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Burke lawsuit - Kaligirlsam - 12-25-2017

01/22/2018 Case Evaluation - General Civil
03/05/2018 Settlement Conference (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Groner, David A.)
16-017577-CZ Ramsey, Burke v CBS Corporation , et al.

RE: Burke lawsuit - jameson245 - 01-03-2018

Looks like a settlement will happen sooner rather than later. It may be reported in the news but the amount will be sealed.

Thanks for posting this, Kaligirlsam

RE: Burke lawsuit - CA4Now - 01-06-2018

So glad to hear about this!

RE: Burke lawsuit - Dispatcher - 01-08-2018

That’s odd. There are rumors going around that CBS wants to go to trial and has something or someone that wasn’t revealed in their special.

RE: Burke lawsuit - jameson245 - 03-15-2018

The BORG has always said CBS wants to go to trial so they can get John and Burke on the witness stand - - but if that is true, why try to get the case dismissed?

I see no evidence that they are eager to try to defend their disgusting actions. LE made it very clear Burke was not a suspect - even Queen BORG Nancy Graceless has made it clear he was innocent. With access to more files than most, I have to tell you CBS made a BIG mistake when they backed that theory.