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Foreign Faction - jameson245 - 01-28-2017

This is a long thread on Topix where I commented on Kolar's book while I read it.  Use as a companion when reading his book - - or just read my thread and skip his book - - or copy and paste here to comment on what is written there.  Have fun.


RE: Foreign Faction - Moop - 01-30-2017

This book was full of lies and misinformation.

RE: Foreign Faction - jameson245 - 02-26-2017

Chapter two starts with the theory that someone was very unhappy with John as a business man and wanted revenge, got together a gang to kidnap JonBenet. No reason given why her and not Burke. No explanation why it took at least 4 people or why they only wanted 118,000 dollars. The theory he puts forward is bizarre to say the least. Clearly he doesn't believe it and wouldn't have the reader believe it either.

I am just going to comment on the things I believe are factually incorrect.

Remember, I am not going to bash the THEORY, just point out factual errors.

1. He has Patsy putting JonBenet to bed in a red top. We know JonBenet wore a white top to the Whites' and Patsy never changed it. She was found in it the next day.

2. Kolar has Patsy setting the alarm. In the interviews, she makes it clear the alarm was on John's side of the bed and if it was set, he did it. She woke on her own.

3. On page 13, he has a bad guy climbing the stairs from Burke's room to a landing outside John and Patsy's room on the third floor. I don't know how much time Kolar spent in the house but when I was in there, one of the very odd things I noted was the stairs went right into the bedroom without a door! Quite strange, I thought. No landing.

4. On page 14, Kolar has the kidnappers removing the white blanket from the bed, then REMAKING the bed, neatly turning back the covers. Seems Kolar may be confusing the real crime scene photos with the 'staged' ones shown to the housekeeper. The bed was not made.

These very basic errors make it hard to trust James Kolar as an expert in this case. JMO

5. Kolar has two intruders in her room, JonBenet is knocked out by a stun gun and tape is put over her mouth. Then she is awake and struggling, a man's hand covering her mouth. Hmmmm. Weren't we told the tape was removed by John and that there was no smudging, just clear lip prints? Doesn't work Kolar's way.

6. Kolar has JonBenet scratching lots of people. Doesn't fit with the DNA evidence. Maybe he's confused? Oh, no, he's writing an intruder theory he does NOT want anyone to believe.

7. He has the intruders feeding JonBenet pineapple before killing her. Timing way off. The pineapple would not have had time to pass through her stomach into her intestines. Fact is, she ate that earlier in the day.

8. Kolar has her screaming in the kitchen. Hmmmmm While that might have been heard by the family, I can tell you there's no way Melody Stanton would have heard that across the street.

So far, Kolar has done a good job writing an anti-intruder book.

RE: Foreign Faction - jameson245 - 02-26-2017

OK, the WORST error so far..... he has unnamed pathologists saying the blow to her head came 90 minutes before her death, "slowly filling her cranium with blood". WHAT?

Are we talking about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey? Did he read her autopsy? He is, simply put, WRONG!

I read the book, saw how bad it was and was going to leave it be, anyone following the case would know he was lying, dismiss his garbage. But, fact is, some read it and believe because no one is calling him out. But we should, every one of us.

The facts could solve this, garbage like this book can never help.

RE: Foreign Faction - jameson245 - 02-26-2017

The rest of Chapter 2 is, imo, just silly, a gang with walkie talkies hanging out in the alleys for days, one pervert called 'Monster' who the others leave in the house and wait for while the neighborhood is overrun with cops and curious.

And evidence put in a neighbor's trash. Is Kolar telling us no one checked neighborhood trash cans? The stun gun, cord, tape.... never found.

This is not a helpful book.

Maybe the next chapter will be better?

RE: Foreign Faction - jameson245 - 02-26-2017

Bardach got her information from Steve Thomas and wrote that it was Officer Richard French who checked the basement, didn't find the body and carried the weight of that error with him. I got the same information from my sources the first time I went to Colorado.

Kolar said that error belonged to Sergeant Paul Reichenbach.

The same Sergeant Reichenbach, according to Kolar, checked on Burke and believed he was still asleep. Well, that matches my notes so I guess Kolar got something right. Hallelujah.

RE: Foreign Faction - jameson245 - 02-26-2017

Page 29 - Kolar says there is some question whether Fleet accompanied John when he went to wake up Burke. That is not in dispute. According to interviews and depositions, both men went up to get Burke so he could go over to the Whites'. While John got Burke dressed and prepared to go, Fleet White made Burke's bed.

Again, simple facts -Kolar should have known

RE: Foreign Faction - jameson245 - 02-26-2017

Page 36, Kolar has John Ramsey "disappearing" for an hour and 20 minutes. Simply put, it didn't happen. This was one of those Ramsey myths that has a habit of reappearing in BORG literature.

Something new.... Kolar said Patsy asked Officer French to "remove his gun belt and uniform shirt" as he waited in the house. I never heard that before and, to me, that is strange. I could see it if they removed all police cars from the neighborhood, scared they were being monitored it would make sense to have officers in plain clothes.

I never heard this. Anyone else?

Another bit that is new to me. Kolar has Fleet White returning to the basement after JonBenet had been carried upstairs. Says Fleet handled the blanket and a cigar box. Anyone heard that before? I may be forgetting something.

Page 41, the last comment on this chapter. Kolar had John Ramsey telling Officer Mason that he was making arrangements to go to Atlanta because he had a meeting he couldn't miss. Another lie. John had been told his daughter was dead. He knew she would be buried in Atlanta, next to Beth. He and Patsy had been told to leave the Boulder house, they were making plans to go home, to bury their daughter. There was no meeting, remember, they would have been in Michigan if it had been a normal day.

RE: Foreign Faction - jameson245 - 02-26-2017

Posted Jul 1, 2015

Will continue with the book later today. For now want to say Kolar likes ro quote certain 'experts' and ignore others. I read his comments, remember the autopsy and Dr. MEYER'S FINDINGS, remember what Dr. DOBERSON told me, the medical books he used to explain his medical findings to me.... and I have to tell you, I think there was more than a fair amount of 'expert witnesses' in this case who were brought on board to bolster the BPD's BORG POV. Foster and Yeager were publicly outed, others were not. Should be, but I won't hold my breath.

I don't care much for the vague statements in this book. Let Kolar share names and actual reports if he wants to dispute the autopsy report and other case documents.

Prime example, Kolar has great bleeding into the skull and brain. Simply put, that is not what the autopsy reveals at all. I don't believe Kolar is making a simple mistake. I think he is out and out lying.

If you watch the 10 part documentary on youtube, the staircase, about another case.... you will see a good example of bad witnesses in high places. Well worth watching. Reflects what I see happening here.

RE: Foreign Faction - jameson245 - 02-26-2017

Chapter 4

Page 44 - Kolar reports that John Ramsey "reported he read to both children before retiring for the night" -- and that was in the initial police reports. A copy was given to the Ramseys and John immediately told the authorities there were a few mistakes in the initial reports. One being that he had checked the doors on the 25th. He had not, did not routinely check the doors. He also corrected this bit about reading to both children. He had told police he carried JonBenet to bed, sleeping, had played with Burke a bit with his Christmas toy and then put Burke to bed -- then he read to himself.

Either this is sloppy reporting by Kolar or he is lying.

Since the corrections are easily found in the interview and deposition transcripts..... well, I am thinking that Kolar, like Steve Thomas, is kind of bending the evidence and truth to fit his theory better.

Same page, Kolar says no house keys had been lost or stolen, that outside the family the only people with keys were the housekeeper, Patsy's mother and John Andrew. That is not true. Patsy told police about many keys, including one kept under a statue outside the solarium door, a key that was lost, keys in the possession of neighbors and friends.

In a quick search for info on the keys, I found this:
"On December 26 John Ramsey had told the police there weren't any keys "hidden under rocks" in the yard and that only John Andrew, Nedra, and Linda had extra keys. But three weeks later, on January 21, Patsy's attorney told the police that the Whites, the Fernies, and Joe Barnhill also had keys. In April 1997, Ellis Armistead, an investigator hired by the Ramseys, would tell the police that there were twenty more extra keys outstanding. In the end, however, the detectives could find only nine people who said they had keys. Six of the keys were returned. Three were missing."

Not sure what John said, or if he even knew how many keys were out there. I can tell you my husband doesn't know who has keys to our house. Need to find what Patsy said about keys in the 1997 or 1998 interviews. Anyone?