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  October 10, 1997 - 2 of 2 - Beckner takes over Ramsey investigation
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 04:56 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

Oct. 10, 1997 - Ramsey Update #59
October 10, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
City Web site: www.bouldercolorado.gov
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Boulder Police Commander Mark Beckner
to manage Ramsey investigation
(Ramsey Update #59)

Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby today announced Commander Mark Beckner would be managing the Ramsey investigation on a full-time basis effective immediately. Beckner, 41, joined the Boulder Police Department in June, 1978 and was promoted to commander in May, 1994.
Following three years as an officer in the department, Beckner worked in property crimes in the detective division from 1981 to 1983. He was promoted to sergeant in 1983. From 1983 to 1986 he was a patrol sergeant and was involved in tactical field training. From Jan., 1987 to Jan., 1989, he was in charge of the tactical patrol team, handling undercover investigations, bank robberies, criminal trespass cases, drug crimes, and burglaries. From 1989 to 1991 he was in the patrol division and from Jan., 1991 to Oct., 1991 he was the traffic supervisor. From Oct., 1991 to 1994, Becker was the department’s internal affairs investigator. In May, 1994 he was promoted to commander and served as the watch 2 patrol commander until the present. From May, 1994 to Sept., 1997 he also served as the SWAT commander.
Beckner said, “I intend to spend the next couple of weeks reviewing the Ramsey case with our investigative team. This is a good team and we’re committed to moving the case forward as best we can.”

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  October 10, 1997 - press conference after Quantico
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 04:55 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

Oct. 10, 1997 - Ramsey Update #58
October 10, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, (303) 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby’s
Remarks to Media on Oct. 10, 1997
(Ramsey Update #58)

“I am adding personnel to the investigation. We will have three additional investigators reassigned to the case: Carey Weinheimer, Kim Stewart, and Michael Everett. All of them were involved in the initial days of the case and I feel are needed to give us enough resources to get the work completed.
I have made the assessment that more resources are necessary after being briefed by the team upon their return from their meetings with the F.B.I. in Quantico. At those meetings we gained a confirmation of the quality of the work which has been done to date. We also had time to get really clear about the work that is still needed to complete this investigation.
I am also assigning Commander Mark Beckner, to work full time with Sergeant Tom Wickman, to manage the investigators. Commander Beckner will be assuming this responsibility from Commander John Eller who has had to split his time between this case and the ongoing day to day work in the Investigative Bureau. Commander Eller will be able to focus his full attention on all the other investigations that we are attempting to manage in his division. These include the ongoing investigation of the spring riots, other ongoing homicide investigations, the recent surge in drug related deaths, and many other criminal investigations that we are trying to manage with the staff available.
I am also relocating the investigative team back to the Public Safety Building for now and intend to manage the case in a more traditional police/prosecutor relationship. A more traditional relationship is one where the staff of the District Attorney are available to advise us, but are not involved in the day to day investigation of the case.
Our purpose continues to be staying focused on getting the work done in order that a determination can be made whether we have a case to present to the District Attorney for prosecution. Although this has been our focus from the beginning, I think it is obvious to everyone that we have been scrutinized on this case from day one by the media to a degree seldom, if ever, experienced in any other case. This had made a difficult investigation even more stressful for all of those involved and our agencies.
My restructuring of this investigation is being done to serve two specific purposes:
  1. I intend to see that we finish the work we have started in a professional way that this department and this community can be proud of.
  2. I intend to see that we do everything possible to bring this case to a successful prosecution.
General Issues:
What is the quality of the investigation?
In spite of all of the speculation about this issue, the work done on this case by the members of both the police department the District Attorney’s Office is of a very high caliber.
Were there mistakes made on the case in the early hours following the reporting of the case?
The officers and detectives who first went to the Ramsey residence responded to the report of a kidnapping, and did what was necessary to manage a kidnapping situation.
Those involved in this first day also were able to transition the focus once we understood that we were really dealing with a homicide. It is accurate to say that if we had it to do all over again we would do it differently. It is also accurate to say that we responded well to what we thought we were confronted with. Remember, this is a one of a kind case. There are few, if any, agencies that would have done it differently than we did in those first few hours.
We all know in this business that you have to deal with what is in front of you with an eye to what is possible outside your immediate situation. What was in front of us was a kidnapping. We pursued that until we understood we had something different.
Has the Boulder Police Department tried to present the Boulder District Attorney’s Office with a warrant for the arrest of anyone in this case?
No, we do not yet have a case that would warrant the pursuit of an arrest.
Is an arrest in this case going to be made?
We will know that when we get the work done. We have not finished the work.
What is the relationship between the District Attorney’s Office and the Boulder Police Department?
Our relationship is strained. In the Criminal Justice System there is often tension between the police and the prosecutors. This is to be expected. Remember, the Criminal Justice System by design is an adversarial system. People often disagree.
From the beginning of this investigation there have been disagreements between the investigators and the prosecutors. These disagreements have generally been in two areas. First has been in the approach to this investigation with respect to dealing with all of the possible suspects. One side of the investigation has favored a hard line on pursuing this matter. The other has been supportive of a less antagonistic approach.
Both of these approaches are legitimate. They both set a tone and are workable. Boulder County’s approach to most matters over the years has been to follow the second and it has worked quite well for this community. In this case there was and still is a difference of opinion about which is more appropriate.
The second major area of disagreement has been over the management of the media. Whereas both the District Attorney and I believe strongly in being open with the press, in this case we have had differing opinions on the proper course to follow. My position, as you know, has been to be very close with the information. The District Attorney has felt a need to be more communicative. Again, both approaches are viable. Our difference of opinion on this matter has added to the strain.
These differences are normal and usually manageable. However, in the pressure cooker environment that we have been working in the last nine months small things get exaggerated and create difficulties.
I know that you have more issues that you would like me to respond to and I will try to accommodate you. But before I do that let me reiterate one thing: There are many hardworking dedicated police officers, prosecutors, attorneys, lab people and others working on this case. All of us are doing our best, under difficult circumstances, to find the person or persons responsible for the death of JonBenet. We are dedicated to this case.
Thank you.”

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  October 8, 1997 - announcing news conference
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 04:54 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

Oct. 08, 1997 - Ramsey Update #57
October 8, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

News Conference Scheduled for Friday, Oct. 10
(Ramsey Update #57)

Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby will hold a news conference to provide an update on the Ramsey investigation including some re-organization of staff and related issues. There are no arrests pending and police have not named any suspects.
WHEN: Friday, Oct. 10 - 10 a.m.
WHERE: Boulder City Council Chambers
Municipal Building
1777 Broadway (at Broadway and Canyon)
Boulder, CO
Please note the following logistical items:
  1. Satellite trucks must be in the parking area by 9 a.m., and parking is available on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Two pool television cameras will be allowed in the Council Chambers. One camera will be a fixed shot on the podium and the second camera will provide cut-away shots of the audience. KUSA Channel 9 will provide the pool cameras and provide a feed to Denver TelePort. Contact Denver Teleport at 303-397-4100. NO OTHER TELEVISION CAMERAS WILL BE ALLOWED IN COUNCIL CHAMBERS.
  3. Space in Council Chambers is limited to about 150 seats.
  4. Satellite trucks and other media vehicles may remain parked in the Municipal complex area for up to 2 hours following the news conference, after which time all parking regulations will be enforced.
Boulder Municipal Cable Channel 8 will carry the news conference live at 10 a.m. and will re-air the news conference at 6 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 10.

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  Sept. 26, 1997 - more on dream team, no conflict of interest
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 04:53 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

Sept. 26, 1997 - Ramsey Update #55
September 26, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 441-3090
Jennifer Bray, Media Relations, 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

No Ethical Problem or Conflict of Interest Issues
Involving Outside Attorneys
Police Chief Koby Clears Up
Misstatements in News Coverage
(Ramsey Update #55)
Because of blatant misstatements contained in recent news media coverage, Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby feels compelled to clear up what appears to be much confusion regarding the three outside attorneys asked by the Boulder Police to serve as counsel to them regarding their work on the Ramsey case.
As stated in the Boulder Police Department’s news release (Attached) on August 1, 1997, these three individuals (Richard N. Baer, of Sherman & Howard, L.L.C.; Daniel S. Hoffman, of McKenna & Cunio; and Robert N. Miller of LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, L.L.P.) Were approached by the Boulder Police Department. According to Chief Koby, “These three attorneys were asked by our Department if they would be interested in counseling members of our team. As a result, all three have worked diligently with us over the past several months.”
After being invited to participate, a meeting to discuss their assistance was held at the Police Department. In attendance at that meeting was Chief Koby, Commander Eller and the entire Police team investigating the JonBenet Ramsey murder.
At that meeting, Mr. Miller and Mr. Hoffman opened by making a full disclosure to everyone present about their relationships with the law firm of Haddon, Morgan & Foreman . Not a single member of the Police team believed that relationship presented any ethical problems or conflicts of interest. “Indeed, the investigating team was pleased and excited about having the assistance of three such highly qualified and experienced lawyers. There were no surprises.” said Koby.
As the Boulder City Attorney was later drafting a formal letter for the arrangement, the relationship between the attorneys and the Haddon law firm was once again fully disclosed. He did not believe there was any conflict of interest.
According to Koby, “During the last two months, these three extremely competent lawyers have provided a great deal of time and valuable advice and counsel to the Ramsey investigation team -and on a voluntary, pro bono basis.”
“Instead of criticism, these three talented professionals deserve praise for their commitment to the community and their civic contribution.”
-- CITY --

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  Sept 4, 1997 - BPD will not investigate leaks
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 04:51 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

Sept. 04, 1997 - Ramsey Update #54
Sept. 4, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Statement from the Boulder Police:
(Ramsey Update #54)
The Boulder Police Department is responding to questions raised concerning possible leaks in the Ramsey investigation. At this time there is no evidence that this has occurred within the police department, and to initiate an internal inquiry would be extremely disruptive to our criminal investigation.
We have put numerous security controls in place and continuously scrutinize these controls. Our number one priority continues to be the successful completion of this investigation for prosecution.
The Boulder police have not responded to speculation about this case and do not intend to do so now. There will be no additional official response on this issue.

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  August 19, 1997 - expenses to date
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 04:50 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

Aug. 19, 1997 - Ramsey Update #53
August 19, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Ramsey Investigation Expenses
(Ramsey Release #53)
1996 expenditures related to Ramsey Homicide Investigation:
Overtime Expenses (604.75 Hrs.)
$ 20,340.80
Travel Expenses
$ 248.38
Investigative Expense
$ 788.55
Total Expenditures for 1966
$ 21,377.73

1997 Expenditures related to Ramsey Homicide Investigation:
Overtime Expense through 7-27-97 P.P. #15 2,855.25 hours
$ 98,734.77
Travel Expenses through 8-15-97
$ 25,494.80
Investigative Expense through 8-15-97
$ 17,406.60
Total Expenditures for 1997
$ 141,636.80
Total expenditures related to Ramsey Homicide
for 1996 & 1997:

$ 163,014.53
(Does not include on-duty costs of investigation)

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  Just ordered!
Posted by: Moop - 01-30-2017, 04:50 PM - Forum: Murdering JonBenet - Replies (5)

I have to confess I didn't know about this book until this forum.  I just ordered it and can't wait to read it!   Big Grin

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  Aug. 1, 1997 - BPD gets dream team of their own
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 04:49 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

Aug. 01, 1997 - Ramsey Update #52
Aug. 1, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Police to Work with Legal Experts to
Prepare Ramsey Case
(Ramsey Update #52)
The Boulder Police Department is confirming that three prominent Colorado attorneys have been engaged to provide legal advice in connection with the Ramsey investigation. The attorneys Richard N. Baer, of Sherman & Howard, L.L.C., Dan Hoffman, of McKenna & Cunio, and Robert N. Miller, of LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, L.L.P., were approached by detectives and asked to assist in this matter.
Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby, Commander John Eller, and the investigators assigned to the Ramsey homicide investigation met with Hoffman, Miller and Baer at the Boulder Police Department on Thursday, July 24, to discuss the possibility of such a partnership and the scope of services that might be provided. That afternoon, Koby and Eller met with District Attorney Alex Hunter and advised him of their intent to hire this group of attorneys. Hunter endorsed the action, and police confirmed their intention to accept the pro bono services of Miller, Baer and Hoffman.
According to Eller, “We have begun discussing the components of the case with our attorneys. They are committed to this case for the duration, and we are extremely pleased and grateful for their interest and assistance.” In response to early inquiries regarding the motivation for seeking out additional legal assistance on the case, Eller stated, “The investigators assigned to this case have diligently and quietly conducted their investigation into this homicide. They have from the beginning sought out the very best consultation available in a number of disciplines, seeking experts in forensics, law, medicine, psychology and numerous technological fields. The addition of these prominent and civic-minded attorneys to provide legal advice is in character with how we have approached our work in this case.
“Miller, Baer and Hoffman bring an incredible amount of experience in criminal law and complex civil litigation to this case,” added Eller.

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  July 3, 1997 - inspection of house finished
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 04:48 PM - Forum: Press Releases /Official statements - No Replies

July 03, 1997 - Ramsey Update #51
July 3, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 441-3090
Ramsey Case New Release Index

Police Conclude Work at Ramsey Home
(Ramsey Update #51)
Members of the Boulder Police Department and District Attorney investigators, accompanied by Colorado Bureau of Investigation personnel, are expected to conclude their work at the Ramsey home today (July 3).
According to Detective Commander John Eller Police, “We accomplished the work we intended to do which included taking measurements to build an architectural model, re-photographing some areas of the house from different angles and in different light, and role playing some scenarios. We are pleased with the results of our work in the Ramsey home.”
Note to Media: There will be no PIO responding to Ramsey questions until Monday, July 7. Have a good July 4th!

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  Presumed Guilty
Posted by: Moop - 01-30-2017, 04:47 PM - Forum: Presumed Guilty - Replies (1)

I just recently read this on kindle and it was very interesting.  I have a hard time believing that JB's murder could be part of such a huge conspiracy of kiddie porn kings, but I do recommend reading it.

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