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  The head injury - graphic image
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 08:12 PM - Forum: Head Injury - Replies (8)

    click on image to enlarge

From the autopsy: "The scalp is covered by long blonde hair which is fixed in two ponytails, one on top of the head secured by a cloth hair tie and blue elastic band, and one in the lower back of the head secured by a blue elastic band. No scalp trauma is identified. The external auditory canals are patent and free of blood.The eyes are green and the pupils equally dilated. The sclerae are white. The nostrils are both patent and contain a small amount of tan mucous material."

and after the scalp is opened,
"On removal of the skull cap there is found to be a thin film of subdural hemorrhage measuring approximately 7-8 cc over the surface of the right cerebral hemisphere and extending to the base of the cerebral hemisphere.The 1450 gm brain has a normal overall architecture. Mild narrowing of the sulci and flattening of the gyri are seen. No inflammation is identified.There is a thin film of subarachnoid hemorrhage overlying the entire right cerebral hemisphere. On the right cerebral hemisphere underlying the previously mentioned linear skull fracture is an extensive linear area of purple contusion extending from the right frontal area, posteriorly along the lateral aspect of the parietal region and into the occipital area. This area of contusion measures 8 inches in length with a width of up to 1.75 inches. At the tip of the right temporal lobe is a one-quarter by one-quarter inch similar appearing purple contusion. Only very minimal contusion is present at the tip of the left temporal lobe. This area of contusion measures only one-half inch in maximum dimension."

The blow to her head would have been a fatal injury.  The fact that the coroner (and everyone else who saw her body) had no idea there was such an injury indicates there was no obvious swelling, bruising.  In fact the coroner had no idea she had the head injury until he exposed the skull during the autopsy.  The written autopsy indicates very little bleeding and THAT tells us she was hit in the head VERY CLOSE to the time she died.  Otherwise there would have been a lot more bleeding into the skull, bruising, possible bleeding from her eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Lou Smit and others believe the garrote was cutting off the flow of blood to the head and that limited the amount of bleeding from the head injury.

THAT should make the BORG  (Bent on Ramsey Guilt) who are holding the theory that the head blow came a half to full hour before the garrote was put on her as staging or to "finish her off" think twice.   That theory just does not fit the physical evidence.

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  The Haddon Letter
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 07:37 PM - Forum: Ramsey cooperation - Replies (5)

The Haddon Letter

April 23rd, 1997 Ramsey Family Statement

Our clients, John and Patsy Ramsey, offered specifically to meet with the and Boulder police
in a formal interview on December 27, 1996 and again on January 18, 1997. Since then, we
have made numerous attempts to schedule interviews the Boulder Police Department. Yesterday
at 4:00 p.m. the Boulder Police Department canceled the separate interviews scheduled for today
at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

We have forwarded the following letter today to the Boulder County
District Attorney Alex Hunter. Hal Haddon Patrick Burke April 23, 1997

Alexander M. Hunter
Boulder County District Attorney
Boulder County Justice Center
1777 Sixth Street Boulder, CO 80306

Re: John and Patsy Ramsey

Dear Mr. Hunter: By this letter, we express our profound dismay at yesterday's actions
by the leadership of the Boulder Police Department. After representatives of the Boulder
Police with Department and your office requested and agreed to a format for separate
interviews of John Patsy Ramsey beginning at 9:30 a.m. today, we were advised at
approximately 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon that the interviews were canceled because
Boulder Police Department leadership no longer agreed to the format of the interviews
-- despite previous statements to the contrary.

When we received this information from your office yesterday, we offered to discuss
any additional matters which might facilitate the interviews but no one from the police
department was willing to even have that discussion.

In view of the bizarre position of the police department, we then offered to make Mr.
and Mrs. Ramsey available this morning for separate interviews by Detective Lou Smit
and any member of the District Attorney's office who wished to attend. This offer was also declined.

This action is incomprehensible in light of the previous history of this issue.

The Police Department, directly and through a campaign of leaks and smears, has portrayed the
Ramseys as unwilling to grant police interviews or assist the investigation. Although we know this
innuendo to be false, we have avoided criticizing the police because we believed that it would only
fuel a media war which would be counterproductive to the overarching goal -- finding and prosecuting
the killer of JonBenét Ramsey.

Yesterday's actions make further silence untenable.


On Friday, April 11, 1997, John and Patsy Ramsey, with their attorneys, met with Peter Hofstrom of your
office and Tom Wickman of the Boulder Police Department. This meeting was held at Mr. Hofstrom's request.

The Ramseys were told at that meeting that they had been treated unfairly in the past and that authorities
wanted to put the investigation on a new track. They were told that "we need your help to solve this crime."
The Ramseys were asked to give interviews and continue their previous cooperation.

No conditions were placed on the manner in which the interviews would be conducted and, in fact, we were
invited to propose any conditions we considered reasonable. At that meeting, John Ramsey immediately said
that he would gladly meet with your representatives if it would help the effort to find his daughter's killer.

The day after that meeting, Patsy Ramsey voluntarily provided a fourth handwriting sample. The Ramseys also
agreed to let authorities search their house again without a warrant; agreed to destructive testing of materials
located at their home; agreed to identify Patsy Ramsey's prior writings; and agreed to make themselves available
for separate interviews on Wednesday, April 23, 1997, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

The Ramseys agreed to answer any questions put to them by any investigator chosen by your office or the
Police Department. We requested that these interviews be of two hour durations, respectively, but we were
certainly flexible on time and your agencies voiced no objection to that time frame.

All the arrangements for these interviews had been made and agreed upon. John and Patsy were anxious to
participate, based on Mr. Hofstrom's representations that such interviews would assist in apprehending the killer
of their daughter.

We cannot describe their anguish and disappointment when we were forced to advise them that the police had
reneged on the very interviews you earnestly requested on April 11.


This episode is the latest in an inexplicable series of events which appear to be senseless efforts to intimidate
and smear the Ramseys without any valid investigative purpose. We can document that both John and Patsy
Ramsey were extensively interviewed by Boulder police, including detectives, on December 26, 1996, the day
JonBenét's body was discovered. John Ramsey answered more police questions the next day. On doctors' directions,
Patsy Ramsey was not interrogated on December 27.

What occurred next was the most insensitive and outrageous action in this case, at least to date: Boulder police
refused to release JonBenét's body for burial unless the Ramseys agreed to come to the police station and submit
to a hostile interrogation. We had to threaten legal action to obtain her release for burial.

This was the first in a series of insensitive and incomprehensible actions by the Boulder Police Department leadership
to destroy every sincere attempt to have an open and honest relationship of trust with the Boulder Police Department.

After John and Patsy returned from the funeral, we offered to make them available for a joint interview on January 18, 1997,
at 10:00 a.m. We told the police that Patsy Ramsey was too ill to attend the entire session but that John Ramsey would
answer all questions put to him. The police declined this offer and stated in writing that such an interview would not "be helpful"
because "the time for interviewing John and Patsy as witnesses who could provide critical information that would be helpful
in the initial stages of our investigation has passed."

The police countered with an offer that the Ramseys come to the police station at 6 p.m. on a Friday night and subject
themselves to inquisition for as long as "the nature and quality of the information" warranted. That absurd suggestion
was rejected, especially since the police did not believe that the Ramseys possessed any "critical information."

Since that time, law enforcement authorities from several agencies have launched a cowardly smear campaign against John and Patsy,
fueled by leaks and smears attributable only to "sources." We will no longer endure these tactics in silence. It is beyond
comprehension that law enforcement authorities prefer to leak information rather than interrogate the persons who they
characterize as "suspects" in this investigation.

It is apparent that the leadership of the Boulder Police Department lacks the objectivity and judgment necessary to find
the killer of JonBenét Ramsey. Mr. Hofstrom told John and Patsy that he wanted their help to solve this crime. They
remain willing to meet with Mr. Smit, Mr. Ainsworth or any other members of your office to that end.

Harold A. Haddon
Patrick Burke

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  Melinda Ramsey
Posted by: Summer Dawn - 01-28-2017, 03:45 PM - Forum: other family members - Replies (3)

Melinda Ramsey 

 John Ramseys daughter from his first marriage.  She was officially cleared as a suspect.

Melinda Ramsey speaking about  her step mother, Patsy Ramsey in "JonBenet's Mother, The Tragedy and the Truth by   Linda McLean

I've never called her mother, because I already have a wonderful mother; I call her Patsy. But I think of her as my "special mom". I first met Patsy when I was 7 or 8 years old, after my parents had been divorced for a couple of years. For some reasons, one of my first impressions was that she seemed so full of energy. As we got to know each other, we grew very close and still are. We are not related by blood but we are related by love.

"Patsy was always so much fun to be around! I vividly remember the family playing Bingo and Charades together. When it was our birthday, she always made a fuss. This was our "special day' and the birthday child was the center of attention. Patsy was always interested in whatever I was doing at school. I remember when I ran for student council in junior high, she helped me make posters and buttons and practice my speech. Patsy always thinks of others. She always puts other people's feelings, wants and needs above her own. It makes her happy to make other people happy. And that's what makes her so special.

I've never called her mother, because I already have a wonderful mother; I call her Patsy. But I think of her as my "special mom". I first met Patsy when I was 7 or 8 years old, after my parents had been divorced for a couple of years. For some reasons, one of my first impressions was that she seemed so full of energy. As we got to know each other, we grew very close and still are. We are not related by blood but we are related by love.

Patsy was always so much fun to be around! I vividly remember the family playing Bingo and Charades together. When it was our birthday, she always made a fuss. This was our "special day' and the birthday child was the center of attention. Patsy was always interested in whatever I was doing at school. I remember when I ran for student council in junior high, she helped me make posters and buttons and practice my speech. Patsy always thinks of others. She always puts other people's feelings, wants and needs above her own. It makes her happy to make other people happy. And that's what makes her so special.

I know it's hard to be a step-parent. You are somewhere in the middle - like a "fill-in". But Patsy was always genuinely glad to see us; she treated us like her own children. It meant a lot to me as a child when she introduced me to people as "my daughter, Melinda". She didn't make the distinction of step-child. But she also didn't cross the line and try to become our mother. She didn't discipline us. For my upcoming wedding, she and my mother are working as a team. Patsy helped Mom select the invitations and organize my engagement party. I know I am fortunate to have a family like this

On day as we were driving in the car, Dad asked, "What would you think about having another brother or sister?" It really caught me off-guard and I was shocked; I guess I just never thought about it. But I was really happy and when Burke and JonBenét were born, it was so exciting! They were both so much fun to be around. Burke liked to play with John Andrew, always looking for him to play matchbook cars, etc. JonBenét and I liked to paint together or play dress up. Each year we colored Easter eggs and we had a Christmas tradition of baking cookies together.

Since I grew up in Georgia, I wasn't used to snow. One day in Boulder, there were little patches of snow on the ground and JonBenet went out to "build a snowman". I soon realized it would be almost impossible to do this with the little bit of snow that was left. But JonBenet was determined. "I know we can do it!" And so, of course, we worked and worked until we had a two-foot-high snowman. I'd do anything to make her happy.

One of my strongest memories is how she always ran to greet me. Her pig tails were flying, her hands were outstretched and she screamed, "Be-winda, Be-winda." It is this memory that I cherish the most.

It breaks my heart to see these horrible accusations being made about Dad and Patsy. They are wonderful parents! Patsy helped raise Beth and John Andrew and me. I watched them with Burke and JonBenet. I know! And yet people who don't know them who have never even met them, are saying absolutely horrible things! They have no right to!!

I'm their daughter. I've lived under the same roof as them. I've had the same parents as JonBenet. I have such a hard time understanding why the public refuses to believe me -- why my word just isn't enough. 

I'm glad Dad and Patsy are strong people. They have withstood a lot and they can withstand this too. But it isn't fair. It just isn't fair.

(Melinda was crying as the interview ended)

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  A thread on the book
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 11:11 AM - Forum: JonBenét's Mother - the Tragedy and the Truth - Replies (5)


Includes lots of quotes

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  Shirley Brady - Georgia nanny
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 11:08 AM - Forum: Burke Ramsey - bio - No Replies

Published in the Boulder Camera - January 10th, 1997

This is an awful way to start a new year after you get "Happy New Year" wishes from everyone.

I really don't feel happy and I wonder, how long will this sadness last? I never expected such a tragedy as little JonBenet's murder. Although I have not seen her since she was a baby, I have talked to her mother several times. I'll always remember the family as kind, good people; a soft-spoken father who is kind and loving, and his children are his life, and a beautiful mother who is always radiant. She's the only woman I've ever seen who comes to breakfast in her housecoat and looks like a ray of sunshine.

I was the housekeeper and nanny to their little son who was born while I was there. Both are devoted parents and I was crazy about Burke. I used to rock him to sleep; he loved Handel's Messiah's "Halleluiah Chorus." I have in my heart and mind so many happy memories of the whole family including grandparents and aunts. The oldest children had so much grace and class, so well behaved and refined.

When I saw that little coffin and the grieving parents, I was stunned. Who could do such a violent, crazy deed? It is plain insanity for anyone to even think a family member would have done it. After Mr. Ramsey's oldest daughter died, JonBenet was his salvation to go on from his sorrow, loosing his oldest.

Burke adored his little sister. When I babysat, I watched him playing with her when she woke up. He would tell me she woke up so I could change her. He always was a highly motivated, intelligent child. He figured out at 5 months in his walker, how to unscrew every doorknob in his kitchen. I used to call him "Super Kid." I took him to the piano and took his little finger to play: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." He enjoyed it at least five minutes, which is a long time for a six months old. He loved for me to read to him. I could write a book about them, titled "The Love of One Family."

I was asked how Mr. Ramsey is taking all the tragedies in his life. I said he has a tremendous inner strength - he is like the Rock of Gibralter. He will never ever forget it, but he lets God comfort him in the belief, what He does, he accepts it. Mrs. Ramsey is the same. When you have two people loving each other like they do, nothing can come between them. They share tragedies together.

Finally, as I wrote in their card:

God gave you JonBenet for a little while. Now she is in heaven, in the sunshine of God's smile.

God bless all of you for supporting them.


Americus, Ga.

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  The small hidden room
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 10:28 AM - Forum: Disproving Myths - Replies (8)

Man: Then another story appeared - The room where JonBenet was found was so hidden, whoever murdered her knew the house - even the mayor of Boulder said so.

Mayor: By all reports, there were no visible signs of forced entry. The body was found in a place
where people are saying, someone had to know the house.

Man: Television hammered the message home.

American Journal - "But the biggest clue to this mystery is this maze of a house itself, this house with a hidden room where JonBenét's body was found.

Linda Hoffman - Housekeeper - I didn't even know that room was there. I cleaned that house, I
cleaned that basement many times and didn't even know that room was there.

American Journal Questioner (To Linda Hoffman) It tells you something about the killer, doesn't it?

Linda Hoffman - That's right.

Questioner - What does it tell you?

Linda Hoffman - It tells me somebody had to know that house.


But the room was not hidden in any way. From the foot of the stairs, you can see the door to the room straight ahead of you. Linda had gone into the room many times to get out Christmas trees and other junk. But when the police asked her about the room, they didn't WANT her to say she knew about the room - so they didn't make it clear where the body was found.   (I think they suggested you had to go THROUGH the boiler room to get to the small room where she was found - - like it was very small and hidden.  JMO)

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  Footprints in the snow
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 10:26 AM - Forum: Disproving Myths - Replies (4)

Reporter Charlie Brennan said he knew from the beginning the parents were the only real suspects.

Charlie Brennan: I certainly have, I had that sense at that time, I had that sense at that time, yes. I had the belief that the police were under a strong suspicion from the very beginning that it had to be the parents.

Man: A local television reporter who also covered the story on the 27th drew the same conclusion.

Julie Hayden, TV Reporter: Early on there, definitely before the five o'clock newscast, we were
beginning to get the sense that the police were not hunting Boulder for some mad kidnapper – That the police were looking more inside the family.

Man: From now on, a clear pattern was to emerge in the news coverage. While police chief Tom
Koby said little, others in law enforcement continually leaked information. Often it was misleading information intended to implicate the Ramseys. The pattern began that day. A story was leaked that suggested ONLY a family member could have murdered JonBenét.

C Brennan: I had a trusted law enforcement source tell me the first officers there noted that it was rather strange, they thought, NO footprints in the snow outside and this is a source that has been infallible in my experience.


We now have the crime scene photos and know the walkways were clear.  We know police notes were written hours, days after the event and mistakes were made.  And we know from depositions that John Fernie walked around the house before the police went looking for tracks - if no one else's were there, his should have been.  This seems like a clear case of the police leading the media on a BORG path.

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  legal lying in interrogations
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 10:21 AM - Forum: Disproving Myths - No Replies

My best information is that the book Mind Hunter was NOT in the Ramsey house - that Mike Kane was lying when he told John it was - and that was perfectly legal. It is a police tactic to get a response.  (Also a way to get misinformation to the public in a way it would be taken as "fact".  Remember, all kinds of things were being leaked back then.)

From the 1998 interview:

MIKE KANE: Okay. What about "Mind Hunter", John Douglas's book was there, was in the house, had you purchased that?

JOHN RAMSEY: No. It was there in '96? Interesting.

MIKE KANE: Why's that interesting?

JOHN RAMSEY: I never never heard of John Douglas or that book before.

That interview took place before John realized just what lengths the cops would go to to get information they might twist their way -- after all, now it was ON THE RECORD that the book was in the house -- misinformation, but still on the record.

By the 2000 interview, John was wiser and when told there were fibers on JonBenet's genitals from John's sweater, he was NOT so polite -- he called Kane a liar.

It is interesting to see how things changed over time.  In 1996, many of us thought police didn't lie.

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  The Hoffman/Miller FAX
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 10:15 AM - Forum: Handwriting - Replies (5)

Darnay Hoffman is the attorney who sued the Ramseys on behalf of Chris Wolf.  He said that his experts would testify that Patsy Ramsey and no one else wrote the ransom note.  The case was tossed out by Federal Judge Julie Carnes but the depositions from that lawsuit gavve us a LOT of good information on a number of subjects.

RIP, Darnay.  Now you know.

I shared this FAX a long time ago with the forum - and will again here. This FAX went from Darnay Hoffman to another attorney - Tom Miller. Tom Miller was willing to say that as a handwriting expert he had done what the FBI, CBI and US Secret service had been unable to do --- link Patsy to the note.  

While Miller was willing to say Patsy wrote the note, he was never taken seriously by anyone I know related to this investigation, and that included Darnay.

This FAX is a document I think most Ramsey addicts will find very interesting.  THIS is the kind of documents followers of the case rarely get to see but only one of many.

The text:

Dear Tom,
Could you please fax me a copy of your c.v.? My fax number is (212) 496-****. I need to begin
preparing your court affidavit and a recital of your qualifications as a handwriting expert is essential.

You might be interested to know that I spoke with handwriting expert Paul A. Osborn who is, as you
probably already know, the grandson of Albert S. and son of Albert D. Osborn. He refuses to touch the
Ramsey case with a ten foot pole. His reasons: he knows the handwriting experts who gave their reports
to the defense team and to CBI --- four in all. According to Osborn these experts are supposedly top in
their field (he won't give me their names) with impeccable ethical credentials. Their verdict: the
similarities between Patsy and the ransom note writers handwriting is at the very lowest end of the
spectrum, i.e., there is little or no basis for a match.

I don't have to tell you what is going to happen when I present your report and affidavit to a district
court judge. When Alex Hunter and Hal Haddon are finished with you, you will either look like Henry
Lee or Dennis Fung. Obviously this is going to be a "defining moment" for both of us. My former law
professor Barry Scheck just took a wicked hit in the Nanny murder trial, so it can happen to the best of

Trust me (as they say in Hollywood) when I tell you that if you're doing this solely for the money, then
you're nuts. This is "a career move." You better be in this because you "like the action." Because you're
going to see plenty of it when this report hits the courts.

Best, Darnay Hoffman

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  from documentaries and interviews
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 10:05 AM - Forum: Prior sexual abuse - Replies (11)

Quotes from A&E documentary
Tracey to Dr. Beuf: JonBenet was brought to see you on 27 occasions. Does this number of visits strike
you as excessive?
Dr. Beuf: No, I don't think it's excessive under the circumstances. I went through her chart and
summarized the types of visits she had in the office in the few years prior to her death. She was here three times for annual well-child visits, one time for stomach ache, one time for vaginitis, one time for a bruised nose from a fall at a local market, and 21 times for colds, sinusitis, ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, hay fever, and possible asthma. A pretty wide spectrum of generally allergy and respiratory system associated problems which are not uncommon with kids her age.
Tracey: So that number 27, one would expect that other children would have similar numbers of
Dr. Beuf: Some more and in some cases less than others.
Tracey: In that kind of time frame?
Dr. Beuf: Yes.
Tracey: Did you see any signs of any kind of sexual or physical abuse of JonBenet Ramsey?
Dr. Beuf: I saw absolutely no signs of sexual abuse. I had no suspicion of it.
Man: Other media stories have suggested that vaginal inflamation released in the autopsy
report suggests previous sexual abuse. This conclusion is not supported by the balance of medical
Dr. Thomas Henry:{Denver Medical Examiner} From what is noted in the autopsy report, there is no
evidence of injury to the anus, there is no evidence of injury to the skin around the vagina, the labia.
There is no indication of healed scars in any of those areas. There is no other indication from the autopsy report at all that there is any other previous injuries that have healed in that area.
Man: But the absence of physical evidence in itself is not conclusive. So is there any other
evidence for the media's claim?
Man: Lucinda Johnson is John Ramseys first wife.
Man to Lucinda: A blunt question, is John Ramsey a child abuser?
Lucinda: No he is not. He is affectionate, he is kind and very gentle.
Man: Any suggestions from other family, other friends, school friends, so on, that that may
be the case.
Lucinda: No. There have never been other suggestion from any other source.
Man: Peggy Ramsey, John's sister-in-law. Is John someone who would abuse children?
Peggy: No. No he is not and it hurts so much that people would even say it or think it. There is
no truth to that. If we thought there was, we certainly would have spoken up as a family. We
would have gotten together and said, look, you know, you need help but nothing like that ever, ever,
ever crossed our minds.
Man: John Ramsey's first son, John Andrew:
John Andrew: No, there was never any abuse in my family. Zero. None. There was never any
touching or anything weird that might be kind of seen as sexual abuse by some. Never.
Man: This is John Ramsey's oldest daughter, Melinda.
Melinda: I'm John Ramseys daughter. I grew up with him, he raised me and I saw him raise JonBenet
and I don't understand why they don't believe me --- That he is the most caring father in the world. He
has never, ever, ever abused us in any way. I just wish I could say something to convince them.
Man: These are family members but what they are saying is supported by Boulder social services.
After the murder they videotaped a long interview with JonBenét's 9 year old brother Burke. The police
watched from behind a two way mirror. Social Services later reported that there was no indication of
either physical or sexual abuse.
The police declined to take part in this program but even their inquiry supports the family.
Many months of investigation into possible sexual abuse, according to one law enforcement
official, had yielded zero - "Friggin' Zero!"

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