he or she knows the family on a personal level," McAninch said.
There are also several aspects of the note that lead McAninch to believe a well-educated female likely wrote it. "The use of the word "attaché. With the exception of people in government, men usually call it a briefcase. And phrases like ‘and hence,' and ‘law enforcement countermeasures,' are fairly sophisticated," he explained.
He said the letter also refers to southern phrases like "use that good southern common sense of yours."
He said John Ramsey and his wife, Patsy, have given handwriting samples and neither has been charged with any crime related to the case.
However, McAninch stressed that his profile is not necessarily for who killed JonBenet, but rather for who wrote the note. He believes the girl's mother fits the profile of the ransom note's author.
"Patsy ends up fitting the profile really well. That is not a fingerprint, not a DNA match — those are absolutes. This is very subjective and that is why we cannot convict on this type of thing," he said.
In the end, he knows only what type of person could or could not have written the letter.
"So what do I know — I know that the ransom note was not written by a transient, terrorists from the Middle East, or a sexual offender. I believe it was written by someone close to the family or a family member," he said.
"They say this is still an open case, but unless something huge happens, it is closed," he said.
Rachelle Treiber can be contacted at (563) 383-2363 or rtreiber@qctimes.com.

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