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  On the "enhanced" call
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-27-2017, 02:11 PM - Forum: 911 call - Replies (15)

2000 November 14
About.Com Crime Chat
with former Detective Steve Thomas

crimeADM: "Did you hear the 911 tape personally; and if so, once and for all, was Burke on it?"

"I heard the 911 tape. repeatedly, as did the other detectives. the consensus was unanimous, as supported by the enhancement -- there is a 3rd voice on the tape, appears to be Burke (unless there was someone else present who has never been identified...)"

crimeADM: "A follow-up to the 911 question: Many people swear they heard the tape on one talk-show or another. Is there any possibility that this happened?"

stevethomas: "as far as i know, the only people who heard the tape were involved in the investigation -- da's office people, bpd personnel, engineers who enhanced it. if someone is out on the talk shows saying they heard it, who is this/these person(s)?"

My comment: - Does that make any sense at all?  The other detectives unanimously heard the third voice on the tape - - UNENHANCED - - and that later that was supported by the "enhanced" version.  But we have all heard the "enhanced" tape and most of us can't make it out without a script in front of us and even then only if we hold our pee and dim the lights and squint hard.  (And then, if they change the script, THAT is what we hear!)

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  In the beginning
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-27-2017, 02:08 PM - Forum: FBI involvement - Replies (12)

2000 November 14
About.Com Crime Chat
with former Detective Steve Thomas

crimeADM: "How soon on December 26 did the FBI become involved?"

stevethomas: "good Q, as Patsy on LKL suggested they weren't there. The FBI was involved from the early hours of the case, an FBI agent was at the house shortly after the body was found, the FBI was in the bpd sit room during the morning while it was being investigated as a kidnapping. FBI was in early, despite Ramsey assertions otherwise"

jameson comment:  Patsy and John were in shock that morning and they do not recall being told the FBI was there.  Yes, they heard the FBI was called but do not remember being introduced.  I believe if they had been, they would have been all over that man with questions and pinning their hopes on him and not the Boulder police. 

Instead, he left the house and went back to the BPD to discuss the case away from the parents, and we now know he was assuring the police this was probably, based on statistics, a case of a parent killing their child.

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  Did John leave the house that morning?
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-27-2017, 01:44 PM - Forum: December 26th - No Replies

1997 April 30 - Taped Interrogation interview of John Ramsey by Steve Thomas and Tom Trujillo in Colorado

NE Book Page 128:

Steve Thomas: "So the morning of the 26th do you recall checking all the doors, and they were locked?"

John Ramsey: "I believe I checked all the first-floor doors, yeah. I did go out once. I went out to the door that leads into the garage to see if it was locked becaue there's a bunch of boxes piled in front of it and you couldn't get to it from the inside of the garage.
So I did, infact, go out of the house once, which would have been for, you know, half a minute."

Steve Thomas: "And that was from where to where?"

John Ramsey:
"I went out the side door around to the back of the garage to see if that garage door into the garage was locked."

Steve Thomas: "And then immediately back into the house?"

John Ramsey: "Yeah."

Steve Thomas: "And that wasn't an excursion that exceeded 30 seconds?"

John Ramsey: "No, at max"

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  Who had keys to the house
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-27-2017, 01:40 PM - Forum: The House at 755 15th Street, Boulder, CO - Replies (1)

According to Schiller/Brennan

Who had keys to the Ramsey house?

Fleet White (friend) - PMPT 179
Jay Pettipiece (painter) - PMPT 435
Joe Barnhill (neighbor) - PMPT 179
John Andrew Ramsey - PMPT 179
John Ramsey - PMPT 179
John Fernie (friend) - PMPT 179
Linda Pugh (housekeeper) - PMPT 179
Linda Wilcox (housekeeper) - PMPT 145
Patsy Ramsey - PMPT 179
Nedra Paugh (relative) - PMPT 179
Suzanne Savage (babysitter) - PMPT 145

1999 February 18 - Lawrence Schillers book, "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town

Page 179:

"In April 1997, Ellis Armistead, an investigator hired by the Ramseys, would tell the police that there were twenty more extra keys outstanding. In the end, however, the detective could find only nine poeple who said they had keys. Six of the keys were returned. Three were missing. The Police soon learned that the front door locked automatically when it closed."

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  Paula Woodward on CNN!! March 3rd
Posted by: Summer Dawn - 02-26-2017, 03:03 PM - Forum: What is in the news - staying up to date - Replies (19)

Tune in on March 3rd... 8-11 pm eastern,CNN will be having a special on JoBenet featuring author Paula Woodward!!  It should be good!!! 

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  A quote
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-26-2017, 02:59 PM - Forum: Popular Crime: Reflections on the Celebration of Violence - No Replies

"I felt strongly that innocent people had been wronged by the media in a way that was just appalling. The word “appalling” hardly gets there. These people lost their child in a dreadful manner. And two weeks later Jay Leno was making jokes about them. It’s unfathomable to me that you can allow that to happen."    Bill James

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Posted by: jameson245 - 02-26-2017, 02:50 PM - Forum: Sex, Lies and Handwriting - No Replies

From Jim Fisher's website:

Michelle Dresbold:  Another Ramsey Case Sideshow

In December 2006 The Free Press published Sex, Lies, and Handwriting: A Top Expert Reveals the Secrets Hidden in Your Handwriting by a Pittsburgh graphologist named Michelle Dresbold.  The book was written with James Kwalwasser. Generally these pseudoscientific books are harmless, but this one claims to have been written by one of the top experts in the nation in the fields of handwriting identification, personality profiling, and threat analysis. One can only wonder what the real experts in these fields would think of this claim. The author who makes this outrageous assertion on her web site has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and fine arts. She has no education, training or experience in forensic science, law enforcement, law, or criminology. This is as absurd as Elvis Presley walking around with a DEA badge.

A starburst emblem on the book’s dust jacket reads: “with explosive details about the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note.” In the chapter of the book about the Ramsey case, illustrated with handwriting exhibits, Michelle Dresbold concludes that Patsy Ramsey wrote the ransom note found in the house by Mrs. Ramsey. This is a claim made possible by Patsy Ramsey’s recent death. If she were alive it’s doubtful this unfounded claim would have been published. Had it been, the author and the publisher would have been sued by Ramsey attorney Lin Wood. Dead people are safe targets for writers like this.

Cina L. Wong:
Graphologist v. Graphologist

Cina Wong is one of the graphologist/handwriting identification analysts brought into the Ramsey case by New York attorney Darnay Hoffman. Hoffman believed that Patsy Ramsey had murdered JonBenet. In Hoffman’s libel suit against the Ramseys who in their book named Hoffman’s client Christain Wolf as a possible suspect missed by the Ramsey case investigators, the lawyer used the Norfolk, Virginia handwriting analyst as one of his expert witnesses to establish Patsy Ramsey’s guilt. The civil suit was dismissed by federal judge Carnes who made it clear she didn’t think Wong was a qualified forensic document examiner. (Wong had requested to testify for the prosecution before the Ramsey grand jury but the prosecutor in charge of the grand jury process rejected her offer on the same grounds.)

Shortly after the publication of Michelle Dresbold’s book, Cina Wong came across Sex, Lies and Handwriting in a Newport News bookstore and began flipping through it. In the chapter dealing with the Ramsey case, Wong saw photographs of her own Ramsey case handwriting exhibits along with, almost word-for-word, her analysis of the handwriting in the ransom note, handwriting Wong had identified as Patsy Ramsey’s.  Wong decided to file suit in federal court charging the author and publisher of copyright infringement.

In the copyright suit filed in March 2007, Wong submitted hundreds of pages of her Ramsey handwriting analysis, arguing that it was nearly identical to what Dresbold had published in her book. Wong’s attorney said, “All Miss Wong wants is to get credit for her own work and not to have someone else profit from it.” Dresbold, according to Wong, had appeared on a number of television news and talk shows promoting her book, claiming that the Ramsey handwriting analysis was her own.

In October 2007, Wong received a cash settlement from Simon & Schuster along with the promise that future editions of the book (good heavens) will not include Wong’s handwriting report. Moreover, the starburst dust jacket emblem promising “explosive details about the JonBenet Ramsey note” will be removed. According to a publisher’s spokesperson, “we continue to believe that the lawsuit has no merit. But in the interest of moving on, we opted for a settlement without any admission of liability or wrongdoing.” If there is any wrongdoing in this embarrassing Ramsey case sideshow, it’s that major publishers continue to bring out ridiculous books like this one.

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Posted by: jameson245 - 02-26-2017, 01:52 PM - Forum: The Death of an Innocent - Replies (4)

Linda was a firm defender of the Ramseys in the first days but got all turned around when the BORG got near her, Jeff Shapiro, Frank Coffman and others.  So when she was named as a possible suspect in the Ramsey book and NY Lawyer Darnay Hoffman became her lawyer, he encouraged her to write a book.  I have no doubt at all that she had a ghost writer and they set out to indict the Ramseys - truth be damned.

The first chapter was sent to me by Darnay Hoffman (Yes, we disagreed on who killed JonBenet, but we became friends regardless.) I share it here.

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  Her book blurb
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-26-2017, 01:01 PM - Forum: Little Girl Blu The JonBenet: Inside Circle Theory - Replies (5)

Little Girl Blu JonBenét Inside Circle Theory -It has now been nearly twenty years since the tragic death of JonBenét Ramsey and the case grows colder. Little Girl Blu sheds new light on this terrible crime to give a different and fresh analysis. By presenting the evidence in a new manner, it shows that previously thought notions of how the murder was committed do not stack up, and that many original suspects provided a number of contradictory statements. Respectful and demonstrative, rather than accusatory, Little Girl Blu gives one of the saddest and most mysterious murder cases in US history, a restored hope that we can at least come closer to solving it, to make sure justice is finally given. Who will stand in JonBenét’s shoes?

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  An opinion online
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-26-2017, 12:49 PM - Forum: Who will Speak for JonBenet - No Replies


1.0 out of 5 stars

Horrible book

By Ann on January 11, 2015

Format: Hardcover

This "Dr." is a quack! His books are laughable, his "technique" a joke. Buy it if you must, it's awful!!

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