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  The 1994 Christmas tour
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-27-2017, 05:21 PM - Forum: The House at 755 15th Street, Boulder, CO - No Replies

      Photo taken in second floor playroom

Quote: 1994-11-29: Boulder Historical Tour

The Denver Post
November 29, 1994



Historic Boulder's 11th annual Historic Homes for the Holidays Tour starts Saturday. Seven homes in the University Hill neighborhood will be featured. Once a cow pasture on an isolated hill above Boulder, development began here in the 1890s, with lots selling for $ 9.22 each. Today, the neighborhood features a variety of architectural styles and mature trees.

Three of the homes were designed by Boulder's first architect and master-builder, Glen Huntington. The earliest is a finely crafted Tudor Revival at 715 12th St., built in 1923, with cathedral ceilings in the living and dining rooms. Owner Emily Lowrance calls her place "a Christmas house" because she used shades of red and green.

Huntington's 1930 design is a Jacobean/Elizabethan residence at 1500 Baseline Road, with steeply pitched roofline, gables with half-timbering, and a spacious living room.

The last of this group, a Colonial Revival, was built in 1940 at 701 Seventh St., with gabled dormers and paneled windows. A large addition was built by Cindy and Charles Jones, the owners for 12 years.

A 1927 Tudor house at 755 15th St. is being restored to its original elegance by Patsy and John Ramsey, who also are opening it to light and air. A spacious master suite with dormers has gone into the unused attic, and a sun porch became a dining room.

A 1931 Jacobean/Elizabethan home at 1427 Cascade Ave. is enlivened with mementos from the career and travels of former U.S. State Department diplomat Robert Goold and his wife Libby. A sturdy Foursquare home at 845 12th St. was built in 1908, and has recently been given a window-filled addition by new owners Arnold Jacobson and Victoria Johns.

The 1935 Colonial Revival at 770 12th St. also has been given an addition - a large sun room and master bath by owners Carol Francipane and Donald Lococo. They also modernized the kitchen from the studs out.

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Posted by: jameson245 - 02-27-2017, 04:56 PM - Forum: Atlanta burglary - unrelated to murder - Replies (1)

John Ramsey Locked Up During Botched Robbery
Atlanta Police Investigating At Scene

John Ramsey surprised a burglar in his Atlanta home Tuesday morning and fought with the man before the intruder fled, police said.

Ramsey called 911 at about 11:12 a.m., EST and said that he had scuffled with a 6-foot "tall black man" in dark clothing during a robbery at his house.

Ramsey told investigators that when he returned to his house from Home Depot around 11 a.m., he found a man going down the stairs with two suitcases in hand.

"There was a car in the driveway and the doors were all locked upstairs ... so I couldn't figure who was here, if anybody," Ramsey said during a brief interview with reporters.

When Ramsey asked the man what he was doing, the alleged intruder said that he was completing home renovations. Ramsey said that he did not believe him and when he attempted to call police, he was attacked.

Atlanta police Lt. Michael Fuller told reporters that Ramsey was choked, scratched and then subdued.

When asked by reporters after the incident if he was scared for his life, Ramsey said, "I got to thinking this may not be so good. As it got towards the end ... I got to thinking that this might not end up too good."

The alleged robber took Ramsey's wallet, forced Ramsey into a bathroom, tied the door from the outside, and continued to ransack the house, police said.

When Ramsey broke free from the bathroom, he apparently ran to his gun vault and grabbed a shotgun, but the intruder had already fled, an Atlanta newspaper reported.

Other than receiving several scratches on his face and bruises on his neck, Ramsey was unharmed.

Guns and other valuables were believed to have been stolen from the house.

"We didn't have a lot. It appeared that he took some clothes. He took my wallet in the fight, and a few other odds and ends," Ramsey said, as his wife Patsy, stood at his side.

Police continued Tuesday afternoon to search 4000 block of Paces Ferry Road for the intruder.

"So far, we have a vague description, even though Mr. Ramsey is certain that he will be able to identify this person if he sees him again," a police spokesman said at the scene. "We're in the process of getting things together. We will do a composite later today. Of course, we are looking at other some other evidence in the house that might lead to this person's identity."

Ramsey is expected be at the Atlanta police headquarters later Tuesday to help officers put together a composite and to take a look at police photos
"We can nail him. I think he picked the wrong house to burglarize," Ramsey said.

"He was about 6 foot 1, probably 30 years old, plus or minus, medium-brown skin, short hair, trim, well-dressed. (He) drove a light-gray bronze-colored like a Chevy Cavalier-kind of car. (He) was well-spoken," Ramsey added.

Patsy Ramsey returned to their home from Bible study at about one hour after the alleged robbery occurred.

The Ramseys have been under suspicion since their 6-year-old daughter JonBenet was found beaten and strangled in their Boulder, Colo., home on December 26, 1996.

The couple insist that they're innocent and claim that an intruder is responsible. A year-long probe into the murder of the child beauty queen led to no indictment and no arrests.

The Ramseys moved to their two-story Mediterranean-style Atlanta home, located in the suburb of Vinings, Ga., after the slaying.

John Ramsey told police Tuesday morning that he is unsure whether the alleged robber knew the identity of the homeowners. Police said that do not believe that the murder of JonBenet Ramsey and Tuesday's robbery was connected.

Quote:2001-02-20: Ramsey Atlanta House Robbery Missing Items

Items missings:

1. A Compac Lap Top computer, with power adapter pulled out of the wall taken from second floor office area.

2. Two duffel bags, one kelly green canvas with "Nashville Jet" embodied on the side. The other was a black leather/vinyl gym bag that said "Capitol City Club" on the side. The green bag was stuffed full and the black bag was about half full.

3. Jewelry from Patsy's Jewelry box was gone.

4. One small ring

5. One wedding "style" ring, flat wide band with a crest on top.

6. Burglar looked at the shot guns John Ramsey had but he didn't take any.

7. Burglar opened a gun safe located in Mr. Ramsey's dressing room closet. Mr. Ramsey said the safe was not locked.

8. A gray metal box containing personal papers and a white cardboard box containing white sheets of paper with the inscription in pink cursive "JonBenet" was also on the floor in front of the safe.

9. A 12 gauge double barrel Parker shotgun, which was broken down in a leather carrying case, was also on the floor

10. Wallet described as alligator black shiny contained John Ramsey's Georgia driver's license, Blockbuster Video card, two VISA cards, one from Merrill Lynch, and an American Express and Rich's credit card plus $300 to $400 cash in wallet.

11. John Ramsey also said he was missing papers, namely aircraft logs that were in one of the bags that the suspect carried out.

Quote:2001-02-21: Statement of John Ramsey to Atlanta Police Department

Statement of John Ramsey

On 2-20-01 Probably about 10:45 AM I came home frome a quick trip to Home Depot and there was a car in my driveway. It was a bronze gray Chevy or Ford, it was an American car from the 1980's. I went in the garage door, it was locked. I unlocked it and went in. I looked in the car from a distance and did not see anybody in the car. Checked the front door of the house, it was locked. So I was not sure who are where this person was that drove the car.

Heard steps coming down from the second floor and went into the front entry hall and met a man in the hall who had just come down from the second floor. He was probably 6'1, 30 years old or there abouts, black male, medium brown skin, stocky build, not heavy, well dressed, composed and he was carrying two bags that I recognized as mine. I asked him who he was, he said he was a workman. I said "How did you get in". He said the door was unlocked. I said what are you doing with the bags. He said those are my tools. He asked who I was. I told him I owned the place.

I tried to take one of the bags form him. He would not release it. I told him I was going to call the police. I turned around to go to the phone. He grabbed me from behind around the neck. He said "Are you going to let me go". We scuffled for four to five minutes. I was trying to get free and get out of the front door, because we were in front of the house. I did get the door opened, but was unable to break free to get out.

At that point I realized that I needed to let him have his way so that he would leave. During the struggle, the socks that he was wearing on his hands, came off, but he was quick to put them back on. He put my arm behind my back, grabbed my collar and pushed me into the first floor bath and told me he would not hurt me if I stayed in there.

He tied the door closed with one of my coats which was lying near by. He questioned me about when my wife was coming back. Asked me where there was more money and jewelry in the house. I told him there was none. He asked me that a couple more times. During the struggle he had taken my wallet. I thought I heard the front door open quietly, and I waited a minute, called out to him and got no response so I

Page 6
02/21/2001 Atlanta Police Department

quickly got out of the bathroom and called 911. I had gone upstairs and got a shot gun because I was not sure where the guy was.

Question and Answer session conducted by Det. Tarvares:

Q: Approximately how long were you at the Home Depot?
A: Probably thirty minutes.

Q: Was the vehicle parked in your drive way, wa it bronze or gray?
A: I would say it was kind of a dirty white gray. Kind of silver gray. It had a emblem that was flat on the grill. It had gray cloth interior. When I looked to see who was in the car, I notied that.

Q: From the time you saw the suspect, approximately how long you think he was in your home?
A: About fifteen minutes.

Q: Do you have anything that you want to add to this statement?
A: He was dressed casual, but neat. Dark slacks, dark tennis shoes I think. He had a jacket on, it was dark brown or black. He had a knit golf shirt on which had horitzonal green. Close hair cut. He looked well groom. He was very composed, well spoken.

Q: After the robbery, what did you notice missing?
A. A Compac Lap Top computer, with power adapter pulled out of the wall. Two duffel bags, one kelly geen canvas with Nashville Jet embodied on the side. The other was a black leather/vinyle gym bag that said Capitol City Club on the side. The green bag was stuffed full and the black bag was about half full. Patsy's

Page 7
02/21/2001 Atlanta Police Department

Jewelry was gone out of the jewelry box. It was mostly costume jewelry. A small gold ring, wedding style ring, flat wide band with a crest on the top. He looked at the shot guns that I had, but did not take any.

Q: Did the suspect have a weapon, or did he lead you to believe he had a weapon?
A: I did not see a weapon, nor did he say that he had one.

Q: Did the suspect speak with an accent?
A: It was noticeable articulate and calm.

End of statement.... 9:45 HR

March 13, 2001
His Story is Full of Holes! -- Insider says

STORY HEADLINE: John Ramsey Story Full of Holes -- says insider DID JONBENET'S DAD FAKE LATEST BREAK-IN?......just like little beauty's murder scene


By Art Dworken

John Ramsey faked the recent break-in at his Atlanta house, charges an insider close to the still-unsolved murder of the Ramseys' 6-year-old daughter JonBenet.

Ramsey claims he was attacked and beaten by a burglar he surprised in his Atlanta home.

"But when you look at the holes in the story about this alleged break-in, it looks like it was staged in the same way the murder of JonBenet appears to have been staged to mislead cops toward an intruder," says the insider.

"This break-in never really happened."

Ironically, the incident occurred just days after the Ramseys learned they'll have to testify under oath about their daughter's 1996 murder as part of a $50 million defamation lawsuit filed against them by a Boulder, Colo., detective.

The trial will take place in Atlanta, the jurors will be from Atlanta -- and publicity about the break-in will almost certainly affect their perception of the Ramseys, says the insider.

"The timing of this latest 'break-in' is exquisite," the insider says. "While Lin Wood, the Ramseys' lawyer, is appearing on the Today show, John claims he's being attacked in his home hundreds of miles away almost at the same time.

"Now John can argue that: See, once again he's been victimized by an intruder. But as far as we know, he's the only witness to this recent break-in and assault, which is one reason I suspect this was just more spin-doctoring to draw sympathy to him and his wife and deflect attention from the truth.

"Even an arrest doesn't eliminate suspicion that this was a set-up."

According to the insider, the break-in story is full of holes:

** In one version he was forced inside a closet and the door then blocked with a grandfather clock. But another report has him being forced into a bathroom and tied in from the outside. It's hard to understand how a grandfather clock becomes confused with a rope.

** Ramsey said he was punched in the face repeatedly by a 6-foot-tall, 200-pound black male, yet there did not appear to be a cut or visible bruise on his face. And police spokeswoman Marion Hills tells THE EXAMINER: "My understanding is that Mr. Ramsey wasn't hurt.

"There was certainly no reference to any injuries sustained by Mr. Ramsey in our report."

** Ramsey told police he'd gone out on a 20-minute errand and returned around noon. "That's a very small window of opportunity for a stranger to find his way inside the house and go from room to room looking for valuable," says the insider.

** "The Ramseys' home is located in one of Atlanta's most well-to-do areas, in which all the homes have very good security systems, the insider explains. "In addition, there's a Neighborhood Watch program, all of which makes it highly unlikely that an intruder could sit on the street casing the joint in a 'brownish or gray Chevy Malibu' -- a description Ramsey gave the cops of the suspected getaway car -- without being detected."

** There were supposedly guns in a vault, yet the intruder failed to steal a shotgun -- a hot-ticket item that could bring big bucks on the street.

Ramsey's attorney denies his client staged the burglary. "When you review the investigative records, you will be impressed with the professional investigation conducted by the Atlanta Police Department," attorney Lin Wood tells The EXAMINER

But this isn't the first time the Ramseys have said they were the victims of an intruder.

"This is, in fact, the third break-in claimed by the Ramseys," says the insider. "There was the one December 26, 1996 -- the night of JonBenet's murder -- a second incident is described in their book The Death of Innocence and now this alleged third encounter with a burglar.

"This is just one more reason why I suspect John Ramsey fabricated this highly suspicious situation."

Quote:FROM 2001-03-12: REPORT: Special Agent Peter W. McFarlane (FBI) of the GBI-FBI Crime Scene Specialist Unit

Page 18

On Tuesday, February 20, 2001, at 11:40 AM, Special Agent Peter W. McFarlane (FBI) of the GBI-FBI Crime Scene Specialist Unit recieved a request from Major Ted Hall, commander of the Personals Crimes Unites, Atlanta Police Department, to assist in the processing of a crime scene at 4070 Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta, GA, the residence of John and Patsy Ramsey.

Agent McFarlane arrived on scene at 12:44 PM and met with Detective Frank Tavarez and Sgt. Archie Ezell of the Atlanta PD Robbery Squad.

They advised that Mr. Ramsey's house was reportedly burglarized and he confronted the burglar, who attacked him. Mr. Ramsey was subsequently locked in a bathroom by this individual described as a black male.

Mr. Ramsey advised the suspect made off with two carrying bags, (1) an Irish green duffel bag with words "Nashville Jet" and (2) a black duffel bag with the words "Capitol City Club on the side.

Mr. Ramsey indicated that the suspect was coming down the stairway from the second floor when he confronted him carrying these bags. He asked him who he was and he indicated that he was a workman. Mr. Ramsey also asked him what he was doing with the bags, knowing that these bags and possible contents belonged to Mr. Ramsey.

Mr. Ramsey also indicated that the suspect was wearing socks as gloves, either dark blue or black. He advised that at that point he ended up in a confrontation and struggle with this individual, who subsequently locked him in the bathroom on the first floor adjacent to a sitting room adjacent to the kitchen. The door was held closed with

Page 19

Mr. Ramsey's brown leather jacket, which was tied to the grandfather clock support post next to the bathroom door.

Mr. Ramsey indicated that upon searching the house he found that his Compaq lap top computer and power source had been taken from a second floor office area.

He further indicated when he came into the house, which was through the kitchen door, he noted a tan colored Chevrolet Cavalier parked in the driveway which was back in, which he suspected belonged to the perpetrator.

Agent McFarlane surveyed the scene and called for assistance from ASAC David T. Mitchell (GBI) and Agent Carol Ann Johnson (GBI) also of the GBI-FBI Crime Scene Specialist Unit.

It is noted that the house faces north onto Paces Ferry Road but the entrance is from a side driveway from River Forest Drive on the east side of this house.

The house is a two-story brick house with full basement.

Upon surveying this scene it was evident that the suspect had been in the house for a period of time. It is noted that Mr. Ramsey indicted that he had left the house unattended and had gone to the Home Depot store to shop and subsequently returned cathing the intruder.

The suspect entered the house through the rear basement door in the lower west side of the house. He used a shovel to pry the door open, which was left behind.

Various shoe impressions were left in the sand at this entrance as well as the shovel.

Page 20

ASAC Mitchel processed these impressions, making appropriate Hydrocal casts.

The suspect opened various drawers to chests and dressers on the first floor and second floor bedroom areas.

He also opened a gun safe located in Mr. Ramsey's dressing room/clothes closet area. According to Mr. Ramsey, the safe was not locked.

A gray metal box containing personal papers and a white cardboard box containing white sheets of paper with the inscription in pink cursive "JonBenet" was also on the floor in front of the safe.

A 12 gauge double barrel Parker shotgun, which was broken down in a leather carrying case, was also on the floor.

Agent McFarlane initially photographed the injuries to Mr. Ramsey's face, head and neck areas.

Upon taking these photographs Mr. Ramsey indicated to Agent McFarlane that he fought with the intruder and was forced in the bathroom adjacent to the sitting area on the first floor next to the kitchen.

The door had been tied shut with Mr. Ramsey's coat and a towel tied to the grandfather clock support post to the outside door handle to the bathroom. A multi-Allen wrench tool was used to secure the coat sleeve to the grandfather clock post.

Mr. Ramsey advised he did not want to get injured any further by this individual so he did not come out of the bathroom until he felt the intruder had left.

Page 21

Mr. Ramsey further indicated to Agent McFarlane and Atlanta detectives that his wallet which was described as an alligator black shiny wallet containing his Georgia driver's license, Blockbuster Video card along with two VISA cards, one from Merrill Lynch, and an American Express and Rich's credit cards were in the wallet.

He also indicated that he was missing papers, namely aircraft logs from his residence and they were in one of the bags, which the suspect was carrying out. He also indicated that he was missing $300-$400 cash which was in his wallet.

Agent McFarlane photographed the exterior and interior of this house as well as the bedroom and study areas and the areas where the perpetrator opened the drawers to the various chests and closets. These areas and drawers were processed for latent fingerprints by Agent Johnson with the use of Redwop powder and an alternate light source known as a Luma-Lite, all with negative results.

No fingerprints of value were recovered from these drawers.

Agent McFarlane processed the safe door and glass on the various closet doors in Mr. Ramsey's dressing area, recovering various latent lifts of unknown value.

Agent McFarlane collected the gray metal box and white cardboard box to be processed later for latent fingerprints at the GBI Crime Lab.

Agent McFarlane also photographed the broken entrance door to the basement area. The lock had been bent and forced open and the keeper and doorjamb had been broken.

The basement door was processed for latent fingerprints, inside and out.

Page 22

Photographs with black and white film were used to photograph latent fingerprints developed on the outside of this door, above the lock, 48 1/2" from the door and two inches from the edge of the door.

It is also noted ASAC Mitchell located tire impressions at the left front (north side) of the entrance to the driveway, whereby casts were made.

Also a Home Depot receipt was recovered on the floor in front of the bathroom where Mr. Ramsey was held. It read February 20, 01, 10:42 AM for the purchase of door hinges.

All items of evidence and casts recovered at this scene were so noted on GBI Receipt for Property Sheets #E-202718 and E-202717, respectfully.

Agent McFarlene, along with ASAC Mitchell and Agent Johnson, departed this scene at 9:00 PM.

ID DATA: Victim: John Ramsey, W/M
DOB: (blacked out)

Special Agent Peter W. McFarlane: 03/09/01

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  Atlanta fat cat incident?
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-27-2017, 04:37 PM - Forum: Fleet and Priscilla White - No Replies

June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Fat Cat Phrase in the Ransom Note)

1 that we were.
2 MIKE KANE: There are these phrases in
3 here that seem to have some kind of Hollywood
4 connection? What did you think about that?
5 JOHN RAMSEY: It didn't dawn on me at
6 the time, because we (INAUDIBLE) so much. But that
7 came out later. There was a couple of phrases that
8 came out later: "you must grow a brain"; and we
9 can talk about the of the fat cat; and other fat
10 cats here, or something like that.
11 MIKE KANE: You're not the only fat cat
12 around.
13 JOHN RAMSEY: Right. Those are the phrases
14 that we, you know, later we thought we had heard
15 from people around us who have tried to
16 reconstruct who, where.
17 MIKE KANE: When you say we thought?
18 JOHN RAMSEY: Patsy and I.
19 MIKE KANE: Okay. And how was it that you
20 heard?

21 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, grow a brain, fat
22 cats. We'd heard those before.
23 MIKE KANE: Were you ever able to --
24 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, we had some names
25 we came up with. We passed on (INAUDIBLE) our

1 friends in Atlanta, "Atlanta fat cats" later in
2 that week.
3 MIKE KANE: When was that specifically?
4 JOHN RAMSEY: That was when she was back;
5 when we were back for the funeral.
6 MIKE KANE: (INAUDIBLE) friends saying that
7 about?
8 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, when we went back, Ron
9 Westmoreland had like a little reception after the
10 funeral, and some of my friends were there, and he
11 has a beautiful home in Atlanta. He makes a lot of
12 money. It's not a stretch for him to have it. It's
13 very nice.
14 My friends were around me, consoling me and trying
15 to give me advice. And to be a part of that group
16 it's the Atlanta fat cats.



4 MIKE KANE: Last July, I think it was, that
5 you (INAUDIBLE) and I think at that point you said
6 that you had been thinking about it about, once
7 again, the possibility of a woman, and you had
8 thought Priscilla White. (INAUDIBLE), the fat cat
9 thing.

10 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah. We went back to Douglas's
11 analysis that it's somebody you know; it's
12 somebody that's been in the house; it's somebody
13 that's hanging with you who's jealous. And if I
14 put that box around it, and what was subsequently
15 extremely bizarre behavior on both their parts.
16 MIKE KANE: What kind of behavior?

17 JOHN RAMSEY: A lot of it I didn't see,
18 but just heard about it. But when John Fernie
19 wouldn't let Fleet on the airplane because he
20 thought he was too out of control. My brother
21 called, they were supposed to stay at the
22 Westmoreland's and they nearly got cross-wise, and
23 they're two of the nicest people you'll ever meet.
24 They wouldn't stay there.
25 They went and stayed at my brother's and my

1 brother called me and said that he had a gun in
2 the house. I was, apparently lost. And he said,
3 Fleet White just left here and he's on his way
4 over. I think he's extremely dangerous. I got him
5 out of the house. Apparently he had those -- and
6 my brother is as calm and as level headed as any
7 person I know who is right to the core. Whatever
8 happened there.
9 MIKE KANE: What about Priscilla? I think
10 you said (INAUDIBLE)?
11 JOHN RAMSEY: Always when there was tending
12 to the children, he was the mom. I mean, he took
13 care of the kids. He was a stay home dad. He
14 wanted to have more kids and Priscilla didn't want
15 to have anything to do with it. He just seemed
16 very attentive to the kids.
17 (INAUDIBLE) if I narrowed that box down any
18 further to, I would pick Priscilla.
19 MIKE KANE: You think she was less (INAUDIBLE)?
20 JOHN RAMSEY: Only because it would be
21 very hard for me to believe that Fleet would do
22 such a thing.
23 MIKE KANE: You're saying that it wouldn't
24 be hard that Priscilla would though?
25 JOHN RAMSEY: Less hard. And there's a lot

1 of data that flowed in afterwards to us from
2 friends that said, you know, Priscilla was very
3 jealous of Patsy. And they made a comment that
4 they'd rather eat glass than live in a house like
5 Rod Westmoreland's. It was hatred for wealth. It
6 was like strange stuff that was coming out, coming
7 back.
8 MIKE KANE: Is Fleet wealthy?
9 JOHN RAMSEY: Fleet? I don't have a clue.
10 MIKE KANE: He was always described (INAUDIBLE).
11 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah. (INAUDIBILE). He bought a
12 house; he was apparently to get a mortgage. He
13 kept commenting about his mortgage rate. He didn't
14 have a job and he was pretty open about that .
15 I just assumed that he must had some money stashed
16 away.
17 MIKE KANE: Did Priscilla work?
18 JOHN RAMSEY: No. Well she use to say things
19 were tight and they had to -- cause she was going
20 to go on this trip to New York and Patsy wanted
21 her to go with Kathy and she wouldn't go because
22 they couldn't afford it. So it's hard to tell.

(I read this and don't think anyone used the term "fat cats" - - anyone see that differently?

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  MY evidence taken by police -
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-27-2017, 03:31 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

After a news story stated that I had evidence, attempted to get it properly checked and the police had refused to have it tested, I got a call from Chief Beckner saying he WOULD have it tested.  This story followed.

Tipster provides possible DNA evidence in Ramsey case
By Owen S. Good, News Staff Writer
August 17, 2001

BOULDER -- Police Chief Mark Beckner has asked a state lab to test possible DNA evidence, given to him by an Internet tipster, with genetic traces found in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation also will examine DNA evidence from a former suspect in an unsolved Arapahoe County murder for possible links to the Ramsey case.

Beckner, confirming the testing, said so little is known about the source of the DNA that he can't say if it will produce a meaningful lead.

"I don't have enough information on where it came from to even tell you whether it's worth a look," Beckner said Wednesday. "We're doing it just to cover all our bases, and if something pans out, super, great."

It is at least a new lead in a five-year investigation that has focused on the girl's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, as suspects in her death. The case has appeared to grind down since a grand jury disbanded without an indictment in 1999.

While police figures say more than 100 suspects have been considered, and people continue to be interviewed, DNA testing has "dwindled down" lately, Beckner said. The number of interviews stood at 590 in June 1998 and increased to "roughly 600" in the past three years, according to city press releases.

While the chief is taking evidence of unknown origin and testing it without the name of a possible suspect in mind, he said it is not an endorsement of a so-called "intruder theory." It still examines the possibility that a stranger murdered JonBenet, 6, whose body was found Dec. 26, 1996.

"I wouldn't characterize it as moving in any direction other than investigating the crime and trying to answer unanswered questions," Beckner said. "And wherever it leads us, it leads us."

]The tipster, who goes by the Internet name Jameson in maintaining a Ramsey case Web site, said the sample is a "personal belonging" of a man who lived in the Boulder area at the time of the murder. It contains hair and bodily fluid traces, she said, and was mailed to her eight months ago by "someone intimate" with the man, who suspected his involvement.

Jameson wanted written assurances from Beckner that he would test the item before she turned it over, but Beckner had been reluctant to give them, she said. She said he verbally agreed last month.

"I can tell you that the person has been talked about in Boulder as a suspect," she said, although she withheld that name from the police.[/font][/size]
Unknown male DNA was found underneath JonBenet's fingernails and in her panties. The Ramseys are not the source.

"I really do think JonBenet got a piece of her killer, and he left something behind," said Lou Smit, whom Beckner has criticized for taking his intruder theory public. "Some day, that is going to catch him."

Smit said he is "really encouraged" Beckner is doing the DNA testing. "I hope that they do more," he said. "It must be worth something or they wouldn't test it."

Beckner characterized the DNA comparison as part of ongoing laboratory tests. "We are still doing DNA tests, and we are doing DNA tests on some things that have been submitted," he said.

Beckner could not say how many other tests have been performed this year. "It's dwindled down significantly," he said. "There aren't many we ask for now."

Sheriffs' detectives in Arapahoe County received a similar DNA tip from Jameson earlier this year, according to Detective Rick Fahlstedt. Testing showed enough of a link that the person was brought in and gave a voluntary sample, which eliminated that person as a suspect, he said.

Jameson said the person also lived in the Boulder area at the time of the Ramsey murder. She also gave the person's name to Beckner. The chief thinks the CBI may have already examined it for Ramsey links.

"Any DNA that's tested by CBI is compared against their entire database," Beckner said. "It's basically an automatic kind of thing."

Atlanta attorney L. Lin Wood, who is representing the Ramseys in three civil lawsuits, said he was "slightly" encouraged by the news.

"I'd be more encouraged if I saw the police taking aggressive actions to solicit new tips and new leads, to take this case off the shelf and genuinely go back and revisit it start to finish," he said.

Contact Owen S. Good at (303) 442-8729 or goodo@RockyMountainNews.com.

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  Annie Muss
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-27-2017, 03:03 PM - Forum: Confessors - Replies (1)

Annie Muss

Annie Muss was the name of a poster who joined Jameson’s WebbSleuths Forum at www.webbsleuths.com on May 29, 2003. He or she claimed to know who killed JonBenet Ramsey and even provided a Yahoo e-mail address for anybody that wanted to ask questions.

Jameson posts within ten minutes telling this person that this method is not the way to submit a tip and that they should be contacting the authorities OR HER and she will give the information to the authorities and then she provides her e-mail address.

A couple of other forum members begin peppering questions to Annie Muss. On May 30, 2003 Annie Muss posts a response thread to answer all the various questions being asked by the other posters. My the evening on May 30th, Jameson posts a message telling Annie Muss to send handwriting samples to Lou Smit at the DA’s office or he can send them to her. Jameson suggests that if he doesn’t want to send to Lou Smit or her then she suggest he send them to Lin Wood, the Ramsey’s Civil attorney. Jameson informs Annie Muss that if he just wants to chat on the forum that she has better things to do.

Throughout the evening and into the early morning hours, multiple posters continue to ask questions. Since Annie Muss mentions “Twin Peaks” then Maikai posts a review. Sharkie post asking if the book mentioned is either “The People of Pineapple Place,” or “Prisoner of Pineapple Place” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

On May 31, 2003 Annie Muss informs the forum that he has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and that he still believe he lived in Boulder in 1996 following that by saying “The experiment is over.”

Date and Time of “Annie Muss” postings:

Annie Muss - May-29-03, 09:33 PM (EST)
Annie Muss - May-30-03, 02:16 AM (EST)
Annie Muss - May-30-03, 05:33 PM (EST)
Annie Muss - May-31-03, 08:13 AM (EST)

Annie Muss
unregistered user
 May-29-03, 09:33 PM (EST)
"I know who did it, any questions?"
   This isn't a joke, I lived there and I know the man who murdered her. Most of you who read this will assume this is a joke, but it isn't. If you have any questions please send an e-mail to JBRQuestions@yahoo.com and I will consider answering them; otherwise please feel free to post your questions or disparaging remarks here; serious questions may be answered, disparaging remarks will be ignored but are of course welcome.

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  older lawsuit, fired employees
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-27-2017, 02:57 PM - Forum: Access Graphics - Replies (4)

Quote:1994-02-11: METRO NEWS BRIEFING BOULDER Smoker sues Boulder firm
(News Article found and donated by "Why_Nut")

Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO)
February 11, 1994
BYLINE: Rocky Mountain News staff

METRO NEWS BRIEFING BOULDER Smoker sues Boulder firm

A Lakewood man who claims he was fired from his job because he smokes is suing a Boulder company for violation of Colorado's so-called Smoker's Rights Law. Paul Sherer is suing Access Graphics Inc., claiming the Boulder company fired him after he was seen smoking on the Pearl Street Mall during his lunch hour. Sherer, who has smoked since age 18, was hired by Access Graphics on May 17 as a financial service area manager. Access Graphics, which distributes high-end computer work stations and computer peripherals, would not comment on the lawsuit, but a spokesman said the company won't hire smokers in order to control health-insurance costs.

Quote:1994-04-28: HEADLINE: Ban on Employees Who Smoke Faces Challenges of Bias
(News Article found and donated by "Why_Nut")

The New York Times
April 28, 1994
HEADLINE: Ban on Employees Who Smoke Faces Challenges of Bias

A growing number of private employers around the country are refusing to hire smokers as a quick-and-easy way to hold down health care costs. But just as swiftly, state legislatures are coming to the smokers' defense, passing laws that prohibit hiring practices that discriminate against them.

While a hiring ban is a relatively new tactic -- less than 10 years old -- in the war against smoking, thousands of companies in the United States have forbidden their employees to smoke, even off the job. Companies say that not hiring smokers not only saves money but also improves safety conditions, cuts down on absenteeism and minimizes the need to train new employees to replace those who retire early because of lung cancer, emphysema and other diseases related to smoking.

When a Lockheed plant in Marietta, Ga., announced this month that it would no longer hire people who smoke cigarettes, company executives said that nearly 77 percent of the plant workers with cardiac problems were smokers. They also cited a study by the American Lung Association that showed an employee who smoked could cost a company up to $5,000 a year more in annual insurance premiums than a nonsmoker.

A Congressional study said that in 1990, the last year for which figures were available, the direct cost of providing health care to people with smoking-related diseases had reached nearly $21 billion. And that did not include nearly $7 billion in lost wages for employees out sick.

"Our goals with this new policy are to move toward becoming a smoke-free facility," said James A. Blackwell, president of the Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company in Marietta. "Accomplishing these goals will ultimately help lower our costs, improve our competitive position and put Lockheed in a better position to win new business."

The Marietta plant employs about 11,000 people and makes military planes like the C-130 Hercules transport and the P-3 Orion for maritime patrols. Beginning July 2, new employees must sign a statement promising not to smoke. The ban operates on the honor system and means, in effect, that new hires cannot light up even at home. Anyone found by a fellow worker smoking in a bar, restaurant or anyplace else could be dismissed.

The new policy does not affect current employees, who are allowed to smoke at designated places at the plant and anywhere else on their own time.

As aggressive as the hiring ban might appear, similar efforts by other companies have backfired by prompting a stampede of state laws written specifically to protect smokers against such discrimination. Five years ago no such laws existed. By last year, 28 states and the District of Columbia had enacted legislation to protect smokers, and experts say that initiatives by employers in states that have no smokers' rights law, like Georgia, could ultimately help get one passed.

Federal statutes protect against discrimination in hiring but for the broader reasons of race, religion, age and gender.

Once enacted, the state laws generally cause companies to lift the hiring restriction, as Litho Industries, commercial printers in Research Triangle Park, N.C., did last year after passage of a law in 1992. But not always.
Four years after Colorado approved a law that protected smokers, another Lockheed subsidiary, Access Graphics, a computer wholesale company in Boulder, continues to deny employment to smokers for reasons a spokeswoman would not explain. One former worker who said he was dismissed after a colleague spotted him smoking on the street during a lunch hour last year is suing the company.

"This is blatant discrimination," said Paul Sherer, an accounts manager who lasted less than a week at Access Graphics. "Not hiring smokers affects millions of people and puts them in the same category as woman able to bear children as people who contribute to higher health care costs. It's unfair."

Further, the hiring bans have been generating widespread criticism, including some from antismoking activists. The critics contend that the bans violate the right to privacy and tend to deny jobs to people who may need them most: Despite a general decline in smoking in the United States, an increasing number of teen-agers, women and blacks are bucking the trend.



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  John's regret
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June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Access Graphic Billion Dollar Sales)

17 JOHN RAMSEY: Well I think, obviously we
18 know it was an intruder, first of all. We spend
19 some time with John Douglas, who is a profiler for
20 the FBI, and he basically said it's someone that
21 you know. It's somebody that's been in the house
22 and it's somebody that's angry with you or
23 jealous. And, you know, we try to put that box
24 around it. We come up and say that we don't know
25 anybody that evil. And so it's very difficult for

1 us to say, well you know it must have been
2 so-and-so, because we don't know anybody that
3 evil.
4 We were getting to be a little more higher profile
5 in the community than I was comfortable with. I
6 thought about security, hadn't done really done
7 anything about it. But there'd been an article in
8 the paper a couple weeks before about our company
9 had just past a billion dollars in sales. And I
10 had this gut feeling when they wanted to do that
11 publicity, that we shouldn't do it. But they had
12 it already rolling and they'd contacted the
13 camera. So I let them go ahead and do it.
14 I don't know if that kind of publicity elevated
15 this in somebody's mind. JonBenet was in a
16 Christmas parade, the December Christmas Parade.
17 In retrospect, after, you know, that was something
18 which she shouldn't have done.
19 One of the things I guess we realized about
20 all this, there's some very nice people. There's
21 some very good people in the world and there's
22 some very bad people. They're around you and you
23 just better be aware of them. And we were naive.
24 We felt we were in a safe community. We thought
25 all people were like us, basically pretty good

1 people. And that's not true.
2 So I wonder if those, either of those two events
3 might have elevated us into the cross hairs of
4 this maniac. And if they were angry at me, why
5 didn't they take it out on me? If they were angry
6 at me, why didn't they take it out on my son? Why
7 JonBenet?

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  1996 stories
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-27-2017, 02:34 PM - Forum: Access Graphics - Replies (7)

    Sunday, March 3, 1996
    Section: BUSINESS
    Edition: SECOND
    Page: 1B
    By Vicky Gits Camera Business Writer

    Caption: PHOTO:
    By Francisco Kjolseth For the Camera

    MALL WORLD: John Ramsey, president and chief executive of Access Graphics Inc. of Boulder, has signed a five-year lease on a collection of buildings in the 1400 block of the Downtown Mall, keeping 320 workers in Boulder. The growing company expects to employ up to 600 by the year 2001.

    Access Graphics Inc., the largest private employer on the Downtown Mall, has decided to keep its 320 employees in the 1400 block of Pearl Street and build a new, 24,000-square-foot building to accommodate its expanding work force.

    In five years, Access expects to employ up to 600 people, housing them in 100,000 square feet of downtown real estate, up from 52,000 square feet today.

    The company's decision defies the predictions of many who said the city's commercial growth restrictions would drive expanding companies out of town. Growth restrictions in effect since September limit commercial construction to an average of 440,000 square feet per year through 2000.

    The new building will be in the long-vacant space veiled by a mural at 1433 Pearl Street. Third-story additions are proposed for two buildings west of the Access headquarters at 1412 and 1414 Pearl St. Access also rents space at 1425 and 1427 Pearl St.

    Including new space to be built in phases, the company's five-year lease is worth about $9.5 million, said J. Midyette, who co-owns most of the buildings with real estate investor Don Rieder.

    A year ago, Access Graphics considered moving east. It purchased an option on land to build a new building in the Interlocken Business Park at Broomfield.

    But the downtown Boulder location prevailed because it helps attract a young, smart, athletic and energetic work force, said John Ramsey, president and chief executive of Access Graphics.

    "We were afraid of losing our culture," Ramsey said. "If we look at our competitors in L.A. and Florida, we have without a doubt the smarter, better and more energetic people, and part of it is the culture."

    Businesswise, Ramsey said the Downtown Mall has many advantages such as being a transportation, shopping and entertainment hub.

    "It's more efficient. I can go to a one-hour lunch meeting and it takes three minutes to get back to work. For several years, I did all my Christmas shopping on the Mall. If it wasn't on the Mall, you didn't get it," Ramsey said.

    Compared to downtown, the walk from the bus stop at the Broomfield Park n Ride to a building in Interlocken was a bit of a hike.

    "We would have had to run a shuttle," Ramsey said.

    Ramsey has been a downtown regular since starting Access Graphics in 1988 with 35 employees in a 2,000-square-foot space at 1414 Pearl St.

    Purchased by Lockheed Martin in 1991, the company has grown into one of the country's larger distributors of Unix-based computer systems. Access pioneered the concept of providing outside sales, support and training services for manufacturers.

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  Burke's room
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Burke's bedroom was on the second floor.  Immediately outside his bedroom door was the staircase leading to the third floor and another to the front hall.  Melinda's room would have been to the left, opposite the stair and his bathroom.   Straight ahead was a hall leading to the playroom and beyond that was the addition to the house where JonBenet had her bedroom.

Burke's room was wallpapered with World War I fighter planes, and a large wooden propeller hung over the small windows. Two TV sets and a VCR shared a bookcase with a fish tank. His room was not where Disney movies were kept, he enjoyed learning programs such as 'Practicing Landing" and "First few Hours of Voyage".  He also had a computer in his room but no internet access as far as I know.

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  The butler door
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The rather low number on the photo indicates it was taken in the earlier morning hours on December 26th

2000 March 18 - John and Patsy Ramsey book, "Death of Innocence"

DOI (HB) Page 270:

"The investigators spent a great deal of time talking with me about a large diagram of the house on the wall behind me. I later learned that they also used the same diagram with Patsy. I was shocked to see that they had found the butler kitchen door, which led to the outside, open. This was reported by one of our friends when he arrived shortly after six in the morning. I'd never even noticed that open door as we frantically rushed around making phone calls, and yet there on the police diagram of our home was the note: "Door found open."

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