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Posted by: jameson245 - 09-02-2020, 11:50 AM - Forum: Grand Jury Indictments - Replies (4)

This thread should be used to show evidence to believe the BPD was biased and the Grand Jury was not told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I will start with a quote from Susan Stine that appeared in Paula Woodward's book - We Have Your Daughter - Hard cover page 359

"It was very clear to me that the prosecutors were out to get the Ramseys.  That's how their questioning was shaped.  Their questions were filled with facts and evidence that the police and prosecutors should have already known wasn't accurate."

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  FBI and BPD Bias
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-28-2020, 07:24 PM - Forum: FBI involvement - Replies (2)

From Linda Arndt's deposition page 26

14 A. Well, after the FBI showed up at the house,

15 then I was told that there was the practiced note on

16 the note pad that John Ramsey had given earlier that

17 day and that the parents were involved. 

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  Fleet White should be able to sue
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-28-2020, 12:06 PM - Forum: Answering BORG questions - No Replies

Posted on weBsleuths by "Anyhoo"

Quote:The story about JonBenet being asleep when the Ramsey's brought her home is a complete lie. JonBenet was dead by the time she was brought to her house from the Fleet White Jr. house and everything that suggests otherwise is a fabrication or deception. JBR was not taken to bed. What Burke said (if he actually said it) is a lie. It was important to lie about this to hide the truth of where the murder actually took place and more importantly who the murderer was.

Burke did not ask if JBR was going with us to the Whites because Burke knew JBR was dead. He knew because he was present at the White Residence when JBR was murdered.

(The poster is now listed as a "former member" - - probably because they were pointing to Fleet as wwell as the family - - and pointing to ANYONE but a Ramsey is not allowed on Tricia's forums. One of her strict rules.

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  Boyles, Darnay and LHP
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-27-2020, 09:02 PM - Forum: Peter Boyles - No Replies

[color=var(--primary-text)]June 9, 2000 - LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH INTERVIEW (with her attorney Darnay Hoffman), Peter Boyles Radio Show [/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: Joining us is Linda Hoffmann-Pugh. [/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: Good morning.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: When we first met, you firmly believed PR was innocent. What changed?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMAN-PUGH: A lot of different things.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: When you were defending her, you didn't know they were giving you up.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: While the coroner was on his way, [to the Ramseys' house] they were already on their way to Linda's house.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: What time did they arrive at your home?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: 7 p.m. They wanted me to sit down at the table. [/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: How long was it before you knew PR had fingered you?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMAN-PUGH: A long time really...[not until the book] "Perfect Murder"...[was published February 23, 2000][/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: You were just the first of many they've fingered.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: Right. In their book, they talk about how Linda made the comment about how beautiful JBR was.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: Nedra said she was worried about the kids going out alone because she was worried about them being kidnapped, and then she turned around and said I said it.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: They're off the scale for doing that...Do you watch them now? Is the Patsy Ramsey on these shows remind you of the Patsy Ramsey you knew?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)] LINDA HOFFMAN-PUGH: No...I see a very different person. She was kind.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: One issue is Patsy Ramsey's make-up. In the multiple lies of John and Patsy, there are three different versions.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: Patsy NEVER got dressed to go downstairs to make coffee, she'd go down in her robe, and then go back upstairs to get dressed and put on makeup. I don't believe she ever got undressed. [/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: For her to be dressed identically, did you ever know PR...What was her wardrobe like?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: Nordstrom....the only thing I ever saw her wear twice maybe were a pair of jeans.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: Look what she was wearing two days in a row, festive clothing.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES - [The room JonBenet was found in] they call the room the wine cellar.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: The truth is, I don't believe a stranger or intruder knew the room was there. I was there 13 months, it was Thanksgiving, before I ever knew it was there. [/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: I want to end with the handwriting, but let's get back to the bathroom...she had her own bathroom, she lived the life of a princess...what do you think happened?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)] LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: I know on Monday, the last day I was there, PR got upset with JBR, and my daughter saw her take her into the bathroom and close the door...I don't know what she did in there.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: You believe PR killed JBR.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: I do.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: I believe what you believe. Why do you think PR wants America to believe she's the victim?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: I think she believes she didn't do it. She's lost it that way. I don't think she meant to hurt her. We could talk all day about a lot of things.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: The note itself...the real centerpiece is the alleged ransom note.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: It's the only piece of evidence that doesn't have an innocent explanation.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: I think that "don't grow a brain John" sounds like PR. I've heard her say phrases like that.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: You said that after you saw the note how a chill ran down your spine.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: The "R's" look like her writing (another letter)[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: My experts are working pro bono. I've submitted four samples in the Chris Wolf case.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: What conclusions have you arrived at?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: My conclusion is Patsy Ramsey killed her. I believe like Steve Thomas does, I wholeheartedly believe what he does.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: What started out as selective appearances, now releasing sketchman...why wasn't sketchman in the book...the whole thing.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: Something they cooked up to keep the focus off of them.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: They're like a virus, a cancer...they're trying to change the First Amendment...to cover up a horrendous child murder...the Ramseys are dead set on doing something like McCarthyism over this case.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: They make these veiled threats...but they're always centered around their son...they threaten me, through Lin Wood.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: They've threatened the governor of Colorado, how dare they.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: He's going to have to do it or get off the pot.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: They sued the New York Post, they'll be lucky they're not sanctioned...Lin Wood sued over a cartoon.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: You're very brave Linda.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: The only person looking out for JBR is the housekeeper.[/color]

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  stun gun on face
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-25-2020, 07:09 PM - Forum: Stun Gun - No Replies

    On her cheek area there is one ‘abrasion’ and another smaller white circular area closer to her chin. Whitson and Ainsworth concluded it was likely melted adhesive. In his book ‘Injustice’, Whitson explains:

Quote:”Deputy Steve Ainsworth of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department discovered a micro-sized white substance located over the stun gun mark on JonBenet’s right cheek. The white adhesive is visible in this photograph. This is important information because it means Jonbenet was stun-gunned over the duct tape on her mouth, which caused the adhesive on the duct tape to melt and adhere to her face. JonBenet was alive when this occurred. Although these photographs are in black and white, the mark is red... ‘Red before dead’ means there was blood flow.”

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  Link to Prime of Miss Jean Brodie?
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-25-2020, 12:54 PM - Forum: Pineapple or Fruit Cocktail? - No Replies

Link to Prime of Miss Jean Brodie? Internet poster Paradox has suggested this passage from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie may be connected to the case: "Sandy Stranger had a feeling at the time that they were supposed to be the happiest days of her life, and on her tenth birthday she said so to her best friend Jenny Gray who had been asked to tea at Sandy's house. The speciaity of the feast was pineapple cubes with cream, and the speciality of the day was that they were left to themselves. To Sandy the unfamiliar pineapple had the authentic taste and appearance of happiness and she focused her small eyes closely on the pale gold cubes before she scooped them up in her spoon, and she thought the sharp taste on her tongue was that of a special happiness, which was nothing to do with eating, and was different from the happiness of play that one enjoyed unawares."

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  for Bev
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-24-2020, 09:13 PM - Forum: Answering BORG questions - No Replies

Bev asked : "Why was it so important to the Ramseys' story that JonBenet was asleep when they got home and was taken directly to bed? Burke said she woke up and helped carry stuff into the house. We know she had pineapple, so why lie about her being asleep? 

My RESPONSE -  Why would the Ramseys LIE about her being asleep when they got home, about John carrying her up the stairs and her staying asleep? If they HAD fed the kids when they got home - - why lie?  NO REASON.

But consider this - - wouldn't they have put out 2 bowls?  Or more?  NO, it makes more sense that Burke got out the snack in the afternoon before they went to the Whites, that JBR grabbed a few bites and that explains how it was fully past her stomach when they got home.  No way she ate the pineapple just minutes before death - - no way.

Burke told the cops the last time he remembers seeing her was in the car and she was asleep.  He had TOYS under the tree - - I doubt he paid attention to anything when they got home except his quick path to his new toys.

Bev asked - Why did Burke act so strangely that morning? Why did he pretend to be asleep, .... he didn't even ask, "is JonBenet going with us to the Whites?"

MY comment - - Burke was a small kid, scrawny.  He was not a wise guy kind of kid.  He explained that he heard his hysterical mother and he had never heard her like that before.  He didn't know what to do.  I would just say he was overwhelmed and while some people might have a panic attack, some might jump right in to try to help, and others might withdraw.    When John woke him up, he told him JonBenet was missing and they were going to find her, the police were helping. He didn't realize how dangerous the situation was and figured his Dad was taking care of everything.

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  The OTHER window - the one to the right.
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-24-2020, 05:56 PM - Forum: Broken window/ Spider web - No Replies


In June of 1997, the right window was opened and the house entered.  The disturbance is clear and similar to what we found in the crime scene photos.

This has not been released before now.

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Posted by: jameson245 - 08-23-2020, 08:04 AM - Forum: Police errors - No Replies

    Top of CBI lab form showing absolute bias by police department.

Page 123 of Steve Thomas' book - ".....after a month of hard work, we had found nothing that persuaded us that anyone broke into the house and murdered JonBenet Ramsey. That was a backward way of telling them (members of the DA's office) the (Boulder Police) department's position that Patsy and John Ramsey should be named the chief suspects in the death of their daughter."
After a whole MONTH - - The cops were misleading the media about the lack of prints in the snow, the security of the house, the DNA evidence - - - - THEY KNEW ABOUT THE FOREIGN DNA FOUND CO-MINGLED WITH HER PANTIES. But they had a position and they were going to push it onto the DA's office.
Shameful, if you ask me.

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  on altering police reports
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-21-2020, 12:17 PM - Forum: Some Important quotes - No Replies

Steve Thomas' book page 72 - IMPORTANT QUOTE "A year later, he was ordered to write an amended report. Changing a report is a huge issue for police since it brings the validity of the full report into question. His revised report was not the first, and it would not be the last, that would enter the Ramseys case file."

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