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Lou Smit - jameson245 - 10-26-2019

"If there is evidence of an intruder, it is not the parents."   Lou Smit

RE: Lou Smit - jameson245 - 10-26-2019

"Staging is a rare occurrence. in 32 years, over 300 death investigations, only recall 2 where staging occurred - then only minimal staging." Lou Smit

RE: Lou Smit - jameson245 - 10-26-2019

"History will be the judge as to how we conducted ourselves and how we handled our responsibilities." Lou Smit

RE: Lou Smit - jameson245 - 10-26-2019

Just want to document here that after Lou Smit resigned from his position with the DA's office (special investigator), he received a letter from Michael Kane asking for a meeting to go over things. Kane made it clear he did not want Lou to make the suggestion public. 6 weeks later, a letter was sent from Bruce Levin (Chief Trial Deputy) to Mr. Lou SCHMIDT saying Kane had not heard from Lou and that they would both welcome Lou calling for a "get together".

Personally, I think those two, and one other, Mitch Morrissey, acted in really disrespectful ways - - and they sure did nothing to see this case properly investigated and solved.

I have many letters from this case - and while most are forever going to be sealed - - this one act of disrespect really stood out and I wanted to share.

(Clearly, I am working hard finding background for a project. My message to Kane and Levin - - I would love to shame you but don't think you know the word.)