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Sherry Keene-Osborn - jameson245 - 10-02-2018

[b]Sherry was a very special person.  She was a good journalist, she reported the news, didn't make it.  She always sought the truth and didn't burn her sources.  She was tenacious in her quest for the right story - willing to make the calls no one else would make. She didn't take the easy path but pushed herself to walk on the right path, even when her body was telling her she could go no further.  When the medication distorted her appearance, she still faced the cameras if she felt she had something only she could contribute.  She was a trouper.[/b]
[b]More than that, Sherry was a friend.  Her phone was always available to her friends and she spoke to all of us with patience and kindness, always, even when she was disappointed or upset with us.   She was the listening ear when a friend just needed to "get it out".  She mended bridges between friends who had differences they couldn't seem to overcome.  She held people's hands in the night when they called with their fears.  Whether the call was from across the country or the bar down the street, Sherry would answer and be there.[/b]