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  Linda Arndt - JDI
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-14-2019, 08:43 PM - Forum: THEORIES - Replies (1)

21 Q. Prior to his coming up the stairs holding

22 the body of JonBenet, did you have any suspicions that

23 he might have been involved in the murder of JonBenet

24 as opposed to the fact that it appeared to be a

25 kidnapping at that time?

Page 119


1 A. No.

2 Q. When you saw him coming up with the body of

3 JonBenet, did you then go back to your recollections of

4 his demeanor earlier that morning and say these things

5 are starting to fit together as his being the murderer?

6 A. I can only tell you that at that point,

7 everything made sense that didn't make sense before.

8 Q. What was it about seeing him carry the body

9 that seemed to make sense to you that he was the

10 murderer?

11 A. It was an accumulation of -

12 Q. I can't understand you. You say you see

13 him carrying the body and now it makes sense. I just

14 can't understand where you're coming from there. If

15 you can, just explain what makes sense and why

16 specifically.

17 A. No forced entry; no tracks; no breaking in

18 the house; no sounds heard during the night; he's the

19 last one to see her; behaviors by him; between he and

20 his wife; by others; the ransom note in and of itself.

21 I can't list the whole, all of the information.

22 Q. The fact that he was able to go right down

23 in the basement and find the body and bring her up, is

24 that a part of it?

25 A. How he carried her was part of it.

Page 120


1 Q. And describe that.

2 A. Her head above his head, so he didn't see

3 her head, her face.

4 Q. Can you demonstrate how he was holding her?

5 A. (indicating)

6 Q. So you kind of have your hands together out

7 in front of you, and he kind of had her in a bear hug,

8 is that it, for a lack of any better description? If

9 you were going to go up and hug somebody, that's the

10 way he had his arms around her?

11 A. No.

12 Q. How would you describe - I'm trying to

13 describe for the record.

14 A. Arms - he had his arms around her upper

15 legs. He carried her kind of up and away from his

16 body.

17 Q. Just so I can get a proper positioning of

18 her body vis-a-vis his, would her navel have been

19 around his face area the way he was carrying her?

20 A. I'm more focused on her head.

21 Q. How far above his head was her head?

22 A. Above.

23 Q. How far above?

24 A. Above.

25 Q. Were her shoulders above his head?

Page 121


1 A. I don't remember.

2 Q. And so I understood from your report he was

3 carrying her in a fashion where she was facing him.

4 A. Correct.

5 Q. And to you, that was most unusual?

6 A. Yes.

7 Q. And tell me why.

8 A. It was unusual that she was - it was clear

9 she was dead. It was unusual that, for me, for a

10 father to carry his child that way.

11 Q. How would you have expected him to be

12 carrying his child under those circumstances?

13 A. I don't know.

14 Q. You don't know other than it shouldn't have

15 been that way?

16 A. I'm not saying it should or shouldn't have

17 been. I'm just saying it was unusual.

18 Q. You had concern about your personal safety

19 as it related to John Ramsey that day?

20 A. The 26th?

21 Q. Yes.

22 A. After JonBenet came up the stairs, yes.

23 Q. And your concern was that you thought John

24 Ramsey had the potential to cause you personal harm?

25 A. I didn't know what John Ramsey's reaction

Page 122


1 or behavior would be.

2 MR. HALABY: Just informing you Judge

3 Bolin is not available until after 2:00 p.m. today. He

4 is in Colorado Springs doing a criminal docket this

5 morning. This is as related by his secretary, Miss

6 Freitag. So I guess we'll have to bring that up

7 another day.

8 MR. JONES: All right.

9 Q. (BY MR. HALABY) But you have been quoted,

10 have you not, as saying you feared for your safety when

11 you were in the presence of John Ramsey at that time?

12 A. I may have been quoted, but I didn't say

13 that.

14 Q. And you didn't feel that?

15 A. That's not what I said.

16 Q. Well, did you feel that?

17 A. I didn't know what John Ramsey was going to

18 do.

19 Q. And you thought because you didn't know,

20 there was a potential he could harm you?

21 A. I thought more about the other people.

22 Q. Well, didn't you count the rounds in your

23 weapon?

24 A. I did.

25 Q. And you'd counted the rounds in your weapon

Page 123


1 because you wanted to know whether or not you had

2 enough ammunition to defend yourself if you had to in

3 the Ramsey home?

4 A. Are you telling me what I thought?

5 Q. I'm asking you if that's what you thought.

6 A. Oh, it was an officer's safety thought.

7 Q. So an officer's safety thought. An officer

8 counts his rounds to make sure there is enough

9 ammunition to defend one's self if necessary?

10 A. Sure.

11 Q. So the natural import of that is you were

12 prepared to use your weapon on John Ramsey if your

13 suspicions became true that he'd become a threat to

14 you; is that correct?

15 A. What was that again?

16 Q. You wanted - you were prepared to use your

17 weapon in case your suspicions became fact and he

18 became a threat to you; is that correct?

19 A. I was prepared to defend the rest of the

20 people in that home.

21 Q. With the use of your weapon?

22 A. If need be.

23 Q. Okay. So this concern was not only for

24 your personal safety but the safety of others in that

25 house?

Page 124


1 A. The concern was first and foremost for

2 everyone in the house.

3 Q. So you didn't feel personally threatened by

4 John Ramsey; is that correct?

5 A. I felt concerned for everyone's safety,

6 including mine.

7 Q. So did you - well, I'm trying to get a

8 direct answer. My simple question just deals with you,

9 not everybody else. As to you, you felt concerned for

10 your personal safety as it related to John Ramsey,

11 correct?

12 A. I felt there was a threat to my -

13 Q. From John Ramsey?

14 A. Yes.

15 Q. To your personal safety?

16 A. At that moment, yes.

17 Q. As he was coming up the stairs?

18 A. No.

19 Q. Which moment?

20 A. As we were both bending over the body and

21 he was closest to my gun.

22 Q. What, under those circumstances, would

23 cause you to believe that he was a threat to your

24 personal safety, John Ramsey was a threat to your

25 personal safety?

Page 125


1 A. I was alone in the house with a man who,

2 whose daughter was murdered. I believed it was him,

3 and I didn't know how he was going to react.

4 Q. Did what you perceived to be the look in

5 his eyes have anything to do with this?

6 A. What are you referring to?

7 Q. I'm just asking you a question. You

8 observed his eyes, did you not?

9 A. Uh-huh.

10 Q. Was there anything in the look in his eyes

11 that added to this sense of threat from him?

12 A. At one point, yes.

13 Q. And what was that?

14 A. At the same time we were bending over both

15 on the floor next to JonBenet.

16 Q. How close was your face to his at that

17 point?

18 A. Inches.

19 Q. Did he ever say anything to you that

20 appeared to be consistent with a threat to your safety?

21 A. No.

22 Q. Did he make any overt act that you

23 translated as being a threat to your safety?

24 A. No.

25 Q. Did you have this concern for your personal

Page 126


1 safety regarding John's conduct after that moment?

2 A. I know that the threat was immediate.

3 Q. But did it last throughout the day?

4 A. No.

5 Q. Was it just for the moment?

6 A. It was in that moment.

7 Q. And it only lasted for that moment; is that

8 correct?

9 A. I can tell you that I remember that moment

10 clearly.

11 Q. And you can't remember it continuing after

12 that moment; is that correct?

13 A. The immediate threat had passed.

14 Q. All right. So can you recall whether or not

15 you felt in the least bit threatened by John Ramsey

16 after that moment?

17 A. That day?

18 Q. Yes.

19 A. Indirectly, yes.

20 Q. In what way?

21 A. Eller.

22 Q. Tell me about that.

23 A. Eller had said that I was a key witness in

24 the case and I knew information no one else knew and I

25 had to be careful and take a different route home every

Page 127


1 day, people would be, I should be extra careful and

2 people would be willing to kill me.

3 Q. When did he tell you that?

4 A. Well, within the first week.

5 Q. But that day, did you have any further

6 concern about your personal safety as it related to

7 John Ramsey after that moment had passed?

8 A. After people showed up, no. After other

9 cops showed up, no.

10 Q. How much time elapsed between the time of

11 that moment and when other cops showed up?

12 A. Twenty, 25 minutes.

13 Q. What means did you take to protect yourself

14 from John Ramsey during that 20 to 25 minutes?

15 A. I took command of the scene, the air of

16 authority.

17 Q. Did you ever pull your weapon?

18 A. No.

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  Steve Thomas
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-14-2019, 08:28 PM - Forum: THEORIES - Replies (1)

Steve Thomas read his theory into the record for his deposition in Wolf v Ramsey.  This is what he wrote in his book

20 A. "'I believe she committed the
21 murder' I told Smit and proceeded to lay out
22 what I thought had happened ...
23 "In my hypothesis, and approaching
24 fortieth birthday, the busy holiday season, an
25 exhausting Christmas Day, and an argument with


1 JonBenet had left Patsy frazzled. Her
2 beautiful daughter, whom she frequently
3 dressed almost as a twin, had rebelled
4 against wearing the same outfit as her
5 mother.
6 "When they came home, John Ramsey
7 helped Burke put together a Christmas toy.
8 JonBenet, who had not eaten much at the
9 Whites' party, was hungry. Her mother let
10 her have some pineapple, and then the kids
11 were put to bed. John Ramsey read to his
12 little girl. Then he went to bed. Patsy
13 stayed up to prepare for the trip to Michigan
14 the next morning, a trip she admittedly did
15 not particularly want to make.
16 "Later JonBenet awakened after
17 wetting her bed, as indicated by the plastic
18 sheets, the urine stains, the pull-up diaper
19 package hanging halfway out of a cabinet, and
20 the balled-up turtleneck found in the
21 bathroom. I concluded that the little girl
22 had worn the red turtleneck to bed, as her
23 mother originally said, and that it was
24 stripped off when it got wet.
25 "As I told Smith, I never believed


1 the child was sexually abused for the
2 gratification of the offender but that the
3 vaginal trauma was some sort of corporal
4 punishment. The dark fibers found in her
5 pubic region could have come from the violent
6 wiping of a wet child. Patsy probably yanked
7 out the diaper package in cleaning up
8 JonBenet.
9 "Patsy would not be the first
10 mother to lose control in such a situation.
11 One of the doctors we consulted cited
12 toileting issues as a textbook example of
13 causing a parental rage. So, in my
14 hypothesis, there was some sort of explosive
15 encounter in the child's bathroom sometime
16 prior to one o'clock in the morning, the time
17 suggested by the digestion rate of the
18 pineapple found in the child's stomach. I
19 believed JonBenet was slammed against a hard
20 surface, such as the edge of a tub,
21 inflicting a mortal head wound. She was
22 unconscious, but her heart was still beating.
23 Patsy would not have known that JonBenet was
24 still alive, because the child already
25 appeared to be dead. The massive head trauma


1 would have eventually killed her.
2 "It was the critical moment in
3 which she either had to call for help or
4 find an alternative explanation for her
5 daughter's death. It was accidental in the
6 sense that the situation had developed without
7 motive or premeditation. She could have
8 called for help but chose not to. An
9 emergency room doctor probably would have
10 questioned the 'accident' and called the
11 police. Still, little would have happened to
12 Patsy in Boulder. But I believe panic
13 overtook her.
14 "John and Burke continued to sleep
15 while Patsy moved the body of JonBenet down
16 to the basement and hid her in the little
17 room.
18 "As I pictured the scene, her
19 dilemma was that the police would assume the
20 obvious if a six- year old child was found
21 dead in a private home without any
22 satisfactory explanation. Patsy needed a
23 diversion and planned the way she thought a
24 kidnapping should look.
25 "She returned upstairs to the


1 kitchen and grabbed her tablet and a
2 felt-tipped pen," and flipping "to the middle
3 of the tablet, and started a ransom note,
4 drafting one that ended on page 25. For
5 some reason she discarded that one and ripped
6 pages 17-25 from the tablet. Police never
7 found those pages.
8 "On page 26, she began the
9 'Mr. and Mrs. I,' then also abandoned that
10 false start. At some point she drafted the
11 long ransom note. By doing so, she created
12 the government's best piece of evidence.
13 "She then faced the major problem
14 of what to do with the body. Leaving the
15 house carried the risk of John or Burke
16 awakening at the sounds and possibly being
17 seen by a passerby or a neighbor. Leaving
18 the body in the distant, almost inaccessible,
19 basement room was the best option.
20 "As I envisioned it, Patsy
21 returned to the basement, a woman caught up
22 in panic, where she could have seen--perhaps
23 by detecting a faint heartbeat or a sound or
24 a slight movement--that although completely
25 unconscious, JonBenet was not dead. Others


1 might argue that Patsy did not know the child
2 was still alive. In my hypothesis, she took
3 the next step, looking for the closest
4 available items in ... desperation. Only
5 feet away was her paint tote. She grabbed a
6 paint brush and broke it to fashion the
7 garrote with some cord." She then -- "then
8 she looped the cord around the girl's neck.
9 "In my scenario, she choked
10 JonBenet from behind, with a grip on her
11 broken paintbrush handle, pulling the
12 ligature. JonBenet, still unconscious, would
13 never have felt it. There are only four
14 ways to die: suicide, natural, accidental,
15 or homicide. This accident, in my opinion,
16 had just become a murder.
17 "Then the staging continued to
18 make it look like a kidnapping. Patsy tied
19 the girl's wrists in front, not in" the
20 "back, for otherwise the arms would not have
21 been in" the "overhead position. But with a
22 fifteen-inch length of cord between the wrists
23 and the knot tied loosely over the clothing,
24 there was no way such a binding would have
25 restrained a live child. It was a symbolic


1 act to make it appear the child had been
2 bound.
3 "Patsy took considerable time with
4 her daughter, wrapping her carefully in the
5 blanket and leaving her with a favorite pink
6 nightgown." As "the FBI had told us ... a
7 stranger would not have taken such care.
8 "As I told Lou, I thought that
9 throughout the coming hours, Patsy worked on
10 her staging, such as placing the ransom note
11 where she would be sure to 'find' it the
12 next morning. She placed the tablet on the
13 countertop right beside the stairs and" put
14 "the pen in the cup.
15 "While going through the drawers"
16 and "under the countertop" -- "While going
17 through the drawers under the countertop where
18 the tablet had been, she found rolls of tape.
19 She placed a strip from a roll of duct tape
20 across JonBenet's mouth. There was bloody
21 mucous under the tape, and a perfect set of
22 the child's lip prints, which did not
23 indicate a tongue impression or resistance.
24 "I theorized that Patsy, trying to
25 cover her tracks, took the remaining cord,


1 tape, and the first ransom note out of the
2 house that night, perhaps dropping them into
3 a nearby storm sewer or among the Christmas
4 debris in wrappings in a neighbor's trash
5 can.
6 "She was running out of time.
7 The household was scheduled to wake up early
8 to fly to Michigan, and in her haste, Patsy
9 Ramsey did not change clothes, a vital
10 mistake. With the clock ticking, and hearing
11 her husband moving around upstairs, she
12 stepped over the edge.
13 "The way I envisioned it, Patsy
14 screamed, and John Ramsey, coming out of the
15 shower, responded, totally unaware of what had
16 occurred. Burke, awakened by the noise
17 shortly before six o'clock in the morning,
18 came down to find out what had happened and
19 was sent back to bed as his mother talked to
20 the 911 emergency dispatcher.
21 "Patsy Ramsey opened the door to
22 Officer Rick French at about 5:55 a.m. on the
23 morning of December 26, 1996, wearing a red
24 turtleneck sweater and black pants, the same
25 things she had worn to a party the night


1 before. Her hair was done, and her makeup
2 was on. In my opinion, she had never been
3 to bed.
4 "The diversion worked for seven
5 hours as the Boulder police thought they were
6 dealing with a kidnapping.
7 "John Ramsey, in my hypothetical
8 scenario, probably first grew suspicious while
9 reading the ransom note that morning, which
10 was why he was unusually quiet. He must
11 have seen his wife's writing mannerisms all
12 over it, everything but her signature. But
13 where was his daughter?
14 "He said in his police interview
15 that he went down to the basement when
16 Detective Arndt noticed him missing. I
17 suggested that Ramsey found JonBenet at that
18 time and was faced with the dilemma of his
19 life. During the next few hours, his
20 behavior changed markedly as he desperately
21 considered his few options--submit to the
22 authorities or try to control the situation.
23 He had already lost one child, Beth, and now
24 JonBenet was gone too. Now Patsy was
25 possibly in jeopardy.


1 "The stress increased steadily
2 during the morning, for Patsy, in my theory,
3 knew that no kidnapper was going to call by
4 ten o'clock, and after John found the body,
5 he knew that too. So when Detective Linda
6 Arndt told him to search the house, he used
7 the opportunity and made a beeline for the
8 basement.
9 "Then tormented as he might be, he
10 chose to protect his wife. Within a few
11 hours, the first of his many lawyers was in
12 motion, the private investigators a day later.
13 "That's the way I see it, I said
14 to Lou Smit." That's how evidence -- "That's
15 how the evidence fits to me. She made
16 mistakes, and that's how we solve crimes,
17 right? I reminded him of his own favorite
18 saying: 'Murders are usually what they
19 seem.'".

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  Schiller's OVERKILL - 12/17/2018
Posted by: jameson245 - 11-28-2018, 06:29 PM - Forum: What is in the news - staying up to date - Replies (2)

"Overkill: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet" Documentary Special from Lawrence Schiller - Two Hour Special Premieres Saturday, December 17 at 9pm ET/6pm PT
"We're showing viewers the remarkable complexity of this case and why 20 years later there are still no clear answers," said Lawrence Schiller.

Two Hour Special Premieres Saturday, December 17 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT
(Albuquerque, NM) Thursday, December 1, 2016 - REELZ today announced �the original documentary special Overkill: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenét from award-winning author and director, Lawrence Schiller. The murder of JonBenét Ramsey in Colorado on Christmas in 1996 remains unsolved. Now, 20 years later Schiller, who wrote the New York Times best-selling book on the case, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, digs deep into his extensive archive of hundreds of recorded interviews with eyewitnesses, law enforcement officers, investigators, scientific and forensic experts and criminologists. Schiller's exhaustive examination of the case uncovers fresh information from those involved to tell the story of JonBenét's murder like never before. Overkill: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenét is produced by WS Productions, Inc. and Peabody Award-winning producer Tom Jennings and will premiere Saturday, December 17 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT.
"JonBenét's story is a perplexing and heartbreaking case," said Steve Cheskin, SVP of REELZ Programming. "Even now, 20 years later, it still remains a mystery with puzzling twists and turns. Helping to unravel what really happened that night is renowned author Lawrence Schiller. We are proud to be working with him and the talented team he has assembled."
"We're showing viewers the remarkable complexity of this case and why 20 years later there are still no clear answers," said Lawrence Schiller. "There are stark differences of opinion among the many professionals involved and our goal is to show viewers the flawed sequence of events in gathering the evidence which led to one of most notorious unsolved murders in the history of American crime."
Overkill: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenét examines several key questions surrounding the case from whether total contamination of the crime scene prevented the killer from being caught to showing viewers the deep rift that formed between the Boulder District Attorney's Office and the Boulder Police Department and its impact on the case. Among the many people Schiller interviewed for Overkill: The Murder of JonBenét is the main detective on the case, now retired FBI agent Ron Walker, author and reporter Paula Woodward who covered the case extensively, forensic psychologist Gregg McCrary, homicide detective Lou Smit and included are revealing interviews from detective Steve Thomas and Boulder, Colorado District Attorney Alex Hunter.

Read more at http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2016/...rxGfQoK.99

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  at least three
Posted by: jameson245 - 11-17-2018, 05:00 PM - Forum: The House at 755 15th Street, Boulder, CO - Replies (1)

I have a document that says in the 11 months following the murder there were at least three breakins at the Ramsey house - and none left visible evidence of the break in.  I guess they could tell because of cameras that were installed after the murder.  

I KNOW WHO DID IT ONCE - he confessed it to me and said once in he panicked and left in a hurry.  He jimmied the north door - the one to the Butler's pantry.

Not that the three breakins matter a lot - but they show it would not have been impossible for an intruder to get in that Christmas day - - even if there weren't unlocked doors and windows!

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  Boulder child assaults near Christmas
Posted by: jameson245 - 11-17-2018, 04:27 PM - Forum: Boulder crimes - No Replies

Now, let me start this by reminding everyone that the majority of these crimes go unreported.

Then let me say I don't have the details of thee cases - -only that these WERE reported.

Date and street or area will be noted - - all sex assaults on children in Boulder

Oct. 11, 1996 - 9th Street
Oct. 30th - Valmont block
November 27th - Glenwood

December 15th - 19th Street
December 26th - JonBenet

January 2nd, 1997 - 19th Street
January 9th - Balsam
January 19th - Sioux

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  October-November 2018
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-26-2018, 10:09 AM - Forum: Burke sues CBS for 750 million - Replies (1)

[Image: logo-150.png]

[Image: jonbenet.four.we.have.your.daughter.cropped.png]
A 1996 Christmas photo of Burke and JonBenét Ramsey taken shortly before the girl's death.

JonBenét Ramsey Family Attorney on Ex-Boulder DA's Subpoena in CBS Suit

Michael Roberts | October 25, 2018 | 6:39am

The lawyer for Burke Ramsey, brother of JonBenét Ramsey, who was murdered in Boulder on Christmas Day 1996, believes that a subpoena issued for former Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter won't do anything to exonerate CBS in a $750 million lawsuit filed by Burke in December 2016.
To the contrary, Atlanta-based attorney Lin Wood thinks that Hunter's deposition would only undermine the assertion in the CBS program The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey that Burke killed his sister when he was nine and she was six, which he characterizes as both defamatory and utterly unsupported by facts.
"I believe Mr. Hunter was professionally and personally outraged by tabloid accusations made against Burke in 1999 while he was the district attorney," Wood notes in a Q&A below, "and I expect that he is equally outraged by the accusations made against this young man by CBS."
News of the subpoena broke in the Boulder Daily Camera, which reported that the former DA, who retired from the office in 2001 and is now 81 years old, is fighting the subpoena on multiple fronts. He's said to consider the demand that he offer his thoughts "an 'annoyance' that would interfere with his annual relocation to Hawaii," but also maintains that cooperating would "compromise an 'open investigation and potential prosecution' of the person or persons responsible for JonBenét's death."
[Image: dr.werner.spitz.two.youtube.jpg]Dr. Werner Spitz, left, watches as a child is called upon to act out a theory of how Burke Ramsey could have killed his sister, JonBenét, from the CBS program The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey.

CBS via YouTube

The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey aired in September 2016. The next month, Wood filed a $150 million suit against Dr. Werner Spitz, a Michigan-based forensic pathologist who theorized on the show that Burke had killed JonBenét with a blow to the head. And in October 2017, Wood hit CBS with a $350 million demand on behalf of Burke's father, John Ramsey. Patsy Ramsey, wife of John and mother to JonBenét and Burke, died of cancer in 2004.
"CBS perpetrated a fraud upon the public," according to the John Ramsey suit. "Instead of being a documentary based on a new and legitimate investigation by a team of qualified and unbiased experts, The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey was a fictional crime show based primarily on a preconceived storyline scripted in the self-published and commercially unsuccessful book Foreign Faction...self-published in 2012."
Another section of the suit maintains that "Defendants’ accusation that John covered-up that Burke killed JonBenét was not based on a complete investigation revealing truthful facts, new witnesses, new evidence or new theories. Instead, Defendants consciously built their Documentary on an illegitimate and unfounded investigation, false and omitted facts, old witnesses, old evidence and old theories."
CBS moved for the lawsuits to be tossed, but in January, Judge David Groner allowed each to move forward. Hence the network's subpoena for Hunter, who, the Camera notes, "signed an affidavit in October 2000, shortly before leaving office, which stated in part, 'From December 26th, 1996, to the date of this affidavit, no evidence has ever been developed in the investigation to justify elevating Burke Ramsey's status from that of witness to suspect.'"
[Image: alex.hunter.file.photo.jpg]Alex Hunter during his days as the district attorney for Boulder County.

File photo

This position leaves Wood wondering why CBS would have such an interest in having Hunter weigh in, as he makes clear in the following Q&A, conducted via email.
Westword: Why do you think Alex Hunter has been subpoenaed in relation to the lawsuit?
Lin Wood: CBS issued the subpoena, so only CBS can state why the subpoena was issued to Mr. Hunter. The CBS documentary concluded that Burke Ramsey killed his sister based on CBS’ representation that a full re-investigation of the evidence had been undertaken by its team of "experts." In his libel lawsuit, Burke challenges not only the accusation, but also the legitimacy of this alleged "re-investigation."
CBS has apparently realized that the evidence relied upon by its "experts" does not support the accusation against Burke. The recent discovery efforts aimed at Boulder officials, including Mr. Hunter, confirm that CBS is still searching for evidence to support its false and defamatory accusation against Burke. Stated differently, if CBS had enough evidence to support its accusation being broadcast to the world in its 2016 documentary, why in the world is CBS searching for more evidence in 2019?
The answer is obvious — the 2016 documentary was rank speculation unsupported by any credible evidence and CBS knows it. CBS is in search of a defense it will never find.
Why is it important that Alex Hunter cooperate with the subpoena?
Mr. Hunter is a third party to this litigation and has the right to question whether there is a legitimate need for his testimony and/or whether the subpoena imposes unnecessary trouble and expense. I do not view Mr. Hunter’s motion to quash as being based solely on inconvenience to him or as an effort on his part to be uncooperative. CBS has the burden of convincing the Court that there is a legitimate need for discovery from Mr. Hunter.
[Image: burke.ramsey.youtube.jpg]Burke Ramsey during a 2016 interview on the Dr. Phil program.

YouTube file photo

What information do you believe Alex Hunter has that pertains to the lawsuit?
Based on his May, 1999, press statement and his October 2000 sworn affidavit (executed one year after the end of the grand jury investigation), which cleared Burke of any suspicion based on the actual evidence, I am confident that the only information Mr. Hunter could offer in this case would support Burke’s case against CBS. Accusing Burke of killing his sister while ignoring the statements of former District Attorney Hunter and other knowledgeable Boulder law enforcement officials was the height of recklessness on the part of CBS.
How would you characterize Alex Hunter's role in the investigation into the murder of JonBenét Ramsey?
As the Boulder District Attorney at the time of the murder until his retirement, Mr. Hunter was the public official with final authority over the investigation and decisions as to whether the evidence supported criminal charges being filed against any individual. I believe Mr. Hunter was professionally and personally outraged by tabloid accusations made against Burke in 1999 while he was the District Attorney and I expect that he is equally outraged by the accusations made against this young man by CBS.
What is the current status of the lawsuit, and can you provide a general timeline of what will happen next?
The parties are in the final stages of document production and are also actively taking depositions. Discovery will likely be complete by mid-2019. I expect CBS will thereafter follow standard media defense strategy by filing a motion for summary judgment. I am confident that such a motion will be unsuccessful and the case will move to a jury trial in late 2019 or early 2020.

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  found on TOPIX
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-25-2018, 08:55 PM - Forum: Found on other forums - No Replies

The simple truth. They didn't know about the Pineapple until an open can was found on the cellar floor. And being in the criminal state of mind concocted an alibi and gave life to a seemingless meaningless item

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  from another state 1961
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-25-2018, 07:50 PM - Forum: Colorado crimes - No Replies

Anne Marie Burr - Abducted by a Serial Killer?

[Image: renderTimingPixel.png]

Anne Marie Burr, aged 8, disappeared from her Tacoma, Washington home on August 31st, 1961.

[b]Timeline of Events[/b]
[i]A week before August 31st[/i]
Neighbors report seeing someone looking through windows of houses in the Burr's neighborhood. No one is able to give a good description of the "Peeping Tom".
[i]August 31st[/i]
Evening/Nighttime: Burr children and parents go to bed. One sister and two brothers went to the basement where their rooms were, Ann Marie and her younger sister went to their bedroom, the parents to theirs.
Middle of the Night: Anne Marie's younger sister begins to cry because the cast on her broken arm is bothering her. Ann Marie takes her sister into her parents' bedroom where they are both told to go back to bed.
Later: Parents awake to their dog barking, but assume it's because of the rainstorms that had been coming through the area and go back to sleep. The other children report not waking at all during the night.
[i]September 1st[/i]
5:30AM Anne Marie's Mother goes to check on her daughters and notices Ann Marie is not in bed. She begins to look around the house and sees that their front door which had been locked the previous night was now open and unlocked. Their living room window which was always open an inch or two was open wider. The family calls the police and continues searching the house for Ann Marie.
Sometime later that morning: The Police arrive and immediately launch an abduction investigation. Upon further inspection to the opened living room window they see that someone had pushed a garden bench under the window. There was also a footprint left from a Men's Keds sneaker, size 6 or 7. The police surmise this was made by a young adult male, or a small adult male. A red fiber was also found attached to the window sill, but nothing ever came of it.
Police investigated several sex offenders in the neighborhood but nothing was ever found, no new evidence surfaced, and no trace of Ann Marie was ever seen again.

Despite an exhaustive search and heavy questioning of the neighborhood no trace was ever found of Ann Marie's killer and her case grew cold. In the late 70's her case was given renewed interest when a man named Ted Bundy stood trial for the kidnapping, rape, and murders of women across the county.
I'm not going to hash out too much of Ted Bundy's history here; I will include links at the bottom if you don't know who he is or want to brush up on the finer points.
The reason for the renewed interest with the Bundy trials was because of the coincidental connections between him and Ann Marie;
  • In the 60's Ted Bundy and his mother were living with his great-uncle, Jack Cromwell, who happened to be Ann Marie's piano teacher.
  • They lived in close proximity to each other.
  • Relatives have stated that Ann Marie and Ted Bundy were friendly with each other and she knew he was the nephew of her piano teacher. As far as they know she wouldn't have had any reason to fear him.
  • Ted Bundy would have been 15 at the time of Ann Marie's disappearance, and would match the profile for the size shoe print found outside the window.
  • Bundy already had a record for wandering around late at night, and as an adult admitted to voyeurism (peeping through windows).
  • Ted Bundy had a paper route that included the Burr residence.
  • The street in front of the Burr home was being torn up for repaving the night she disappeared only to be covered with dirt and asphalt the next day. According to Burr's father the morning of her disappearance Ted Bundy was hanging around the construction site.
  • The true amount of women Ted Bundy killed is questionable. We know as his execution date drew nearer he started to hint about other murders, and give out some answers but he always refused to talk about Ann Marie Burr or would deny involvement. There is some speculation that Ted Bundy was ashamed at some of his murders, particularly ones of younger females such as 12yr old Kimberly Leach who he never admitted to but had evidence linking him as the killer.

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  Troy Cowen
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-25-2018, 03:34 PM - Forum: Misinformation found elsewhere, not BORG but wrong - Replies (2)

He is BORG - more than that, he accuses BURKE on his website.  a search here will bring up his theory.

He shared his theory and then some updates that are riddled with errors -   check it out.

May 2001

One year later, detective Lou Smit presented his intruder theory on the Today Show. He stated that the DNA, found in the panties and under JonBenét's fingernails, did not match John or Burke Ramsey and indicated an intruder. He said that the hair found on the blanket was also an indication of an intruder.

It has been stated that the DNA in JonBenét's panties and under her finger nails were several days old and degraded. While Smit believed the hair found on the blanket belonged to an intruder, it has subsequently been identified as belonging to Patsy Ramsey.

Molecular biologist Melissa Weber of Cell Mark Laboratories consulted several detectives after Cell Mark analyzed the DNA. Steve Thomas and Deputy DA DeMuth were at this meeting; Lou Smit was not. Steve Thomas said that Melissa Weber stated that the analysis showed the possibility that there may be DNA of another person mixed in with JonBenét's DNA found in the panties and under her fingernails.

However, this foreign DNA could be the result of a false positive (stutter). Melissa Weber went on to say that if there were two sources of DNA and they were mixed together, then no one could be excluded. This is contrary to Lou Smit's statement that John and Burke had been excluded. Shortly after the meeting with Weber, Deputy DA DeMuth announced that the DNA did not match John Ramsey's DNA. While technically a true statement, a better statement would have been, "No DNA match is possible under present technology".

When Cell Mark Laboratories was given the job of testing the DNA under JonBenét's fingernails and in her panties, there wasn't enough DNA to test, so they had to grow more DNA from the small sample they did have. The process of growing more DNA from a small sample is called PCR amplification. Unfortunately, when you don't have a perfect sample, the DNA is old, degraded or damaged, the imperfect DNA is amplified also. Sometimes, this imperfect DNA, or non-matching DNA, gives a false impression that it is another person’s DNA.

Having additional markers is a common problem with PCR amplification. Scientist call this problem, stuttering or shadow bands. When the DNA under the fingernails and in the panties was tested, there were more markers than there should have been. What caused these extra markers? Amplifying degraded DNA may be responsible for the extra markers, not an intruder.

Smit also said that the shoe print found near the body was also an indication of an intruder. He said that it was his belief that the intruder came into the house through the basement window, leaving a scuff mark on the wall as his shoe slid down the wall. He did not say whether the Hi-Tec brand of shoe that made the print in the basement was capable of making the scuff mark found on the basement wall. The material found in the scuff mark should match the sole of the shoe. They did not test John Ramsey's shoes to see if one of them could have made the scuff mark.

From the beginning, many people believed that the John Ramsey hired private investigators to help find the killer of JonBenét. We remember getting reports that private investigators were on the scene the day after the murder asking question and getting information from Ramsey’s neighbors. To many, it demonstrated that the Ramsey’s were innocent. Why would the guilty hire investigators to collect evidence the prosecutor would use against them?

 On May 31, 2000, John said on Larry King Live "We've had investigators, seasoned investigators collectively with over 500 homicides under their belt who have been working on this case day in and day out. They have questions, they have information." We now learn that there never was a private investigation into the death of JonBenét. On December 12, 2001, during a deposition, John Ramsey said that the "purpose of those investigators was to prepare a defense in the case that the police might bring a charge against me."

Many are saddened to learn that there was no private investigation into the death of JonBenét. Because of the Ramsey and OJ case, many have lost faith in our legal system. A system easily manipulated by the rich and powerful. Even Ramsey's head investigator, Ellis Armistead, has stated that he has lost faith in the system. In an article in the Rocky Mountain News, Armistead said his assignment was not to solve the crime. "It was to keep the Ramseys from being arrested."

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  sick theory from T Cowen
Posted by: jameson245 - 10-25-2018, 03:04 PM - Forum: just BORG hate - Replies (2)

Part of his BURKE did it theory, this is sick fantasy that speaks more about T Cowen than the evidence in this crime.

Denver, Colorado, 1996

A few days before Christmas there was a large party near Denver. This party was for the entire West Coast mob. The mob had their party just before Christmas so that a large gathering would not attract attention. At this party, the goal was to grant every person their sexual gratification. The party’s organizers provided boys, girls, young men and young women for the pleasure of the attendees.

JonBenét was the daughter of John Ramsey and a six-year-old beauty pageant winner. A small segment of the mob that enjoys playing with small girls knows about JonBenét. The mob wants JonBenét and they give their guarantee to John that they will not harm her. John's first reaction was—not with my daughter! 

A mob boss applied pressure on John until he relented. To John’s dismay, he now understands the high cost of doing business with the mob. The party’s organizers also asked Fleet to contact his father to get help in finding a man that was an expert with a garrote.

Before taking JonBenét to the party, John told her that it won’t take long and she must be quiet and still while the men examine her. At the party, in a private room, JonBenet is naked and lies on a table. A small group of men is watching as one man puts a leather collar around JonBenét’s neck and then the cord that goes over the collar. JonBenét is very troubled by the strange events happening to her, but she obeys her father to be still. The man twist the cord, making it tighter. The man is very gentle with her and the cord is just tight enough to reduce blood flow to her brain. 

The garrote around her neck was not painful and there was very little discomfort.  When JonBenét was ready, the man nodded his head and the men around the table began to fondle her. Even though she was frightened most of the time, she enjoyed the men stroking her and she had an intense orgasm at the end. The men did not harm JonBenét and everyone enjoyed the experience. John picked her up at the party and took her home. That night, JonBenét wets the bed for the first time in over a year.

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