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  Gaby Wood
Posted by: jameson245 - 03-20-2017, 12:22 PM - Forum: Names to remember - Replies (3)

on a lot of people

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  relating to John Mark Karr
Posted by: jameson245 - 03-20-2017, 12:00 PM - Forum: Michael Tracey - Replies (4)

First, let me say I admire Michael Tracey for doing everything in his power to see this case solved.  Including dealing with John Mark Karr.

Then let me say I am sorry he didn't include me in his efforts with JMK because I really would have been more impartial and told him the guy was lying.  He has JonBenét being injured in ways she was not - - and he missed some things we knew to be fact.  (The stun gun)  AND, he had some other mistakes - like where she was killed - he said it was next to the broken window and it was at the other end of the basement that she wet herself - - he was just wrong.

So Tracey was wrong about Karr - - and he made a few other mistakes as well.  But at least he tried to advance the investigation and for that he gets brownie points in the next life.

This thread is going to be about Tracey and the emails he exchanged with John Mark Karr.    They are not as bad as the taped phone conversations, but I post to let others see just what JMK was saying.

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  John on Christmas Morning....
Posted by: Summer Dawn - 03-20-2017, 10:41 AM - Forum: Christmas Day, 1996 - Replies (3)

John Ramsey on Christmas Morning... 

DOI (HB) Page 5:

"While the kids played with their gifts, Patsy and I went to the kitchen to prepare our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of pancakes, bacon, corn beef hash, and hash browns. I usually made the pancakes, so I got all the ingredients together while Patsy set the table and cooked the rest of the breakfast. JonBenet always loved to get into the act and was right under my elbows, standing on a stool by the stove, to help pour the pancake batter. She normally liked to make a Mickey Mouse shape and decorate it at the table with fruit and raisins to make the face come to life, but there wasn't time for that on this Christmas Day. Too many new things to play with. Burke came to the table just long enough to eat a bite. As far as he was concerned, eating got in the way of playing."

07-09-1998 A&E Documentary
'Who Killed JonBenet’
By Michael Tracy and David Mills

John Ramsey: "She was a spark-plug in our family. She was a ball of energy. That's just something you can't not remember."

Man: "Christmas morning, 1996. On that day, JonBenet woke early."

John Ramsey: "I can remember Burke and JonBenet running up to our bed to get us up. The little kids would pass out the gifts to whoever they were for and we would go around the room and open each gift – We did that that morning."

Man: "This is the next to last photograph of JonBenet. John Ramsey took it that morning."

John Ramsey: "JonBenet had gotten a bicycle that Christmas and we played most of the day. We were going to go out to dinner and I remember we were trying to get everybody organized to leave and JonBenet was on her bike and wanted me to take her around the block. I said, no - no we don't have time, we'll do this later. She said, "Oh Daddy please," and I can remember that and that kind of hurts because we didn't do that."

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  Ramsey Christmas letter, 1996
Posted by: Summer Dawn - 03-20-2017, 10:17 AM - Forum: Christmas Day, 1996 - Replies (2)

Ramsey family Christmas Letter, 1996

Dear Friends & Family,

It's been another busy year at the Ramsey household. Can't believe its almost over and time to start again!

Melinda (24) graduated from Medical College of Georgia and is working in Pediatric ICU at Kennestone Hospital in Atlanta. John Andrew (20) is a Sophomore at the University of Colorado.

Burke is a busy fourth grader where he really shines in math and spelling. He played flag football this fall and is currently on a basketball binge! His little league team was #1. He's lost just about all of his baby teeth, so I'm sure we'll be seeing the orthodontist in 1997!

JonBenet is enjoying her first year in 'real school.' Kindergarten in the Core Knowledge program is fast paced and five full days a week. She has already been moved ahead to first grade math. She continues to enjoy participating in talent and modeling pageants. She was named "America's Royale Tiny Miss" last summer and is Colorado's Little Miss Christmas. Her teacher says she is so outgoing that she will never have trouble delivering an oral book report!

John is always on the go travelling hither and yon. Access recently celebrated its one billion $$ mark in sales, so he's pretty happy! He and his crew were underway in the Port Huron to Mackinac Island yacht race in July, but had to pull out mid way due to lack of wind. (Can you believe that?) But, his real love is the new 'old looking' boat, Grand Season, which he spent months designing.

I spend most of my 'free time' working in the school and doing volunteer work. The Charlevoix house was on the home tour in July and will likely appear in one of the Better Homes & Gardens publications in 1997. On a recent trip to NYC, my friend and I appeared amid the throng of fans on the TODAY show. Al Roker & Bryant actually talked to us and we were on camera for a few fleeting moments!

We are all enjoying continued good health and look forward to seeing you in 1997! One final note ... thank you to all my 'friends' and my dear husband for surprising me with the biggest, most outrageous 40th birthday bash I've ever had! We'll be spending my actual birthday on the Disney Big Red Boat over the new year!

Merry Christmas and much love,
The Ramseys

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  List of Christmas gifts... 1996
Posted by: Summer Dawn - 03-20-2017, 10:14 AM - Forum: Christmas Day, 1996 - Replies (1)

List of Christmas gifts... 1996

Burke got Nintendo64 · (DOI- page 2)
Burke got a remote control car · (DOI- page 3)
John got a gumball machine · (DOI- page 4)
JonBenet got a bicycle · (DOI- page 2)
JonBenet got a My Twinn Doll ·( DOI- pages 3, 4, 32, 242)
JonBenet got a gold bracelet · ( DOI- page 344)
JonBenet got a ring from Nedra ·( National Enquirer book- page 51)
JonBenet got a necklace from Pam · ( NE book page -51)
Patsy got a bicycle · (DOI- page 3)
Patsy got green paper ornament · ( DOI- page 274)

March 18th,2000
Death of Innocence 

DOI Page 274:

"Then Haney asked if I remembered what JonBenet had gotten me for Christmas, and I became very emotional. I remembered a little green construction paper ornament JonBenet had made in her class at school. When I had opened it on December 25, 1996, I saw her school picture with the message: "your gift is ME." How true, how very, very true. I had thought the ornament was lost in the shuffle, but Trip DeMuth assured me they had it in their possession. Of all the hundreds of items that were confiscated from both of our homes, that is the one item I most want returned."

DOI Page 344:

"I had given her a tiny gold bracelet on the evening of December 23, 1996, placing it on her wrist in much the same way Mike was doing now. It was the evening of our family Christmas party, and since she was all dressed up, I had decided to let her open the gift early so she could wear it during the holiday. The bracelet was inscribed with her name on the front and on the back with the date she was actually supposed to receive it: 12-25-96. I hope I can someday get that bracelet back. It's part of the vast number of items still in police custody."

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  Patsy on Christmas morning
Posted by: Summer Dawn - 03-20-2017, 10:07 AM - Forum: Christmas Day, 1996 - Replies (3)

Excerpts from National Enquirer book, "JonBenet, The Police Files" by Don Gentile and David Wright

1997 April 30 - Taped Interrogation interview of Patsy Ramsey by Steve Thomas and Tom Trujillo in Colorado

NE Book Page 41: 

Tom Trujillo: "Actually, let's start back on the morning of the 25th, um, let's kind of break it down into small hours. What time did you guys get up that morning?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Early"

Tom Trujillo: "Before sunrise?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Six-ish probably."

Tom Trujillo: "Okay. Patsy, take through, say, the first three hours of, of Christmas morning with you and John and Burke and JonBenet. Kind of, kind of in a by minute, step-by-step of what you guys did for the first couple or three hours."

Patsy Ramsey: "Well, we went down the stairs and passed out Christmas presents."

Tom Trujillo: "About how long did it take you to pass out Christmas presents? I know you talked about you kind of did it slowly.."

Patsy Ramsey: "Yeah."

Tom Trujillo: "About how long did that take?"

Patsy Ramsey: "I don't know. Hour, maybe... I mean to pass them out and opening them. I try to get everybody to take turns, you know. Of course, their piles are bigger than my pile so... they open two or three and then I open one..."

Tom Trujillo: "What did you guys do after you open the presents up?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Uh, I think we made pancakes."

Tom Trujillo: "Okay. Had some breakfast? Um, about how long did it take to eat breakfast?"

Patsy Ramsey: "I don't know, a half hour."

Tom Trujillo: "After, after breakfast how did the family split? What did you guys do?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Oh, the kids were just playing with their stuff, you know, and I was, I don't remember exactly... I was, you know, trying to get clothes ready to go two different places. I remember that.. And then a bunch of kids started showing up to, you know, they want to see what each other got and, you know. Burke set up his Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and..."

Tom Trujillo: "During the early morning hours, the morning hours before the kids got there, did everybody go and get dressed, I take it?"

Patsy Ramsey: "At some point in the day, yeah."

Tom Trujillo: "During the day, about what time did, uh, John go down to the hanger and check on the plane?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Oh, I don't know. I don't know, lunchtime, after lunch, I, I don't remember."

Tom Trujillo: "Okay, did you have lunch that day?"

Patsy Ramsey: "I'm sure we did."

Tom Trujillo: "Okay. Do you have any idea about, what did you have for lunch?
Patsy Ramsey: "I don't remember."

Tom Trujillo: "About how long was John gone when he went out to check on the plane?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Oh, probably a couple of hours."

Tom Trujillo: "So he left about noon, afternoon sometime. Gone till two, 3:00 in the afteroon?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Um, yeah."

Tom Trujillo: "Okay. And were... kids over to the house that whole time playing with John, excuse me, JonBenet and Burke?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Uh, a better part of that day, I would say."

Tom Trujillo: "Okay. Did, uh, did Burke and JonBenet play together during that time? Did the little girls and little boys mix up at all?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Yeah."

Tom Trujillo: "Play together."

Patsy Ramsey: "Yeah, they were all, yeah, a lot of them were in Burke's room playing that Nintenedo and she was, I remember coming up there and checking on them and they were, the boys were mostly sitting around playing the Nintendo and she was, had this little jewelry making kit right there in the, in the doorway of Burke's room... so I made a couple with her."

Excerpts from National Enquirer book, "JonBenet, The Police Files" by Don Gentile and David Wright

04/30/97 - Taped Interrogation interview of Patsy Ramsey by Steve Thomas and Tom Trujillo in Colorado

NE Book Page 47:

Tom Trujillo: "Okay. Got home about 8:30, 9:00. What's the first thing you guys do when you got home that night? Actually, let me step back. Befofe you got home, you went over to.."

Patsy Ramsey: "Walkers and dropped off a little gift... and Stines and dropped off a little gift and drove home and JonBenet was asleep. She had fallen asleep in the car."

Tom Trujillo: "Did you have to wake her up to get her inside or..?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Well, she was just really zonked and John carried her up to her room... and, I, uh, you know, ran up behind him and, or in front of him, I can't remember. Maybe, or it might have been in front of him to turn the bed down. And he laid her down and I got her undressed and put her, I left her shirt on her and, uh, went to the bathroom and tried to find some pajama pants and all I could find was some, like long underwear pants... and put those on."

Tom Trujillo: "What color of top did she wear to bed that night. What color top was she wearing actually to the Whites' house like?

Patsy Ramsey: "Well, she wore this little outfit that I had gotten her at the Gap. We had a little, little riff over that 'cause I wanted her to wear, I was wearing a red sweater and I wanted her to wear this red sweater with her black velvet pants, 'cause I was wearing black velvet pants and it was Christmas and all that. And she didn't want to wear the red shirt just because I was wearing it. She wanted to wear the shirt that went with the outfit which was a Gap out fit that I had bought her when we went shopping for her and it was a little white, kind of neck like this.."

Tom Trujillo: "Kind of a crew neck?"

Patsy Ramsey: "...Crew neck and it had a little, little rhinestone, little kind of sequin kind of star thing on it."

Tom Trujillo: "Okay."

Patsy Ramsey: "So I just left that on her."

Tom Trujillo: "Okay. And I'm sorry. What kind of pants, what color of pants...?"

Patsy Ramsey: "They were black velvet. Black velvet jeans, kind of like, from the Gap. Some little black velvet vest."

Tom Trujillo: "And what were you wearing Patsy, a, a red turtleneck and black...?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Velvet jeans, yeah."

Tom Trujillo: "Okay."

Patsy Ramsey: "Velvet pants. And I have a Christmas sweater I was wearing."

Tom Trujillo: "And what color was that?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Red with all kinds of..."

Tom Trujillo: "And that was over the turtleneck?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Yeah."

Tom Trujillo: "..When you say you wore black velvet jeans, were those like a, a, were they a jean material..?"

Patsy Ramsey: "No, they're, no, no, no. They're black velvet."

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  Burke Ramsey OWN WORDS ! Dr Phil Show
Posted by: Summer Dawn - 03-20-2017, 09:53 AM - Forum: 911 call - Replies (3)

Burke Ramsey denied he was on the 911  call  Patsy placed after she found a ransom note and realized that her daughter was missing.

During the conversation, Dr. Phil brings up the call, and asks Burke, who was 9 years old at the time of the murder, if he's heard of it.

Burke: Oh, it's been brought up a bunch of times, because they think I'm on it or something.
Dr. Phil: Where were you during the phone call?
Burke: In my bed.
Dr. Phil: How do you know?
Burke: I don't remember getting up until my dad came in there.
Dr. Phil (to John Ramsey): Where was Burke?
John: We checked his bedroom immediately, he was asleep in bed. That was pure fiction.

The 911 operator who received Patsy Ramsey's call that night claims to have heard voices  on the other end of the line during the call, and speculation has spread around wondering if Burke's was one of them. John and Patsy Ramsey were cleared of suspicion in the case years ago.

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  Advice from posters
Posted by: jameson245 - 03-20-2017, 09:21 AM - Forum: How to solve this mystery - Replies (12)

Go back to the names of people who were not really good but REASONABLE suspects.  People who were in Boulder at the time and were suspected by others who knew them - co-workers, classmates, family.  Research every one on thatlist to see what they have done Iin the past 20 years.  

The person who killed JonBenet was not like most of us, he was a sadistic person, a pedophile, and I believe he left his DNA mixed with her blood in her panties.  We have a good profile of that DNA.  It was NOT a group DNA found there, just the victim and someone there when she was bleeding from a sexual assault.

This is a quote from Investigator Andy Horita's investigative report to the DA.  (Pg 8 of 16)

Amy Jeanguenat, the DNA expert who anlyzed the panties sample at Bode Technology,  "stated that she saw NO indication that a third party contributed to the mixture and would 'testify in court' to that effect."

That quote is worth repeating.  

Amy Jeanguenat "...stated that she saw NO indication that a third party contributed to the mixture and would 'testify in court' to that effect."

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  calling for a Grand Jury
Posted by: jameson245 - 03-19-2017, 09:30 PM - Forum: Grand Jury Indictments - Replies (2)

Quote:1998-03-12: BPD-PR #65 - Police ask District Attorney to convene a grand jury in Ramsey investigation

March 12, 1998
Contact: Jennifer Bray, Media Relations, 441-3090

Police ask District Attorney to convene a grand jury in Ramsey investigation

(Ramsey Update #65)
Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby and Commander Mark Beckner today requested and recommended that the Boulder District Attorney convene a grand jury investigation into the homicide of JonBenet Ramsey. While there is still some investigation left to be done, both Chief Koby and Commander Beckner believe the investigation has progressed to the point at which the authority of a grand jury is necessary in order to have a complete investigation. A grand jury can be utilized to obtain sworn testimony, to obtain items of evidentiary value not otherwise available through routine investigative methods, and to review the case for purposes of seeking an indictment against the person or persons responsible for the death of JonBenet.

Commander Beckner has worked closely with the District Attorney’s Office in recent weeks in preparation of the recommendation for a grand jury. According to Beckner, “We only make this request/recommendation after 14 grueling months of investigation, much consideration and thought, and after consultation with attorneys familiar with, and experienced in the use, of grand juries. We believe the investigation has reached the point at which a grand jury will be very helpful in completing the investigation, thus, our recommendation to the District Attorney.”

As the investigation progressed in recent weeks, the direction the investigation should take became very clear. As stated at a Dec. 5, 1997 news conference, the police were working toward one of three options:

--- Seek an arrest warrant and prosecution --- Ask for a grand jury investigation, or --- Inactivate the case until such time that additional information becomes available

Out of a task list that has now grown to 90 tasks, 64 tasks have been completed or worked on as thoroughly as possible. “The longer we worked on the case, the clearer it became that inactivating the case would not be appropriate,” said Beckner. “The appropriate step at this time is to ask for a grand jury to assist us in gathering additional admissible evidence.”

The next step will be for the police to assist the District Attorney’s Office in the review of case files and evidence. Given the volume of information gathered to date, it is expected that it will take some time for the District Attorney’s Office to complete it’s review of the case files prior to any decision being made. “We have worked well with the DA’s Office in the last five months and I expect to work even closer with them in the months to follow,” added Beckner.


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Posted by: jameson245 - 03-19-2017, 09:26 PM - Forum: Grand Jury Indictments - Replies (1)

Quote:1997-12-07: Daily Camera: Current jury members

Current jury members
Sunday, December 7, 1997

Under Colorado law, Boulder County must maintain a permanent grand jury, because its population is more than 100,000.

Although there is talk that the JonBenet Ramsey murder case may go to a grand jury, the current members may well not hear the case: State law dictates that permanent grand juries must be replaced every 18 months.

The current members of Boulder County's Grand Jury, seated until May, are:

Foreperson Melissa Gregory, Lafayette
Assistant foreperson Steven Wells, Longmont
Victoria Dietz, Longmont
Patrick Graninger, Louisville
Thomas Herman, Longmont
Manfredt Kledt, Boulder
Viola Kniceley, Louisville
Cedric Peebles, Louisville
Robert Phelan Jr., Boulder
Tincy Royer, Broomfield
Dorothy Showers, Longmont
Lorraine Simon, Boulder

Alternates are:

R. Brent Cherry, Boulder
Janice Jankovsky, Broomfield
Mark Laitos, Longmont
Linda Little, Boulder

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