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  mitch Morrisey
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-15-2018, 05:46 AM - Forum: Names to remember - No Replies

From Michael Tracey in Rogues and Scholars  

DNA tests led the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to exclude, among others, John and Patsy Ramsey. This was known to the police by January 15th 1997, when the CBI lab completed the analysis of forensic samples provided by the Ramseys, along with a number of other people. This would be confirmed by further analysis in the early fall of 1999. For reasons best known to themselves the police chose not to share the first test results with the DA’s office until July 22, 1997 and, of course, kept the public blissfully unaware.

Mitch Morrissey, an aggressive member of the Denver DA’s office, who was one of a number of advisers to the Boulder DA, Alex Hunter, theorized, it would emerge later, that it belonged to someone in the Taiwanese factory where they had been manufactured, perhaps by sneezing as the panties were being made or wrapped in their packing. They even sought a supplementary budget from the County Commissioners to send a detective to the factory. The Commissioners declined the suggestion.

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  Story that JR flew the plane to Atlanta
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-15-2018, 05:17 AM - Forum: odds and ends - No Replies

From Michael Tracey in Scholars and Rogues

Another little gem: John Ramsey, it was reported, had flown his private jet back to Atlanta, with his family and JonBenet’s casket on board. So there it is, Ramsey is so calm, so not grieving, so in control, so mentally calm that he could fly a jet. Ergo, he was a sociopath who killed her.

The source was, as we were told by the reporter who first broke the “story,” a member of law enforcement who had always been “reliable.” Problem was, not true. Dan Glick, a stringer for Newsweek who worked with us on the first documentary, did something which we used to teach in Journalism 101, he checked the facts. In particular, he checked the FAA take off and landing log at JeffCo Airport and discovered that in fact the jet had been sent by the Chairman of Lockheed Martin, which had bought Ramsey’s company, Access Graphics, and that the pilot was a Lockheed pilot. When we interviewed the reporter who broke this story, who is as far as I can tell a really nice guy, and I asked him why, he asked me in return “maybe you can tell me it wasn’t his plane and he didn’t fly it.” The script line that followed that soundbite in the documentary was obvious and, to be honest, devastating, “…it wasn’t his plane and he didn’t fly it.”

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  Stacy Denton
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-12-2018, 12:04 PM - Forum: Names to remember - Replies (4)

[Image: 917BaselineRdYellowHouse01.gif]Stacy Denton's
Strange Story

About her three homeless friends
and 917 Baseline Road


00. 1997-12-24 News Article: 48-year-old homeless man, David Emmit Simpson, face was beaten

01. Stacy Denton, played guitar and sang at the Pearl St. mall with 3 homeless guys
02. She was a folksinger from the Pearl Street Mall for 11 years, with her bird, Dolly
03. Stacy Denton claimed JonBenet's murder happened at 917 Baseline Road
04. She said the murder weapon possibly was in the basement, in a heating duct
05. She said it happened in the basement at 917 Baseline on the pool table
06. She said the green fibers in JonBenet's hair were from the pool table.
07. She said her homeless friends spotted John Ramsey carrying JonBenet's body in garment bag
08. She said her friends reported what they saw and were murdered, dumped into Boulder Creek
09. The three homeless guys witness a man carrying body 12/25/1996 by 917 Baseline house
10. Two of the homeless men were Daniel Julian (July 97), Thomas Lemmon (Aug 97)
11. Third homeless man was David Emmett Simpson (aka "Mad Dog") who died Sept 97
12. Stacy Denton said JonBenet Ramsey died in a "A Dianic Wicca ritual"
13. Stacy feared for her life after her three friends died and she left the state
14. Stacy said "I found that around the U.S., Boulder is known as "Occult Central"
15. Stacy said "A painter found occult paraphelnalia in all of John Ramsey's offices!

Internet Subculture Feedback:

16. 1999-04-10 Starfist posted on Justice Watch about street person sending FAX at Safeway
17. 1999-04-10 Starfist questions whether the person sending FAX at Safeway is Jameson
18. 1999-04-14 Starfist obtained the political cartoon that was FAXED from Safeway
19. 2001-05-21 Stacy Denton tells story on BNF about political cartoon and 917 Baseline
20. 2001-05-21 Stacy Denton put her "Ballad To Jon Benet" on the Boulder News Forum
21. 2001-06-18 Nandee posts the house owner information on Cybersleuths forum
22. 2001-06-18 ACandyRose posts names of house residents on the Cybersleuths forum
23. 2001-06-21 Kimba posts some research on reverse telehone numbers on Cybersleuths forum
24. 2001-06-27 Chatter posts on Cybersleuths forum the location where house pic is
25. 2001-06-27 Jameson posts a picture of the house on her Webbsleuths forum
26. 2005-05-23 Eagle1 posts that he/she and others e-mailed with Stacy Denton at one time
27. 2005-07-21 BienHoa1968 posted names of 3 homeless men on Cybersleuths forum

Stacy Denton seems to have disappeared and Internet posters were still asking in 2005 if anybody has heard from her or anything else on this story. More currently in 2007, I found a Daily Camera News article titled, "Club offers support to homeless" that talks about "a Stacy Denton" and was wondering if this is the same Stacy Denton who told this story so many years ago?

Quotes from the following article:

"Rain or shine, snow or sun, every morning Stacy Denton grabs the same table in the back of the Pearl Street Mall Starbucks near the stir sticks and the creamer."

"Denton is sort of like the group's matriarch. Always concerned for her friends' well-being, she's become notorious for her constant storm forecasts, earning her the label "homeless weather lady."

"Although she's often a rock for others, Denton credits the morning meetings — which can last from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. — for keeping her off the streets."

"That's where she found herself in 1999, at age 46. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder brought on by "the nastiest divorce," Denton was eating out of Dumpsters and sleeping under a Boulder Creek tunnel."

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  the prayer - Rutherford
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-12-2018, 08:42 AM - Forum: Answering BORG questions - No Replies

someone named Rutherford (I think) wrote about her "red flag" and I want to comment on that.

She wrote:

The Red flag to me was the prayer that Patsy Ramsey said she said over JonBenet as she tucked her in bed on December 25th. (She said this in I believe a CBS interview part one. I am unable to find it on the net, but a clip of it was shown on the A&E show titled, The killing of JonBenet: The truth uncovered. It is about the 11th minute of the show). The prayer, now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep...etc. Whether she said it out loud or in her head it just didn't happen. JonBenet was asleep and so Patsy all alone in the dark said basically a nursery rhyme to God. I am a Christian and so are the Ramseys. God knows who you are when you are alone and you cant be fake with God. It was 9 or 10 at night, getting up at 530, any prayer said in that situation is thankfulness or a problem you need to talk about or numerous other things. OR, not at all, just get the kids in bed. Then to further compound the unlikeliness of that prayer is the fact that she used it as a point of irony in a T.V. interview.

I want to say I was really surprised to see this being a red flag for anyone.  I can picture Patsy saying it out loud as she pulled the covers up - it would not be out of character at all.  Patsy wasn't praying to God because she was under stress or worried about anything - it wasn't a serious PRAYER prayer - it was more of their regular routine being followed even though JonBenet was not saying it with her.

Your last sentence makes no sense - when she said that little prayer over her sleeping child, she had no idea she was going to lose her daughter and talk about that night in some interview.  There is no irony there compounding the unlikeliness of anything.

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  Christopher Enoch Abeyta
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-11-2018, 02:57 PM - Forum: Colorado crimes - No Replies

Christopher Enoch Abeyta
Case Type: MISSING
Case Status: OPEN
Aliases: None
Incident Date: 07/15/1986
Agency: Colorado Springs Police Department
Age: 1
Gender: MALE
Race: Caucasian
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond/Strawberry
Height: 2' 2"
Weight: 22 lbs

About this case
On July 15, 1986, seven month old Christopher was taken from his parents' bedroom in the middle of the night. The investigation found the home garage door opener was missing and their basement window was open. Foul play is suspected.

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  A few quotes to note
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-11-2018, 11:36 AM - Forum: Fleet and Priscilla White - Replies (6)

From Schiller's book - paperback page 74

On Monday, December 30, before the Whites and Fernies left Boulder for JonBenet's funeral in Atlanta, Linda Arndt interviewed Fleet White again.
White believed that an intruder had gotten into the Ramsey's house.  "Someone got into that house," he told Arndt.  "I don't know how but they got in.  Somebody wanted to hurt that family and obviously hurt their daughter."  White suggested that perhaps some beauty pageant mothers might have resented the Ramseys.  A few hours later, Arndt and Detective Jane Harmer met with Fleet White again.

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  SuperDave Quotes
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-10-2018, 07:39 AM - Forum: Absolutely insane posts - mostly by BORG - No Replies

"I'm loathe to speak ill of the dead, but someone has to set the record straight: Ollie Gray did not "investigate" this case in any meaningful way. "

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  brake story by Jeff
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-03-2018, 09:15 PM - Forum: Jeffrey Scott Shapiro - No Replies

A brake on the paparazzi
October 15, 2005|Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

UNDER A NEW California law, victims of assaults by paparazzi can ask for punitive damages and a court order stripping the photographer of any proceeds from pictures taken during the assault.
For ordinary people, it's no doubt difficult to imagine that anyone would risk the life of another human being to get a picture or story, but I'm sorry to tell you, such rituals are common for tabloid journalists.
I know because I used to be one. When I was 23 years old, I was enlisted as the lead investigator on the JonBenet Ramsey case for the Globe tabloid. My job was to dig up dirt to help my editors write about the alleged involvement of John Ramsey in the sexual molestation and murder of his daughter.
Week after week, I sent my editors reports based on my conversations with law enforcement sources in Boulder, Colo., that indicated John Ramsey was not the lead suspect. Nonetheless, the Globe continued to push for stories in that direction. I quickly realized that by paying so-called sources and experts to accept attribution for fabricated quotes and headlines, the tabloid empire had the power to accuse anyone of anything, anytime.

[Image: pixel.gif]

When sources ran dry, I remember people talked about "creating" a story by reporting false information (anonymously, of course) to the police. This way, they could misdirect the investigation in directions that suited their editorial needs.
When they wanted to publish a story reporting that the police were investigating a particular lead, for instance, they phoned it in. And when the police showed up to investigate these leads, paparazzi often would be waiting in their cars to photograph them, shielded behind dark, tinted glass.
In some instances, I remember discussions about different strategies on how to bribe members of law enforcement. Attempts to procure police reports, evidence and even commission members of law enforcement as sources were not uncommon. On one occasion, the Globe bought and published crime scene photographs leaked from the Boulder County coroner's office. The tabloid returned those photos and others it had not published. Boulder County then dropped a lawsuit to block publication of any more of the pictures.
After two years of working as a Globe reporter, I reported my editors to the FBI for conspiring to blackmail a police detective for sealed grand jury evidence. One year later, after quitting, I testified about this incident and other tabloid tactics before a Colorado grand jury.
Although I witnessed high-speed chases and paparazzi assaults that placed people in physical danger, I learned that such practices are only one dimension of the criminal tactics that tabloids engage in.
Opponents of the current California legislation included members of the mainstream media who feared that such a law would chill freedom of speech. But this is not merely a 1st Amendment issue. It is a safety issue.
In 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Virginia vs. Black that every human being has a right to live their life free from fear and intimidation. Although the case was designed to target cross burnings, the same 1st Amendment principle is applicable to the assault- and intimidation-style tactics of the paparazzi. When a person is harassed and stalked on the street, it is intimidating. When he or she is pursued relentlessly in a moving vehicle at unsafe speeds, it is dangerous.
As Americans, we have a constitutional right to free speech. But that precious gift should not be abused as a shield for criminal conduct or for the exploitation of innocent people.
JEFFREY SCOTT SHAPIRO is a freelance investigative reporter and a former reporter for the Globe tabloid. He can be reached at jshapiro@ufl.edu.

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  fake emails - Susan posing as Beckner
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-02-2018, 12:48 PM - Forum: Glen and Susan Stine - Replies (1)

Ramsey friend fakes e-mails
Atlanta woman sends letters, claims to be police chief
By M.E. Sprengelmeyer, Rocky Mountain News - June 4, 2003

Boulder police have ordered a Ramsey family friend to stop sending bogus e-mails that claim to be from Chief Mark Beckner.
The authorities sent Susan Stine a letter saying the e-mails had been traced to her computer and pointing out that under Colorado law, criminal impersonation is a felony and impersonating a police officer is a misdemeanor.
Beckner said Tuesday he was "alarmed" by the series of e-mails from the address becknerbpd@hotmail.com to people affiliated with the investigation into the 1996 murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey.
Beckner said some of the e-mails were "nonsensical" and clearly not from him but that others could constitute criminal impersonation.
Stine of Atlanta, a close friend of John and Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet's parents, said she sent the "clearly phony" e-mails as a joke that no reasonable person would take seriously.
"The e-mails were sent in an attempt to be humorous and satirical," Stine said in a telephone interview.
"There was never an intent to mislead anyone. In the main, these were private e-mails. I would be shocked if any reasonable person would have thought this was a real e-mail from the real Chief Beckner."
The investigation began April 25, after Rocky Mountain News reporter Charlie Brennan received an e-mail signed "Mark" that praised his stories.
Brennan called Beckner questioning whether he sent the e-mail. Beckner then became concerned that others were receiving phoney e-mail messages.
Investigators executed a search warrant for MSN Hotmail records in California and found that the account was established in 2000 under the name "Chief Beckner."
Police determined that Stine had been accessing the becknerbpd@hotmail.com address through an Internet provider in Georgia.
One e-mail signed "Mark" was purportedly from Beckner to former Detective Steve Thomas: "Steve, I know we've had our differences in the past, but I want you to know I'm behind you all the way in this B.S. lawsuit the Ramseys filed, as are others here. I'm sure (Ramsey attorney Lin) Wood is bluffing. . . . Call me and let me know what I can do to help. Remember: truth is on our side. (Signed) Mark."
Thomas' response: "Thanks for the message, (and nice try), but Beckner doesn't sound anything like that."
"At this point, we've decided not to file charges," Beckner said. "That doesn't preclude us from doing so in the future."
Stine said she had already sent Beckner an apology - by e-mail, of course.
"Sure, I knew they were traceable," she said of the e-mails. "It was just a joke. I'm a very funny person."

Police: Stop e-mails
The Associated Press
BOULDER — Police have warned an Atlanta woman to stop sending e-mails about the JonBenet Ramsey case that purport to be from police Chief Mark Beckner.
The woman said the e-mails were obviously phony and meant as a joke. Police said Tuesday that Susan Stine sent e-mails from becknerbpd@hotmail.com to people affiliated with the investigation into the unsolved 1996 slaying of 6-year-old JonBenet.
Beckner said some of the messages were clearly phony but others could constitute criminal impersonation."

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  Eikelenboom on DNA
Posted by: jameson245 - 08-01-2018, 09:30 PM - Forum: DNA -New testing - 2017 - No Replies

A short review of the JonBenet Ramsey case, by Richard Eikelenboom
Independent Forensic Services  Touch DNA  A short review of the JonBenet Ramsey case, by Richard Eikelenboom

Touch DNA
A short review of the JonBenet Ramsey case, by Richard Eikelenboom

Case outline
I was asked to review the JonBenet Ramsey case for A&E. For this review, I received reports, pictures and tables with DNA results. I assume that the DNA profiles provided to me in tables are a correct representation of the raw data. However, I did not receive the raw data of the DNA profiles, meaning that verification of DNA results was not possible.
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) did several DNA investigations in 1997 but used non-sensitive, not very informative DNA tests, which was normal for the US at that time. CBI did find some DNA from unknown sources but the evidential value is low. Because of this reason I will not review these results any further in this article.
What is interesting though, is that early in 1997 the parents were obviously suspects. Below one can see part of a report from CBI dated from January 15, 1997. The homicide took place around December 26, 1996.  So, in a couple of weeks the parent became suspects. Knowing a fair deal about miscarriages of justice world-wide, I can state that considering the parents at such an early stage does not help truth finding and keeping an open mind. It could be that in the US this is normal practice but in Europe you need to gather (a lot) evidence first, before one can call someone a suspect in a case. E.g. a confession, DNA evidence, reliable witnesses etc. I don’t believe there was any of that in the first weeks of the case. Making the parents suspect can cause tunnel vision which can lead to overlooking important evidence.  I don’t say that the parents are not of interest when a girl of six is found killed in her own house, but an open mind is extremely important to prevent tunnel vision.

I have talked with several television networks about the JonBenet Ramsey case. I found it interesting that most of them had a certain angle on the case which was leading in the questions and broadcasts. It did not appear that any of the television networks were interested in all evidence and opportunities of investigation to see which ever direction that would lead. For that reason, I will put my ideas in this small article. Hopefully, somebody one day will do something with it.
In 1996, DNA investigations were performed but DNA awareness was not present by most perpetrators. Furthermore, touch DNA was not “invented” yet. Criminals could not anticipate that we would be able to get DNA from objects that they had touched. In this light, it is unlikely that the perpetrator(s) in the JonBenet Ramsey case could prevent leaving DNA on the victim and touched items.
Several important findings can be obtained from the pathology report. Below you find some findings in the pathology report written about the autopsy on JonBenet. Why is this important for a DNA investigation? Some scientists don’t want to know anything about a case before DNA testing because of tunnel vision. We are not supporters of this school of thought, because without information the investigation will be far less efficient and a lot of important evidence will never be found. The scientist can get biased by information but that bias does not influence the outcome of the DNA result. I can think that a suspect must be the perpetrator of a crime but if he/she had never contact with the victim I won’t be able to find his/her DNA. I had this several times when I started coordinating DNA cases. Police and DA’s pushed my thoughts in the direction of a suspect. Soon I learned always to follow the DNA and not my bias against a suspect. If the suspect killed/raped the victim, I would find the evidence.

The conclusions in the autopsy reveal a lot of (forceful) contact between perpetrator(s) and the victim, the clothing and other pieces of evidence. During my career, I have performed a lot of crime scene investigations including scenes which were staged. This would be the first where parent(s) would go to such extreme violence and sexual assault to stage a crime scene. Weird stuff happens during crimes; therefore it is important to follow the evidence and not your gut feeling. We will analyse the pictures and the autopsy report later to give more information about the injuries and time of death and the sequence of events.
DNA investigation
It looks like Denver DA Mitch Morrissey wanted to indict the father and the mother. There is one problem however, in that his own Denver police lab did find DNA of at least one unknown male inside the panties of JonBenet. From the complex DNA mixtures form the panties an DNA profile of an unknown man was deduced. A profile that does not match the parents but that did not stop Morrissey of willing to indict the parents for their daughter’s murder. In my opinion based on thousands of (DNA) cases, DNA of an unknown male donor on the (inside) of a panty of a girl of 6 years old is very important. If you think it is not crime related than there needs to be a very good explanation for that. Some of the biggest miscarriages of justice take place because people don’t find it necessary to find a good explanation for certain DNA findings. BODE technology, a private lab, made things worse for Morrissey because they confirmed the results from the Denver lab. They took two samples from the long-johns which Jon Benet was wearing. These samples were not taken at random but from the sides where a perpetrator could have pulled them down. If you find an indication of the same unknown male on a girl of 6 that has been raped, you want to know who that is, before you starting an indictment of the parents.
The only way for this exculpatory DNA to go away is if huge mistakes were made by either the Denver lab and/or CBI. These mistakes could be a contamination combined with the inability to detect such a mistake. If this is the case, the lab at fault could lose its accreditation.
A deduced DNA profile from the panties was put in the national DNA database (CODIS). Never a matcht was obtained. There is a problem though, if one allele (number) is put wrongly in the DNA database there will never be a match.
Searching non-stringent in the DNA database should be performed but this is not common in the US. With this method one can find close matches to the profile and it will give a list of persons of interest. Furthermore, a search for familial DNA could be performed. The donor may not be in the database but perhaps his father, brother or other family members.
The racial background of the profile of the unknown male, which was deduced from the mixture from the panties, can be investigated.
Further investigations for DNA
From information obtained from reports and documentaries, I made a list evidence which should be investigated on blood, saliva, semen, sweat and touch DNA.Beside a standard autosomal DNA investigation, all samples should be investigated on Y-chromosomal DNA, which is only present in males. The victim’s DNA (female) is than filtered out. This gives a much bigger chance on finding DNA belonging to the perpetrator(s) on different incriminating locations.
Below I put up a list of items of interest. It speaks for itself why most items can be investigated for (touch) DNA.
The list of items of interest:
The garrotte
Rope on garrotte
Fingernails JonBenet
Hair JonBenet
Nek samples JonBenet
Mouth oral vaginal and anal swabs JonBenet
Ligature of wrist JonBenet
Shirt JonBenet was wearing
Long johns JonBenet was wearing
Blanket jr
Ring right hands JonBenet
Panties on touch DNA
Blue rope
White blanket
Duct tape on the white blanket (duct tape is difficult to handle with gloves on)
DNA on ransom note
Suitcase placed under window
Window basement
Items in the suitcase (sham, duvet and a Dr. Seuss book)
Probably there is more evidence of interest available, but this list is a good start of the most important items. When a good DNA investigation is performed DNA of the perpetrator(s) should be obtained.
If no DNA results are obtained, which I find very unlikely, as a last resort the body of JonBenet could be exhumed to take new and better samples from bruises and locations where the perpetrators(s) could have touched her.

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