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note, 911 - jameson245 - 09-15-2018

Dividing up the interviews into subjects - some will be mixed - please look at different threads for full picture.

PR: And it’s some kind of (inaudible).
TT: It, it’s not one of these, oh, what do you call them, you, you, little antenna. You can walk around the house?
PR: No, no.
TT: (Inaudible) This has a cord on it.
PR: To the wall, yean.
TT: Okay. Okay. So you are in there making the 911 call. John’s out in the hallway reading the note, um . . .
PR: ell, I mean we were real, the phone’s right here and he was right there.
TT: Right.
PR: I mean it’s just . . .
TT: Right around the corner. Okay. When did you check on burke during all this? You talked about John going to check on Burke.
PR: Yeah. I think he ran and check on him when I was up, up there uh, you know, it just all happened so fast. I said, ‘Oh, my God. What about Burke?’ And I think he ran in and checked him while I was running back downstairs or something.
TT: Okay.
PR: But I remember he, you know, I think he ran and checked on him and, and he told me he was okay or whatever.
TT: Okay. Was Burke still in the same bed? He hadn’t moved beds or anything like that?
PR: I don’t know. I didn’t go in there and look..
TT: Okay. John talked about that with all the commotion and you guys yelling and stuff, did that wake up Burke at all?
PR: No, it didn’t.
TT: Okay.
PR: He didn’t get up for awhile.
TT: Cause we talked, John went up later on and, and woke up Burke . . .
PR: Right.
TT: . . .and . . .
PR: Yeah. Brought him down.
TT: Okay. Uh . . .
PR: Got him dressed and . . .
TT: Okay. So you’re on the phone call 911. John’s reading the note. What happened then?
PR: Uh, that woman on 911 or whoever I was talking to . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .it just seemed like she took forever, you know. I said, I mean, she just kept saying well what is it, you know, and I said our little girl has been kidnapped, you know, and I gave her the address and, I mean, she just, I mean, just, she, I just said sent somebody fast, you know. Uh, it just seemed like she was just, I’m sure she had things she had to go through . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .but oh. And John just was reading that note and, and then uh, and he went up and got dressed sometime before the policeman got there he had gotten dressed . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .and uh, the Whites and the Fernies came over. . .
TT: Okay. Do, who called the, who called the Whites and Fernies?
PR: I did. I did.

RE: note, 911 - jameson245 - 09-15-2018

Friends called, Burke leaves

TT: Okay. Do, who called the, who called the Whites and Fernies?
PR: I did. I did.
TT: Okay. Do you remember which ones you called first. Who called. Who did you call first?
PR: I, I don’t exactly. I think I called the Whites first, but I can’t remember exactly.
TT: Who did you talk to at the White’s house?
PR: Pricilla, I think.
TT: Okay. Do you remember what you told her about what was going on?
PR: Not, I mean, I was just hysterical. I think I, I probably told her that she had been, JonBenet had been kidnapped. And uh, to come over and . . .
TT: Then you called the Fernies.
PR: Fernies.
TT: And who did you talk to at the Fernie house?
PR: Uh, I think I talked to John. I think I talked to John.
TT: Okay.
PR: (Inaudible) I don’t remember. I don’t remember. I think John Fernie got there first, before Barbara, but I don’t remember who answered the phone really.
TT: Okay. So John runs upstairs, gets dressed. You’re already dressed. Who’s the first person that comes in the front door. Who’s the first person that comes in the front door. Who’s the first person that makes it over to your house.
PR: Uh, well. The policeman.
TT: Okay. The policeman arrives.
TT: Who, who all was, where was John at the time that the officer arrived?
PR: Oh, I don’t I don’t know. I remember I, I don’t know where he was. I walked out onto the front step there and I was just, I was just kind of out of it. I was hysterical.
TT: Um hum.
PR: I said that there was a not and that our daughter had been kidnapped and we were trying to get the money and I don’t, I don’t remember.
TT: Okay. So you met the officer when he came into, or came up to the front door.
PR: Right.
TT: You’re the one that opened the door for him.
PR: Right.
TT: Okay. Um, the officer kind of herded you into that, the sunroom area?
PR: Right.
TT: And then, the way I understand it, then the Whites and the Fernies got there?
PR: I believe that’s right, yeah.
TT: Do you remember who came in first, the Whites or the Fernies.
PR: I think I think it was the Whites, but I can’t remember.
TT: Okay. Uh. . .
PR: It seemed like they got there pretty quick.
TT: Fleet and Pricilla arrived?
PR: Yeah.
TT: Okay. About what time did John go upstairs and wake up Burke to have him leave, cause I know that was after the Whites got there. Is that right?
PR: I don’t know what time that was, but it was more, it was more daylightish. I mean that was after every, a lot of people were there by then.
TT: Okay.
PR: Uh, and there was some discussion about what to do about Burke and I think Fleet said he could come over to their house and play or something.
TT: Um hum. What, what kind of discussion, I mean, other than Fleet saying he can come over to my house and play. What to do with Burke?
PR: Well . . .
TT: (Inaudible)
PR: . . .just you know, we just thought it was best that he not be around. It was, it was just bedlam, you know, and I was a mess and, you know the police trying to do their job and all and . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .you know.
TT: Was it uh, was Linda there by the time uh, when Burke was leaving?
PR: Um . . .
TT: Do you remember that?
PR: I don’t remember exactly. She was, she was there pretty soon, but it seemed like, I remember sitting in the sunroom and it was, more daylightish when she got there.
TT: Okay.
PR: So I don’t know, I don’t know what time it was really.
TT: Okay. Who called Father Rol and let him know what was going on?
PR: I think Barbara said she did.
TT: Okay. Do you have any idea about what time Father Rol got there?
PR: I don’t know what time anything happened. I was just, I was just frantic.
TT: Okay. Kind of maybe, make your own timeline here.
PR: Um.
TT: Um, do you remember if Burke left the house before or after Father Rol arrived?
PR: No I don’t, I don’t remember.
TT: Okay. Um, again, who, who took Burke out of the house? Did John, John and Fleet do that or did just Fleet drive him away?
PR: Uh, I don’t believe John left. I think that John brought him downstairs and uh, he came over to me and told, really couldn’t (inaudible) or anything and he had tears in his eyes, I think, I think we just said you can go over and play at the Whites. I don’t remember exactly who took him out of there.
TT: I know it’s a difficult time and these are some hard questions we have to talk about. Um, Patsy, and again it’s more just hard to understand sometimes and I just want to make sure the secretary can understand . . .
PR: Yeah.
TT: . . .so John brings Burke downstairs and then, is that, that’s when you told him that JonB. . .was missing. JonBenet was missing.
PR: yeah, I think Burke, Burke, I think John had talked to him some upstairs. I don’t know.
TT: Okay.
PR: (Inaudible) came in and, you know, hugged him before he left.
TT: Did he day anything to you before he left?
PR: (Response inaudible.)
TT: And then you a, then somebody took him over to the White’s house.
PR: Correct.