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  Priscilla quotes
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-13-2020, 03:11 PM - Forum: Fleet and Priscilla White - No Replies

"There's absolutely no way it could be a family member," Priscilla told police in her first official interview  - Alan  Prendergast in Westward

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  Priscilla to Prendergast
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-13-2020, 03:07 PM - Forum: Ransom Note - No Replies

Priscilla was struck by the taunting tone of the note, which was addressed to "Mr. Ramsey." She wondered who could hate John Ramsey that much, to put him through this. 

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  Calling the friends
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-13-2020, 02:41 PM - Forum: December 26th - Replies (1)

When Patsy called the Whites that morning, Priscilla answered the phone.  Patsy told her JBR had been kidnapped.  Priscilla woke Fleet up with the news.   (Black coiled)

Alan Prendergast wrote in Westword - The voice on the line belonged to a frantic Patsy Ramsey. "JonBenét's been kidnapped," she said. "Come over right now. Call the FBI." She hung up before the stunned Priscilla could say much of anything.

It took just minutes to get to the house and the police were already there.

The first thing Fleet saw was Patsy who was very distraught.  She was in the sunroom.

Alan Prendergast wrote - Fleet and Priscilla had never seen Patsy so hysterical, flailing and collapsing in sobs. John Ramsey wasn't known for displaying emotion -- Fleet, who'd done a lot of sailing with him in rough weather, had admired his calm in even the worst storms -- but he looked distraught, too.

Not sure how much time passed but Fleet went to the basement - of his own accord, no one asked or directed him to do that.  

Alan Prendergast wrote: While arrangements were under way to assemble the cash demanded, the Whites did what they could to be useful. Recalling how his own daughter had once gone missing only to be found hiding under her bed, Fleet took a quick tour of the basement, looking for hiding places. He and John collected Burke Ramsey from his room, and Fleet drove him to the Whites' house, to keep him away from the awful situation.

He noted the broken window but didn't remember if it was opened or closed.  He noticed the suitcase.  

He opened the door to the windowless room but couldn't find the light switch easily so left.

He was with John when the body was found - quoted John as saying "Oh my God."  

Fleet was surprised - he really thought it was a kidnapping.

INTERESTING - Fleet said he did not know who wrote the note.  Then he said he had an opinion on who did - but it was not based on the handwriting.  He refused to explain what may have caused him to feel he knew who wrote the note.

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  from black coiled with more info
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-13-2020, 02:14 PM - Forum: Fleet and Priscilla White - Replies (2)

moved to Boulder in 1994 - rented house 2 houses away from Ramsey - to the south.  Diane Brumfit lived in the house between with her two sons.

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  Lin Wood in CBS suit
Posted by: jameson245 - 02-04-2020, 09:43 AM - Forum: Pineapple or Fruit Cocktail? - No Replies

Clemente: Isn’t it possible that JonBenét came down and saw that Burke was eating this,
and took one piece? She didn’t touch the bowl, she didn’t touch the spoon—
Spitz: You know, I have three grandchildren myself. Kids will do that. They’ll go by and
pick out a piece with their fingers.
Page 97 of 108
654. To convince their audience that their rampant speculation is accurate, Defendants
splice in a clip of a blonde girl stealing a piece of pineapple from a young boy, who, in turn,
violently grabs the girl by the wrist.
655. Upon information and belief, Defendants had actual knowledge and failed to
disclose that a Boulder PD analysis after the autopsy determined that JonBenét’s small intestine
had the remnants cherries, grapes, and pineapple—common fruit cocktail ingredients. Yet,
because the presence of cherries and grapes completely undermines Defendants’ series of events,
Defendants consciously fail to share their knowledge with the viewer. Instead, Spitz merely asks
“Did the pathology report indicate what the pineapple looked like, or the gastric contents?”
656. Further, Spitz is aware that the presence of the fruit cocktail in JonBenét’s
stomach does not establish a concrete timeline from which investigators may glean her time of
death, and that the minimum amount of time it would require for the fruit to get to JonBenét’s
lower intestine undermines the theory that it “started the cascade of the rest of events that
happened on the day she died.”
657. Defendants also knowingly failed to disclose that the amount of time it would
have taken the pineapple to travel to JonBenét’s small intestine is fundamentally inconsistent
with the Burke-did-it accusation.
658. Defendants then note that while Burke and Patsy’s fingertips are on the bowl of
pineapple, JonBenét’s are not. This is explainable, Defendants speculate, because she must have
only taken “one piece” but “didn’t touch the bowl” or “touch the spoon.”
659. Defendants have no factual basis for speculating that JonBenét took a piece of
Burke’s pineapple, much less that her fingerprints are not present on Defendants’ purported
smoking gun because she only “snatched one piece.”
Page 98 of 108
660. The fact JonBenét’s fingerprints are not on the bowl of pineapple or the spoon is
actually strong evidence that she did not eat the pineapple from the bowl.
661. Upon information and belief, Defendants knowingly failed to disclose that there
was more than one piece of fruit in JonBenét’s digestive tract.
662. Upon information and belief, Defendants knowingly failed to disclose that there
was more than one type of fruit in JonBenét’s digestive tract.

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  Rosie Tapia
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-31-2020, 04:22 PM - Forum: OTHER children taken from their beds - Replies (1)

Rosie Tapia was 6 years old when she was kidnapped from her Salt Lake City apartment and sexually assaulted on August 13th, 1995. Her body was discovered several hours later in a canal off the Jordan River.

by: Marcos Ortiz
Posted: Jan 26, 2019 / 12:01 AM MST / Updated: Jan 26, 2019 / 05:42 AM MST


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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – He kept this information to himself for more than 23-years.
But it may help solve the mystery behind Rosie Tapia’s murder.
In 1995, the 6-year-old was abducted from her bedroom. Her body was found in a canal near the apartment complex where her family lived.
But in the early morning hours of August 13, 1995, a man who wants to remain anonymous was standing outside his home.  He said he saw a white pickup truck parked near the bridge by the canal near 1500 West and 1700 South in Salt Lake City.  He saw a man in the pickup leave.
“And as he did that, a kid come walking down the sidewalk and what I noticed about him when he come under the light was that he had on denim pants,” said the man. “But from about the knees down, they were dark, dark colored and from the knees up they weren’t that dark.”
He thought the teen was flared pants which were a style worn in the late 1960s.
But that changed when he said the teen got within three feet of him.
“And when he come walking by me the sidewalk was wet,” he said.  “But when he walked by me I realized his pants were wet.”
Police found Rosie’s body in the canal.  
He said he tried passing that information to police the very day they started investigating the case.  But he claimed no  one would talk to him. He told a few people what he saw that morning.

About three years later, he met with police after a relative told them what he witnessed. Police gave him several images of men and asked him to create a composite.
“I was looking at them and I was, I can’t make a face out of these,” the witness recalled telling police at the time. “Who I was talking about was way younger. These pictures don’t match up. These look like these hardened criminal males.”
He said he left when police wouldn’t help him create a younger image. And he never talked about what he saw that night again. That is until this week when ABC4 News received a tip and tracked him down.
Thursday, Rosie’s mother met him for the first time at his home and he told her what he saw that night 23 years ago. She had never heard this before.
“I was stunned ’cause I always figured it was somebody older and I didn’t think it was somebody younger,” she told ABC4 News.
Salt Lake City police did release a composite in 2010, but it was of an older white man.   The witness said that’s not the person he saw.  He claimed to have seen a Hispanic teenager.
“(He was) between 16-and-18 (years old),” he said.  “Really thin. He had a gold chain, a real shiny gold chain around his neck.  His hair was cut neat.  It was combed straight back.”
Rosie’s mother wished he would have come forward years ago. But she said she understood why he didn’t.
“He got discouraged,” she said.  “So hopefully now they’ll listen to help find this person.” 
Tapias said she was also discouraged with police at the outset of the investigation.
“They seemed to not really care,” she said.
But now the witness told Tapia and her private investigator who was also present, that he will talk with police. They’re hoping police will work with him to create a new composite of the teen and do an age progression composite as well.

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  Monica Da Silva
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-31-2020, 04:11 PM - Forum: OTHER children taken from their beds - No Replies


Disappeared September 23, 1990
Sparks, NV

7 year old Monica was reportedly yanked out of an apartment window on Idlewild Drive and never seen alive again. On October 14, 1990, skeletal remains were found in Lagomarsino Canyon, east of Sparks. Because of the advanced decomposition of the remains there was a 10 month delay before the remains were identified as Monica's. An interagency task force formed in 1991 to review several missing persons cases helped in matching dental records to identify Monica, but came up empty in solving the murder.

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  April Rhodes - arrest of Jasper Goddard
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-31-2020, 03:59 PM - Forum: OTHER children taken from their beds - No Replies

Arrest In North Las Vegas Murder Ignites Hope In Reno Cold Case


April Rhodes, Monica DaSilva

By Ed Pearce | 
Posted: Sat 11:04 AM, Jul 13, 2013

RENO, NV - Few cases are etched into the memories of anyone living in Reno in 1990 as the kidnapping and murder of seven year old Monica DaSilva.
The thought of a young girl being snatched from her bedroom window in the middle of the night had every parent here watching their kids that much closer.
Four years earlier, families in North Las Vegas were just as shocked to hear of the abduction and murder of April Marie Rhodes.
The similarities between the two cases are difficult to ignore. Both victims seven years old, both taken from their apartment homes through the bedroom window.
Over the years investigators in both cities kept in touch, but the break came after Reno Police Detective Allan Fox requested a DNA sample from North Las Vegas P.D.
The sample checked against the growing DNA data base produced a match, a 61 year old registered sex offender living in Springfield, Missouri and, as it turned out, Jasper Everett Goddard had been living in the same apartment complex, just two doors away when April Rhodes was taken from her home.

Goddard is in custody in Missouri awaiting extradition. There's no evidence placing him in Reno at any time, but that possibility will be explored.
Goddard who was convicted of assault on a young child in Missouri fits the profile of a preferential predator preying on young children.
"He's in that prepubescent age range that we're looking at," says Fox.
But he's quick to add there's no evidence tying him to Reno or Monica DaSilva.
"Has he been up here or not? We're looking into that. It's still going to take a lot of phone calls, a lot of knocking on doors."
It may lead to a dead end. Still, the arrest in one cold case elsewhere, is enough to excite a detective working one here.
"We have to eliminate him," says Fox. "But when you eliminate a person that means you can move on to the person responsible."
And finding that person remains as important now as it was 23 years ago?
"Yes, because they're still out there and it's just a matter of not giving up."

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Posted by: jameson245 - 01-12-2020, 11:37 AM - Forum: Handwriting - No Replies


 Gerald McMenamin's analysis of Patsy's writing in Forensic Linguistics  notes style markers and concluded Patsy's style differs from the ransom note writer's and she is therefore excluded as the author. He uses as an example of this that Patsy writes "pick up," John "pickup" and the RN writer "pick-up."

 PR 01 Correct spelling of "business"
PR 02 Correct spelling of "possession"
PR 03 Misspelling of "advise" as "advize"
PR 04 Lack of correction in spelling "denied"
PR 05 Misspelled "burial" as "buriel"
PR 06 Misspelling and correction of "advise" as "advize" with additional correction
PR 07 Misspelling of "scrutiny" as "scruitiny" in passes 1 and 2 (after which she spells it right)
PR 08 Use of capital "S" in "Southern"
PR 09 Presence of periods in "am"
PR 10 Periods (instead of "!") after "Victory" in passes 2 and 3 (and 4, 5)
PR 11 No periods used in "SBTC"
PR 12 "Unharmed" is one word
PR 13 Using the correct article in "an earlier"
PR 14 "Pick up" has no hyphen
PR 15 Writes "counter measures" (But she writes "countermeasures" in her individual word exemplars)
PR 16 Use of single word for "outsmart"
PR 17 Use of single word for "underestimate"
PR 18A $118,000. has no trailing zeroes PR 18b $100,000. has no trailing zeroes
PR 18C Wrote "100 dollar" without "$"
PR 18D Wrote "$18,000." with no trailing zeroes in pass 3 PR
18E Use of word "dollar" without "$"

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  story at end of GJ - not quitting
Posted by: jameson245 - 12-16-2019, 11:18 AM - Forum: Grand Jury Indictments - Replies (1)

Hunter: We're not quitting
By Karen Auge
Denver Post Staff Writer

Oct. 15, 1999 - BOULDER - John and Patsy Ramsey are still under that umbrella of suspicion.
In three separate news conferences Thursday afternoon, key figures in the Ramsey case admitted mistakes were made in the investigation, pledged to catch the killer and entertained the idea of having a special prosecutor pick up the case.
Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter and Police Chief Mark Beckner both stressed that efforts to find JonBenet Ramsey's killer didn't end Wednesday with the grand jury investigation - and said the grand jury's 13-month probe did not change the status of JonBene�t Ramsey's parents.
"We have not excluded the Ramseys,'' Hunter said.
In between Hunter's and Beckner's question-and-answer sessions at the Boulder County Justice Center, Gov. Bill Owens announced from the Capitol steps that he had assembled a seven-member task force to decide whether a special prosecutor should take over the case.
When asked about that possibility earlier, Hunter, a Democrat, responded that he wouldn't second-guess the Republican governor.
"We are interested in the pursuit of truth in this case. If he can assist in that, I don't think any of us would stand in his way,'' Hunter said.
Surrounded by his grand jury prosecution team, two of the district attorneys who have advised him and two Boulder police detectives, Hunter said he has an "aching heart about where this case is.''
He refused to discuss any element of the grand jury's investigation - including why John and Patsy Ramsey were not called to testify. Talking about the grand jury's work would violate the secrecy of the process required by law, Hunter and Adams County District Attorney Bob Grant said.
Hunter said the investigation into who killed the 6-year-old beauty queen was "significantly advanced'' by the grand jury's probe, but refused to elaborate.
The Ramseys, who released a statement Wednesday night saying they remain "committed to finding our daughter's killer,'' stayed out of the public eye Thursday. Their attorney, Hal Haddon, did not return phone calls.
"Tension and agony' Patsy Ramsey's sister Pam Paugh told CNN's Larry King on Thursday that she did not know whether her sister and brother-inlaw were relieved not to have been indicted.
"They had absolutely nothing to do with the murder,'' Paugh said.
She said Patsy Ramsey told her Thursday, " "Pam, someone has killed my child, I can never get her back and to this day we don't have her killer, so no, I'm not happy.' '' Mike Archuleta, a former pilot for the Ramseys, said he and his wife talked to them on the phone Wednesday night after the grand jury finished its investigation.
"Their prayers, our prayers have been answered,'' said Archuleta. "The tension and agony they have been going through is horrific. They feel very relieved. They're very grateful to the grand jury for doing what was right - the right thing for everybody.''
He said he hopes the grand jury decision will open new avenues to finding JonBene�t's killer.
"This whole case isn't about the Ramseys. This case is about JonBene�t. There is a brutal murderer out there. They need to be found. I don't know if they ever will. We pray and hope it can be so JonBene�t can rest in peace, so the family can finally rest in peace.''
Reporters queried Hunter about the possibility of other suspects, but the DA refused to elaborate on any suspects other than to say the Ramseys had not been cleared. Their daughter was found beaten and strangled in the basement of their Boulder home on Dec. 26, 1996.
The grand jury began hearing evidence in case on Sept. 15, 1998. Wednesday, the panel ended its work, and just over an hour later Hunter announced to scores of waiting reporters and photographers that no charges would be filed in the case.
"I and my prosecution task force believe we don't have sufficient evidence to warrant the filing of charges . . . at this time,'' he said.
Hunter has never specifically said that the grand jurors voted against issuing an indictment - or that they voted on the matter at all. And he refused Thursday to answer any questions about grand jury proceedings, including whether the eight women and four men had wanted to issue a report on their findings.
Lingering issues If the grand jury never even voted on an indictment, "I find that troublesome,'' said Denver attorney Scott Robinson, who has served as a commentator on the case. "It doesn't mean the process was tainted, it just means the grand jury wasn't as autonomous as we had thought,'' Robinson said.
Hunter and Beckner both stressed that the investigation is not over, and Denver DA Bill Ritter talked about a case his office solved after 20 years and more than one grand jury.
"The grand jury was one phase,'' Hunter said, of an investigation he called a "continuum.''
Beckner later echoed that, saying, "This is an open, active homicide investigation.''
Before becoming chief of Boulder police last year, Beckner took over as lead detective on the Ramsey case in October 1997 after the previous head of the case was removed.
Beckner, who admitted that police made mistakes in the initial stages of what grew to be a $2 million investigation, said there is still more evidence to evaluate. However, Beckner, who coined the "umbrella of suspicion'' phrase, said work on the case "won't be a daily thing. It's not something that takes eight, 10 hours a day like it did in past.''
In response to a reporter's question, Beckner said that information uncovered in the grand jury investigation would be available only to the detective who had been sworn in as a grand jury deputy.
The secrecy that by law surrounds the grand jury proceedings raised questions about whether the seven-member task force appointed Thursday by Gov. Owens to review the investigation could have access to testimony the grand jury heard.
At one point in the press conference, Hunter was reminded that he had once stood behind a microphone and told JonBenet's killer, "We will find you.''
Asked if he had any message for the child's killer now, Hunter began his answer by saying, "If I had that to do again, I might do that a little differently. I thought I might smoke the killer out.''
But this time, he said, his message is: "We are going to continue our efforts.'' And calling his prosecution team one of the best ever assembled, he added, "If I were the killer I'm not sure I'd like to have this group looking for me.''
Denver Post staff writer Marilyn Robinson contributed to this report.

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