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  Stephen Miles
Posted by: jameson245 - 05-08-2017, 11:27 AM - Forum: Names to remember - Replies (11)

Photographer sues Enquirer, Ramseys
Tabloid story leads to lawsuit
By MATT SEBASTIAN, Camera Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 4, 1998
Angered by tabloid reports accusing him of pedophilia and murder, a Boulder photographer filed a defamation suit Tuesday against John Ramsey and the National Enquirer.
Stephen Thomas Miles, 49, suffered "shunning, hatred, ridicule and contempt" as a result of an Enquirer article that reported Ramsey believed the photographer killed his 6-year-old daughter, JonBenet, according to the lawsuit. The suit did not seek a specific damage amount.
"This guy wouldn't kill a housefly," Miles' attorney, Lee Hill, said Tuesday.
The photographer - who does have a lengthy criminal history, primarily involving drugs - was attending to a sick parent Tuesday and unavailable for comment, Hill said.
Ramsey's civil attorney, Bill Gray, said Tuesday he wouldn't discuss pending litigation.
Hill, however, said he spoke to Gray earlier in the day and that he said Ramsey denies accusing Miles of the Dec. 26, 1996, killing of his daughter.
Representatives of the National Enquirer, based in southeast Florida, could not be reached for comment.
Suing for libel, slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress, Miles' complaint also names as defendants two of the tabloid's reporters, John South and David Wright.
The first of two articles Miles takes issue with ran Oct. 21. Credited to South and Wright, the piece quotes an unnamed source saying, "John and Patsy will claim that the real killer is a neighbor, Stephen Miles, who was once arrested and accused of a sex offense against a minor."
The Enquirer article also states Ramsey was planning on telling police his suspicions about Miles. In his suit, the photographer alleges the tabloid article "creates a deliberate, cumulative false impression in a reasonable reader that (the) plaintiff is a sex offender and a pedophile."
A second story, written by Wright and published Nov. 11, refers to a list of potential suspects allegedly given to police by the Ramseys' attorneys. "Included on that list are dozens of pedophiles and sex offenders living in Boulder. One of them, gay photographer Stephen Miles ..."
Miles was arrested in 1989 on suspicion of taking pornographic pictures of juvenile boys and providing them with drugs and alcohol. Some of those photographs allegedly featured simulated sex acts.
But the Boulder County District Attorney's Office dropped most of the charges when Miles agreed to plead guilty to a single charge of criminal attempt to contribute to the delinquency of a minor, according to district court records.
Miles is not on the Boulder Police Department's list of registered sex offenders.
But the photographer does have a history, stretching back to his teenage years, of getting into drug-related trouble.
Miles was arrested as a 19-year-old on suspicion of possession of marijuana. Ten years later, in 1977, he was placed on three years probation after pleading guilty to a charge of conspiracy to distribute narcotics. In return for that plea, three other drug charges were dismissed.
Since then, Miles has agreed to plea bargains in two other drug-related charges and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge, according to court records.
Although he said he can't say whether police are looking into Miles as a suspect, the photographer's attorney said his client has not been interviewed by detectives.
Hill also said he's unsure if the libel suit will force Ramsey to publicly testify as to the events surrounding his daughter's murder.
If it turns out Ramsey isn't the source of the accusations printed in the Enquirer, Miles' suit leaves open the option to include other defendants.
"It wouldn't surprise me if a couple of others float to the surface as the investigation continues," Hill said.

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  Questions for BORG
Posted by: Summer Dawn - 05-05-2017, 09:26 AM - Forum: Questions FOR Borg - No Replies

Im failing to understand something.

Since day one, the Ramsey family have been under EXTREME scurtiny.

Every single thing they did.. they were judged for.

A big thing was about their "behavior" after the Ransom note was found.

Which one of you (BORG) have lost a child to murder? Which one of you have lost a child to murder IN YOUR OWN HOME WITH A RANSOM NOTE INCLUDED??

Hello? Nobody?? Thats what I thought.

Its common sense (something these morons dont have) that people react differently to situations.

Patsy was VERY outgoing. EVERYONE says that. John was more reserved. Obviously! So OBVIOUSLY THEY WILL REACT DIFFERENT TO THE SITUATION!!!!!!! COMMON SENSE!!!!! 

Linda Arndt has NO ROOM TO TALK ABOUT ANYTHING. She botched the investigation HORRIBLY. She ignored common police protocol for a crime scene. She is irrelevant.

Why would the Ramsey family have SO many plans for their future if they were planning on killing their child?

Dont bother saying"It was an accident".


JonBenet was NOT bed wetting because of "Sexual abuse" She wet the bed because she saw her mother FIGHT FOR HER LIFE. Patsy beat all the odds and survived cancer for the first time.  THAT IS A FACT.

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  Blood on tape
Posted by: jameson245 - 05-04-2017, 01:03 PM - Forum: Duck Tape - Replies (1)

I am reading a pile of files and want to let everyone know they did positively test the tape for blood and that came back positive.

So do you think there was blood coming from her nose or mouth?  I don't because that was not in the autopsy.

I think the tape was put on after the sexual assault, staging, and the blood was transferred from the assailant's fingers. 

I have not seen any lab reports on that - - maybe that is what they will be testing this year.

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  LE, stop being BORG
Posted by: jameson245 - 04-30-2017, 04:56 PM - Forum: How to solve this mystery - Replies (2)

Found this on another forum and it really shows how.... WRONG the present "investigation" - or non-investigation is.  This is from Blink on Crime

"perhaps you could delete this next part because it’s too close to home for me…but my neighbor is a Boulder native and worked for BPD at the time Jonbenet was killed… she days she’s bff with Jane Harmer and she saw her last week…Jane told her that nothing new has developed as a result of the 20th anniversary specials …nothing BPD will act on anyway…but when i asked her about the DNA being in CODIS she said it isnt…the killer is Patsy and she’s dead so they don’t need to look for an intruder…that JBs body wasn’t bruised and savaged… she said Garnett who also grew up in Boulder agrees…who knows? I realize this can be construed as gossip but for the most part my neighbor believes the Ramseys murdered the BPD along with their daughter…it’s just so painful for the Boulder police everytime it hits the news…they have burried it…"

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  Notes on interview with pathologist
Posted by: jameson245 - 04-29-2017, 11:24 AM - Forum: Prior sexual abuse - No Replies

I am cleaning out some old files, reviewing them and filing some that had just been tossed to one side.  Came across an old interview with a pathologist and thought I would share what he said.  (Yes, he was a consultant to the case)

He was asked if JonBenét's hymen showed evidence of prior sexual contact with anyone (before the night she died).

The first thing he said was that there is a "great degree" of variables in hymens of little girls.  He said the shape described by Dr. Meyer's during the autopsy was absolutely normal and the fact that there was no evidence of tearing - - - the only evidence of any sexual contact is the very recent scrape to the vaginal wall.

That doctor would swear in court that there was NO evidence of anything happening to her before that horrible night.  No evidence of earlier assaults at all.  Nothing you would find if there was chronic or earlier abuse.  No injury to the anus or skin around the vagina or labia other than from that night, just before her death.

The BORG talk about the evidence of prior abuse like it is a proven fact.  But the doctor who did the autopsy wouldn't testify to such activity and others who WOULD be called into a courtroom will say there is NO evidence of anything happening before the night she died.

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  Interesting article with details
Posted by: jameson245 - 04-26-2017, 04:57 PM - Forum: What is in the news - staying up to date - Replies (4)

The Murder of JonBenét Ramsey: Why We're Still Obsessed With This Case More Than 20 Years After Her Death
by Natalie Finn | Wed, Apr 26, 2017 1:20 PM

[Image: rs_1024x811-160914131041-1024.JonBenet-R...091416.jpg]Splash News
[Image: rs_285x143-170417100025-285-true-crime-week.jpg]
"The list of suspects narrows. Soon there will be no one on the list but you." –Alex Hunter, Boulder District Attorney, Feb. 13, 1997
JonBenét Ramsey would have turned 27 years old this year. But as we all know, she never even made it to 7.
Instead, the youngest child of John and Patsy Ramsey was found dead in the basement of their Boulder, Colo., home on the afternoon of Dec. 26, 1996—almost eight hours after Patsy frantically called 911 to report that her 6-year-old daughter had been kidnapped.
She had woken at around 5:30 a.m. to find a two-and-a-half-page, sloppily printed ransom note at the bottom of the stairs that threatened to "behead" the child if her parents didn't fork over $118,000 in ransom to some "foreign faction."
It was John who discovered JonBenét's body shortly after 1:30 p.m. on his second search of the house, which by then was already full of police and family friends. He carried the child, who was still dressed in the pajamas she wore to bed the night before, up the stairs and laid her down near the Christmas tree in the living room.
JonBenét appeared to have been garroted and her skull was fractured from a blow to the head. The medical examiner would later discover vaginal injuries that suggested some kind of sexual contact had occurred, and there were spots that appeared to be blood on her underwear though blood smears found on her body weren't in places that would correspond with the stains.

[Image: rs_300x300-160226081301-600.Jon-Benet-Ra...022616.jpg]
The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey: Get to Know the Major Players

[Image: rs_1024x696-160913180945-1024.JonBenet-R...091316.jpg]Karl Gehring/Liaison
What was tragic and horrifying in any respect within moments turned into a crime of baffling circumstances: Why the ransom note when JonBenét wasn't even taken from her house? Or was she? Did someone tamper with that basement window or not? Why weren't there any footprints in the snow outside the house if an intruder was responsible? How did no one find her during the first search of the house, which included a family friend glancing into the wine cellar she was eventually found in but not turning on the light? How would a proper forensic investigation even be possible with so many people in and out of the Ramseys' house on that first day, even before John had moved his daughter's body, seemingly contaminating who-knows-how-much evidence?
Fast-forward to now, with the 20th anniversary of JonBenét's death recently past and yet another onscreen treatment of the case on the horizon, and most of those questions remain unanswered.

[Image: rs_600x600-160914131040-600.JonBenet-Ram...091416.jpg]
3 Bombshells from The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey
[Image: rs_634x1024-160901055329-634.JonBenet-Ra...090116.jpg]ZUMA Archive/ZUMAPRESS.com
Because JonBenét Ramsey's murder remains unsolved. No one was ever charged in connection with her death. One man confessed and was arrested, but his confession was bogus. Other names have been floated about through the years, but nothing conclusive.
John and Patsy Ramsey remained suspects—if not always actively under investigation, than certainly in the public's opinion—for over a decade. Patsy died of ovarian cancer on June 24, 2006, and was buried next to JonBenét, still under a shroud of suspicion. In December 2003, DNA from the scene was submitted to the FBI database. Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy informed John in 2008, in a letter made public, that new DNA testing, thanks to "touch DNA" technology, had convinced her that neither he, Patsy nor Burke was involved in the killing. Rather, test results pointed to an "unknown male."
"To the extent that we may have contributed in any way to the public perception that you might have been involved in this crime, I am deeply sorry," Lacy wrote.
But eight years later, a joint investigation by Boulder's Daily Camera and 9 News questioned the validity of Lacy's decision to officially clear the Ramseys because of that DNA evidence. The outlets reported in October that there were three distinct genetic markers—Lacy knew of two, this was the first public mention of the third—found on the child's pajamas, and that the one sample that had been used to clear suspects could actually have been a composite from multiple people's DNA.
"It's a rather obvious point, but I mean, if you're looking for someone that doesn't exist, because actually it's several people, it's a problem," Troy Eid, a former state's attorney for Colorado who helped review the case for the governor in 1999, told the paper in October.
In an interview with ABC News, Lacy addressed the new findings and the lingering criticism. "I've withstood worse than this...and it's nothing compared to what the Ramsey family has gone through targeted as suspects in their own daughter's murder," she said. "I was trying to prevent a horrible travesty of justice," she continued. "I was scared to death that despite the fact that there was no evidence, no psychopathy and no motive, the case was a train going down the track and the Ramseys were tied to that track."
She maintains that investigators should have done more at the time.

So even in 2017, it doesn't feel right to call this a cold case, because the fascination, the morbid curiosity, the quest for answers—the downright obsession with the murder of JonBenét Ramsey—feels as current as ever. Of course the media and TV in general gave the case the full anniversary treatment, with two new TV documentaries having aired last September, followed by Lifetime's Who Killed JonBenét?, 16 years after the miniseries Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder premiered on CBS. Lawrence Schiller's adaptation of his own book about the investigation starred Marg Helgenberger as Patsy and Dyanne Iandoli as JonBenét.

[Image: rs_300x300-160830100140-600.burke-ramsey.83016.jpg]

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  Christmas Night
Posted by: jameson245 - 04-26-2017, 04:21 PM - Forum: Christmas Day, 1996 - Replies (1)

I have seen some photos taken at Fleet White's house on Christmas night.  Patsy in her red sweater and plaid jacket, John in his black sweater and kacky pants.  And a very tired Daphne and JonBenet playing on the floor with that bead making set.  They both looking absolutely exhausted.  Dazed.  Looking at the camera. No smiles left, so tired.  And what did I notice that made me smile?  They were both barefoot.  Childhood personified.  Christmas tree there, gifts and fun and family all around, exhausted , playing.

It should have been a wonderful memory.

Hard to look at the images and think she had just hours left to live.

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  Roscoe Clark
Posted by: jameson245 - 04-25-2017, 10:53 AM - Forum: Absolutely insane posts - mostly by BORG - Replies (9)

OK, after reading this guys garbage for a year, I have to make a comment.  YES, he has contact with John Ramsey.  YES, he wants John to give him evidence (which John doesn't possess) in order for his nifty-difty new DNA machine to process promising it will come up with an actual IMAGE of the killer.  Yes, John is cordial to him - - John is cordial to everyone (as evidenced on the Larry King Live show when he sat across the table from Steve Thomas and didn't go for his throat.

So he has a page and an audience and some think he is so smart.  Well, I think he is a total fraud.

I asked him to let me submit a blind sample to him - - I would of course know the identity of the source of good DNA and would share that with 5 other people before he did his testing - - let's see how close his image is.  He didn't even respond to the challenge.  I think he hasn't got a real lab and can't do what he says.  He's a man with some sharp ideas, maybe a shop at his house - - but a scientist this man is NOT!

OK, having said that, here is part of his insane theory.  (I promise the evidence does not fit his story.)

He wrote,

"Jonbenet Investigation added 6 new photos.
· April 20 at 5:21pm ·
The intruder that turn into a killer after the 911 call for help got him self lock inside a remodeled elevator shaft after the police search the basement. He had to pry him self out of this space. A broken Red knife was located in the basement.
After the police tried to open the wine cellar door that had the killer and JonBenet inside this room, the killer left this room soon after the police search the basement and went back upstairs.
Soon as posible the killer exited the wine cellar and as the killer was looking at the basement windows as a possible exit point, a neighbor came walking down the basement steps calling out JonBenet's name.
The killer had to quickly find a hidding place and entered the remodeled elevator shaft space in the train room.
The self closing and self locking door closed and lock him inside this room. There was no inside way to open the door, this was a safty door for the elevator shaft.
When the basement was cleared of people, the killer found himself lock inside this steel door and frame room. He had to pry himself self out with a red knife. He left fresh damage to the painted surfaces. This was reported to the police by John Ramsey that morning.
By this time the police move the people in the house to the Den and the sun room. The basement steps could not be seen from these two locations, the killer simply walk up the basement steps, turn right and exited out the left open and unlock butler kitchen door.
A neighbor seen a tall, brown hair, white male run very fast from the side yard, this was after the police was there at the home for some time.
The killer was still in the house when the police search the basement.
Case fact.
Frost and snow covered the Ramsey's property the early morning at 6 am.
The police with their flashlights search the yard for any signs for foot prints in the snow and frost. There was no track. Case facts.
Because the killer was still in the basement just like JonBenet was in the wine cellar.
Now you know more about this case.
Team JBI"

My comment - his case facts are fiction.  Don't buy it.

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  The author has a past
Posted by: jameson245 - 04-23-2017, 04:52 PM - Forum: The Coldest Case: Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey - No Replies

Kerns resigns from Legislature

Published: February 19, 2004

[Image: a8c46fbad5b869fd8c53213d16b9671b-f4c1838...8571428571]

CONCORD (AP) - A 23-year-old state representative who faced possible expulsion from the Legislature resigned Thursday rather than defend himself against charges he abused his office. Bedford Rep. John Kerns submitted a two-sentence letter that was read on the House floor and was met by applause. "I'm very sad to leave the House. I really feel that I belong there," Kerns said afterward.

Kerns faced three ethics charges against him: passing a bad check with "State of New Hampshire" written on it; using his title to get a parking spot reserved for school officials; and threatening them when told to stop parking there.

He also faced four criminal charges of passing bad checks.

"It was a good resolution to a tough situation for everyone involved," said House Speaker Gene Chandler. "I think it was in his best interest, certainly. It was the first admission he needs to look at his situation."

Kerns claimed he has a medical condition that caused his behavior, but never provided documentation to prove it.

The legislative Ethics Committee voted unanimously Wednesday to recommend that the House expel him. The House scheduled a vote on the recommendation March 13. If the House had agreed, Kerns would have been the first representative to be expelled since 1913.

Committee members said Kerns' refusal to take responsibility for his actions weighed heavily in their decision. They noted in their report to legislative leaders that he had demonstrated no remorse for his inappropriate conduct, failed to acknowledge that his acts reflected negatively on the Legislature and provided no assurance he would refrain from the behavior in the future.

Kerns had asked a judge last week to suspend the proceedings. He repeatedly has said he is undergoing treatment for a serious neurological illness. He also said he would ask the Legislature for an indefinite leave of absence, but did not follow through.

The committee tried to resolve the issue informally with Kerns, but Kerns did not show up at any committee meetings or at last week's hearing into the charges against him. In its report, the committee acknowledged the seriousness of the situation. "Removal from an elected position is a punishment to be administered only in the most egregious circumstances," the committee said. "Indeed, no one has been removed in such a manner from the New Hampshire House since 1913. But, the conduct of Representative Kerns warrants such an action, not simply because he has abused the trust placed in him by the public, but because he apparently believes that he is entitled to engage in such misconduct."

Clifford Snow of Manchester was the last lawmaker expelled from the House. He was charged with taking bribes in exchange for votes. In 1998, the House voted to censure Rep. Roland Hemon, a Democrat from Dover, for repeatedly filing legislation to impeach the judge that handled his mother's probate case.

Kerns, a University of New Hampshire student, also faces criminal charges of passing four bad checks in Dover. If convicted, he faces up to four years in prison.
This article appears in the April 14 2017 issue of New Hampshire Business Review

And from a google listing...  

hampshire state representative John Kerns (r-new Bedford) was accused of ethics violations in 2004 for bouncing bad checks and threatening a business owner if the man complained. the twenty-three-yearold Kerns also bounced a $3,995 .


This was brought to my attention and i feel I need to address it here.

I bought the book, told Johnny he had a lot of mistakes and privately helped him with corrections.  Glad another NON-BORG book was out there but was not impressed by his knowledge or research skills.  I think I worded my posts on his thread pretty carefully.  But I did NOT investigate his past and am sorry now I did not.

He wanted me to send him a lot of my files, Lou's stuff, photos, other things.  I did not.  Later he snarked at me and asked who did I think I was denying him, an EXPERT, access to my files.  I laughed and asked what he was an expert in because it sure isn't Ramsey.  He posted misleading information on this site and I did the rest of the research and filled his thread on John San Agustin.  He decided to leave the site and I was glad as I deleted his membership.

I don't care if he is BORG or IDI - I will not pretend to support him or his research or his claims to evidence I know he does not have.

I will also tell you I have yet to receive the second, UPDATED (fixed) book.  That being the case, I wouldn't trust him to send a copy to anyone and I apologize to those who trusted him and now feel ripped off.

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  Why Hunter did not go forward
Posted by: jameson245 - 04-17-2017, 12:38 PM - Forum: Grand Jury Indictments - No Replies

"I and my prosecution task force believe we do not have sufficient evidence to warrant a filing of charges against anyone who has been investigated at this time," Hunter told the reporters assembled outside the Boulder County Justice Center on Oct. 13, 1999.

The bottom line is that the grand jury was shown evidence over the course of many months - - more than a year.  (90-99% of what they were shown or told was BORG.    Questions were put to witnesses in any way the BORG persecutors wanted - spinning allowed for sure.  Witnesses bringing in evidence of an intruder (and that would be Lou Smit who FORCED his way in by going to the courts) were treated with clear disrespect.  
There is a saying a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich - - and in this case they proved the saying to be true.  They indicted people who they were  - - - coerced into indicting for SOMETHING!

But the job of the District Attorney is to watch over this proceedings and know "the rest of the story" - - and to follow up ONLY on a case he believes he can win.

For example, the "evidence", theory, opinion, brain fart of one Donald Foster could have been presented as good evidence from a respectable EXPERT.  (He didn't appear in person but his information may have been.)  But the DA knew "the rest of the story".  Hunter knew Foster had written a letter to the Ramseys saying he knew they were innocent - would stake his reputation on it.  Hunter knew that Foster had identified another person as the killer - - he had a file an inch think on the "work" of Donald Foster.

He knew the man touted as the "key witness" was not a good witness, would be discredited immediately had he been brought in to a real trial.

Hunter also knew that the suspects WANTED to be called in to speak to the grand jury - - and were denied.

Hunter was not working in a vacuum - - he had a panel of advisers who gave him a list of the clear problems he would face if there was an arrest made based on what was shared in that grand jury room.  

HUNTER would have looked the fool and there would NOT be any conviction based on those problems.

Hunter made the right decision and refused to move forward with the prosecution of people who were the targets of a witch hunt and not guilty parties based on the evidence.

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