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  Aug. 29, 2000 - Ramsey Atlanta interviews
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 05:39 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

Aug. 29, 2000 - Ramsey Update #79
News Release
August 29, 2000
Jana Petersen, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
Jennifer Bray, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Boulder Police Chief comments on Ramsey interviews (#79)
Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner today commented on interviews with John and Patsy Ramsey that took place over the past two days.
"We appreciate the opportunity to speak with John and Patsy Ramsey. We need some time to digest and debrief the interviews and the information we obtained, and we're not in a position to draw any conclusions at this time," he said.
"Due to the parameters of the interviews, we were not able to go into everything we had hoped to in this setting," he said. "In that respect, it was less than we had hoped for."
Regarding criticism of Special Prosecutor Mike Kane, Beckner said: "We certainly do not agree with the way Mike Kane was characterized by the Ramseys' attorney. Mike Kane has been an integral part of moving this investigation forward and has been a knowledgeable adviser to the investigation for more than two years. Just as it's the job of the Ramseys' attorney to aggressively defend his clients, it's the prosecutor's job to aggressively pursue justice in this case."
The interviews began on Monday, with investigators questioning Patsy Ramsey for more than seven hours. Today, interviewers met with Patsy Ramsey for about 30 minutes and with John Ramsey for about 2½ hours.

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  Aug. 1, 2000 - Amy assault
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 05:39 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

Aug. 01, 2000 - Ramsey Update #78
News Release
August 1, 2000
Jana Petersen, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
Jennifer Bray, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
City Web site: www.bouldercolorado.gov
Ramsey Case New Release Index
Ramsey Update #78

Boulder Police Chief responds to questions about 1997 sexual assault case
A report published this morning in the Dallas Morning News raises the possibility that the murder of JonBenét Ramsey is related to the unsolved sexual assault on a 14-year-old Boulder girl that occurred nine months later, in September 1997.
Chief Mark Beckner said Boulder Police have known about this case for two years and previously looked at the sexual assault in association with the Ramsey murder. While the two cases have some similarities, detectives found no definitive connection at the time. Beckner has asked for detectives to again review the case file to determine if anything more can be done. While detectives again pursue the possibility, Beckner clarified that the two cases have more differences than similarities. "However, in this line of work, you never rule anything out until you've answered all the questions," he said. Because of upcoming interviews with John and Patsy Ramsey, Beckner has decided to decline requests for media interviews at this time. "I don't want to do anything that would potentially jeopardize this opportunity to talk with the parents," he said.

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  May 24, 2000 - after Ramsey polygraphs
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 05:38 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

May 24, 2000 - Ramsey Update #77
News Release
May 24, 2000
Jana Petersen, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
Jennifer Bray, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
City Web site: www.bouldercolorado.gov
Ramsey Case New Release Index
Ramsey Release #77

Statement from Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner regarding Ramsey news conference
"We did receive a fax this morning from the Ramseys' attorney at the same time the press conference was happening. We will accept any information they are willing to provide regarding the polygraph examinations, just as we're happy to receive any information from others who come forward. That's part of our job, to collect all information, no matter what the source, and add it to the investigation. Certainly, how information is obtained and under what circumstances affects the reliability of the information, no matter who provides it.
"At this point, nothing has changed the way this case will be investigated. We remain committed to solving this crime through legitimate, accepted, credible investigative methods. Contrary to the myths of the pundits and lawyers, we have not focused our investigation solely on the Ramseys. In fact, we've spent well over half of our investigative time in the past three-and-a-half years on information not specific to the Ramsey family. The Ramseys and their attorneys are fully aware of this.
"What's unfortunate about our position as a law enforcement agency is that we don't have the luxury to provide many explanations. This is an active homicide investigation, and we can't afford to compromise our ability to provide justice in this case simply to satisfy public curiosity."

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  May 15, 2000 Nancy Krebs
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 05:36 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

May 15, 2000 - Ramsey Update #76
News Release
May 15, 2000
Jana Petersen, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Boulder Police end investigation into California woman's report
Boulder Police and prosecutors have concluded an investigation that began in February when a 37-year-old California woman reported her belief that JonBenet Ramsey was murdered as part of a child sex ring. The investigation found no additional evidence to support this theory.
In February, the woman contacted the Boulder Daily Camera with allegations of a child sex abuse conspiracy involving her own family members, the Ramsey family and close friends of the Ramseys. The woman also claimed that some of her own family members were at a party attended by JonBenet Ramsey and her parents on December 25, 1996, just prior to JonBenet's death. The woman believed JonBenet was likely killed at the party by adults who sexually and physically abused her.
Boulder Police spent about 11 weeks investigating the allegations, which included conducting 22 interviews, reviewing medical and psychological records, reviewing photographs and recordings, consulting with a forensic psychiatrist, and comparing the allegations against physical evidence and current knowledge of the case. As a result, Boulder Police and prosecutors working on the case have concluded that other than the woman's statements, there is no evidence to support this theory of JonBenet's murder.
"The Boulder Police have spent a significant amount of time investigating the claims made by this woman and her attorney," Prosecutor Mike Kane said. "There is simply no credible evidence to link anything she alleges to the death of JonBenet. The expenditure of additional police and prosecutorial resources is unwarranted."
Boulder Police have made no judgments or conclusions about abuse the woman may have suffered in prior years in California. It is well established that she was a victim of sexual abuse in 1979-80, for which a suspect was arrested and convicted. However, the current investigation did not find any connection between the abuse she suffered and the death of JonBenet Ramsey.
Boulder Police have forwarded information to the FBI in reference to some of the woman's allegations regarding the operation of a child sex ring. Police also advised her to contact California authorities with any information she has regarding crimes that may have occurred in California.
This is the second time Boulder Police have investigated the possibility of JonBenet's death being connected to a "sex ring" or pornographic operation involving numerous people. On each occasion, no credible evidence was found to support such speculation.
"We needed to take the time to complete a thorough investigation," Police Chief Mark Beckner said. "Unfortunately, the allegations have led to speculation that Fleet and Priscilla White, former close friends of the Ramseys and hosts of the 1996 Christmas party, were somehow involved in the sexual abuse and death of JonBenet. We have no evidence whatsoever to support this and have never had evidence to support such an allegation. Nor do we have any evidence that John and Patsy Ramsey were part of or participated in a child sex ring operation."
Because she is a sexual assault victim, Boulder Police are not releasing the name of the California woman.

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  April 25, 2000 - no FBI, no polygraph
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 05:36 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

April 25, 2000 - Ramsey Update #75
News Release
April 25, 2000
Jana Petersen, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

No Polygraph exams scheduled for John and Patsy Ramsey #75
After several discussions with Boulder Police, an attorney for John and Patsy Ramsey today informed police Chief Mark Beckner that the Ramseys will not take polygraph examinations.
On April 11, the Boulder Police Department accepted John and Patsy Ramsey's public offer to take polygraph exams regarding the death of their daughter, JonBenet. The department agreed to the conditions as set forth by John Ramsey in a March 23 television interview as follows:
  • The exam be conducted by an examiner independent from the Boulder Police Department
  • The exam be conducted in Atlanta
  • The results of the exam be made public.
Boulder Police arranged to have FBI specialists conduct the examination in Atlanta. After consulting with others in law enforcement, Boulder Police selected the FBI polygraphers specifically for their international reputation in criminal polygraphs and their independence from the Boulder Police Department. Other factors that weighed heavily in selecting the FBI were the specialist training received by FBI examiners, the quality control implemented in their examinations and supervisory oversight that is provided for every exam.
During subsequent discussions, Ramsey attorney Lin Wood told Boulder Police that the Ramseys were reluctant to take an exam administered by the FBI, as they believed involvement of the FBI and the FBI laboratories in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation prevented them from being "independent" examiners.
As a compromise to the Ramseys' concerns, the FBI agreed to assign an examiner who had no prior knowledge or involvement in the Ramsey case, and the Boulder Police Department agreed not to be involved in selecting the specific FBI examiners
This did not satisfy Ramsey concerns with the FBI involvement, and the Boulder Police Department is not willing to further compromise on this issue, so there will be no polygraph exams at this time.
"Obviously, we're disappointed that the Ramseys have declined to take the polygraph exams, after very publicly saying they would," Beckner said. "However, our offer still stands, should the Ramseys decide to change their position."

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  April 11, 2000 polygraphs planned
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 05:34 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

April 11, 2000 - Ramsey Update #74
News Release
April 11, 2000
Jana Petersen, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Statement from Police Chief Mark Beckner
regarding polygraph tests in the Ramsey case:
(Ramsey Update #74)
"In recent weeks, John and Patsy Ramsey have publicly offered their willingness to take a polygraph examination. The Boulder Police Department, after consultation and agreement with the Boulder County DA's office and the FBI, has decided to accept the Ramsey's offer. D.A. Alex Hunter now agrees that the polygraph exam would be a worthwhile tool for the investigation.
Arrangements have been made to conduct an exam in accordance with the conditions identified by John Ramsey in late March, 2000. We have notified the Ramsey's through their attorneys and await a reply to schedule a date for the exam."
No further comment will be made at this time.

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  April 10, 2000 - Thomas' book and polygraph issues
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 05:33 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

April 10, 2000 - Ramsey Update #73
News Release
April 10, 2000
Jana Petersen, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Boulder Police Chief responds to
Ramsey-related media questions. #73
In response to inquiries from the media about the status of the Ramsey investigation, Chief Mark Beckner has issued the following statements.
Related to whether the Ramseys will be asked to take a polygraph examination:
  • "Boulder Police investigators did meet today with members of the DA's office and agents from the FBI to further explore the issue of whether to offer a polygraph examination to John and Patsy Ramsey. The process is ongoing and we will not disclose the content of the discussion or make any further statement at this time."
Related to Steve Thomas' book:
  • "We are not releasing information on strategies or tactics used on our investigation."
  • "I have not read the book, therefore I am unable to comment on its contents."
Chief Beckner also has made the following statement on the book in recent days:
  • "Although I have not seen a copy of Steve Thomas' book, it's my understanding that he is highly critical of me for not being more aggressive in investigating the Ramsey parents. This stands in sharp contrast to past assertions made by the Ramsey attorneys and the Ramseys themselves in recent weeks, and a former investigator with the DA's office, who accused the Boulder Police of being too aggressive. Perhaps that contrast in opinion illustrates the fairness and objectivity with which we have approached this investigation."
Chief Beckner will have no further response at this time.

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  Oct. 15, 1999 - Beckner at end of GJ
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 05:25 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - Replies (3)

Oct. 15, 1999 - Ramsey Update #72
News Release
October 15, 1999
Jennifer Bray, Media Relations
Jana Petersen, Media Relations, 303-441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Statement from News Conference on
October 14, 1999
Mark Beckner, Chief of Police
Ramsey News Release #72
I want to first publicly thank the twelve citizens of this grand jury for their service to the community. Although by law, I cannot comment on the grand jury's work as it relates to this case, I am grateful to the District Attorney, Alex Hunter, for allowing a grand jury investigation. Contrary to public perception, we have made progress in this case over the past 13 months because of the work of the grand jury. If you recall, when investigators asked for a grand jury in the spring of 1998, it was for the purpose of assisting us in our investigation. In this regard, it has been a successful grand jury.
I also want to thank Mike Kane, Mitch Morrisey and Bruce Levin for their hard work. There's been a great deal of speculation about the working relationship between the DA's office and the police. Let me just say that we have a great deal of respect for one another, and the working relationship on this case has never been better. Over the past 15 months, we have worked hand in hand with the prosecutors on this case and have been very pleased with how things have been handled.
There has also been speculation that charges have not been filed in this case because of reluctance on the part of the District Attorney's office. In addition to Alex Hunter, we have had 3 experienced prosecutors working on this case. None of these prosecutors, in my opinion, would hesitate in taking this case to trial once the evidence is sufficient to do so.
The next obvious question is...where do we go from here? From the police perspective, this will remain an open, ongoing investigation. Contrary to the public perception and the rampant speculation that the investigation is over, this case is not dead in the water. I know you have grown tired of hearing this, but yes, we still have forensic evidence we are working on. We are committed to not giving up on this investigation. Like any other open homicide, we will continue to process and test evidence as necessary, and follow any reasonable leads that are developed.
(Anyone who's been in law enforcement can tell you of cases that finally come to resolution, often after many months or years of investigation, and sometimes when you least expect it. That's what keeps us going.)
If you believe what some of the pundits are saying, you might think it's futile to keep trying. Those of us close to the case know better. We know that the right and just thing to do is to keep going. Quite frankly, too much has been made of the conclusion of the grand jury. We have simply completed another phase of this difficult investigation.
In addition to the possibility of new evidence developing, new forensic technology is advancing at a rapid pace. As a result, cases that were once unsolvable have been solved. New technology in the last 2 1/2 years has helped us in this case. We never know what the next month, year, or several years will bring.
As Police Chief, there is something else I know I can count on. And that is the dedication of the four investigators who have been on this case from the beginning.
These four individuals, as well as all members of the Boulder Police Department, are committed to finding a resolution in this case, and they will not be swayed from that commitment.
Much has been made out of alleged mistakes early in this case. Yes, there are things we should have done differently and wish we would have done differently. Any time a crime scene is disturbed, it creates problems for the investigation. However, to say that mistakes have made this an unsolvable case is not accurate. Circumstances and evidence that raise questions for us today are not the result of a contaminated crime scene.
I know that this case has been frustrating for everyone, but I can assure you it has not been more frustrating than for the detectives who have worked full time on this case for almost three years. While we will continue to be criticized by those who fail to understand the complexities in this case, I am proud of the work our detectives have done to get us where we are today. For any mistakes that may have been made early on, there have been many times more right things that have been done in this case.
I would also like to say that while the intense scrutiny has not always been pleasant, there have been positives. We are not the same police department we were 3 years ago. As a result of learning from our experiences, we have taken steps to make some changes in how we operate. We have developed some new policies and procedures, adjusted some of our training, and made some changes in our detective section. And, we have also developed a more open philosophy when dealing with the media. As a result of these changes, I believe we are a better prepared, better trained police department.
I must take a moment to thank the local Boulder community for its support. City council, the city manager, and the many citizens of this city have been understanding and supportive in our efforts. For this, we are appreciative.
In the end, all of the media attention doesn't matter. All of the speculation doesn't matter. Legal analysts who will find fault with the work we've done doesn't matter. What matters is finding justice for JonBenet Ramsey.
To this day, two years and nine months after her death, we are as intent on that objective as we were from day one.

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  Oct. 11, 1999 - expense report
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 05:23 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

Oct. 11, 1999 - Ramsey Update #71
News Release
October 11, 1999
Jennifer Bray, Media Relations
Jana Petersen, Media Relations, 303-441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Updated Ramsey homicide expenses
Ramsey News Release #71
1996 expenditures related to Ramsey Homicide Investigation:
Overtime Expenses (604.75 Hrs.)
$ 20,340.80
Travel Expenses
$ 248.38
Investigative Expense
$ 788.55
Total Expenditures for 1966
$ 21,377.73

1997 Expenditures related to Ramsey Homicide Investigation:
On-duty Salary Expense
$ 308,630.81
Overtime Expense (3,929.5 Hours)
$ 134,621.66
Travel Expenses through 12-31-97
$ 57,392.46
Investigative Expense through 12-31-97
$ 30,830.08
Total Expenditures for 1997
$ 531,475.01

1998 Expenditures related to Ramsey Homicide Investigation:
On-duty Salary Expense - P.P.#26
$ 562,149.72
Overtime Expense 954 Hours
$ 37,541.46
Travel Expenses through 12-31-98
$ 11,319.01
Investigative Expense through 12-31-98
$ 19,946.74
Total Expenditures for 1998
$ 630,956.93

1999 Expenditures related to Ramsey Homicide Investigation:
On-duty Salary Expense - P.P.#20
$ 175,744.91
Overtime Expense through 10-04-99 P.P.#20, 203.25 hours
$ 8,026.10
Travel Expenses through 10-11-99
$ 3,842.36
Investigative Expense through 10-11-99
$ 2,858.00
Total Expenditures for 1999
$ 198,891.77
Total expenditures related to Ramsey Homicide
for 1996, 97, 98 & 99:

(Does not include on-duty costs of investigation, or overtime for Management Exempt employees, such as Chief, Commander and Legal Advisor)

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  Aug. 7, 1998 - responding to resignation
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 05:15 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

Aug. 07, 1998 - Ramsey Update #70
Aug. 7, 1998
Leslie Aaholm, City Media Relations, 441-3090
Suzanne Laurion, DA Media Liaison, 441-4702
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Joint Statement from the Boulder Police Department and
the Boulder District Attorney’s Office
(Ramsey Update #70)

Members of our offices met this morning to further discuss the resignation letter submitted by Steve Thomas.
We talked about responding in detail to the allegations presented in the letter, but agreed that our primary responsibility is to gather sufficient evidence to prosecute the JonBenet Ramsey homicide, and to further address these charges would only sidetrack the case.
Police Chief Mark Beckner said, “As I said yesterday we do not agree with Thomas’s opinion that the case cannot be successfully concluded. In the six weeks that Thomas has been gone from the department our agencies have worked closely together to complete additional interviews, prepare and submit additional evidence for testing, and review other investigative materials. We have not finished this investigation and we will continue to work on this case pending a decision regarding convening the grand jury.”

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