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Lori Poland - Robert Thiret - jameson245 - 09-24-2018

• Aug. 22, 1983: three-year-old Lori Poland was kidnapped in front of her home. Witnesses saw a partial car license plate number that matched another seen in an earlier reported kidnap attempt. The match led to Robert Paul Thiret. Three days later, Lori was rescued when a couple hiking 15 miles west of Denver heard her cries for help from the bottom of a 10-foot outhouse pit. Lori was hospitalized and suffered from exposure, but identified Thiret in a photo lineup. He went to prison in 1984 until he was completely freed in 1990 with no parole requirement.

RE: Lori Poland - Robert Thiret - jameson245 - 09-24-2018

Six years for that crime seems a bit lax to me.