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Open letter to DA Dougherty - jameson245 - 11-24-2019

Dear Michael, 
I am back in North Carolina after a trip that had me anxious, excited, hopeful, disappointed, further educated, surprised and, at times, in tears.
Christmas Eve of 1996, the Ramseys went to see the Boulder STAR.  They stayed in the car and just looked at it.  JonBenét was upset at that - why couldn't she climb that hill and be IN the star?   
Last week, I went alone to the star and took the hike she never got to take.  Halfway up the hill I understood perfectly why she was told no, but I was determined to do it - for her as much as for me.  It was exhausting, I wont deny it, and the fear of falling was real, but I kept my eyes on that star and forced myself to keep going.
I am going to ask you to do the same, don't forget it is up to YOU to find justice for the child who can't fight for herself.  The police are polite enough but they really aren't working this case like you would want them to do if she had been YOUR daughter.
You have a "specialized unit to further investigate Boulder County’s cold cases", and a moral obligation not to forget JonBenét..  Please do whatever necessary to get this case to the cold case group.  
23 years have passed.  Isn't it time?