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Garotte - jameson245 - 01-27-2017


Information on the garotte

RE: Garotte - jameson245 - 02-20-2017

from Newsweek 3/19/2000

the garrote used to strangle JonBenet, made of rope and the broken end of one of Patsy Ramsey's paintbrushes, was an elaborate instrument of death--an unlikely tool for the Ramseys to have fashioned in the panicked minutes after allegedly striking her.

RE: Garotte - meibomius - 02-21-2017

The whole RDI "accident, then staging" theory strikes me as so nonsensical if you take any serious look at the injuries. The head blow left no external wound, and no layman would have had any reason to conclude 'JBR is a goner, so we better finish her off and create some cockamamie botched kidnapping scenario (the "Cheyne-Stokes respiration pattern argument is as preposterous as the "Munchausen by Proxy" theory of Patsy's motivation, as there's no reason to assume JBR ever displayed such breathing (if she was even alive after the head blow long enough to display such a phenomenon), there's also little chance a layman would recognize that as a sure sign of death, and so decide the only thing to do is to finish her off. No, they would have called an ambulance or taken her to an emergency room, and taken their chances with something like, "she fell down the stairs" or "she slipped in the tub."

And the strangulation was absolutely brutal. There is just no way the Ramseys showed the faintest capacity to commit such a heartless act on their daughter. Not to mention the paintbrush penetration, which was totally unnecessary.

I don't understand how anyone can be so convinced that it must have been the Ramseys, but it seems that to RDIs it's like a religion. Even in the absence of any evidence, they have devout faith in their belief that it had to be the Ramseys.

Sorry that this is not contributing evidence or references, but it's just so nice to be able to post such thoughts without fear of a vicious RDI backlash.

RE: Garotte - jameson245 - 02-23-2017

A wonderful heartfelt explanation why some of us just find it easier to follow the evidence than work so hard to explain away the truth just to enjoy the fun of being a BORG bully. Really, other parents HAVE killed their kids, but those who did it in such a brutal way were later found to have mental illness or drug/alcohol problems, financial or revenge motives. The Ramseys were nice people, but the BORG would rather lynch them than accept there are monsters among us - - and one more got away with it.

RE: Garotte - jameson245 - 03-17-2017

Reading the 1/13/2009 CBI lab report

The DNA profile developed from item 8-1, (the neck ligature) revealed the presence of a mixture.  The major component of this mixture matched the DNA profile developed from JonBenet Ramsey (item 14) at the interpretable loci.

The following individuals are excluded as potential contributors to the minor component of this mixture:
John Andrew Ramsey
Melinda Ramsey
John Bennett Ramsey
Patsy Ramsey
Burke Ramsey

Others were also cleared via this DNA including Fleet White and Brian Perry. Funny how they could be cleared but the parents still were held up as guilty by the BORG officers.