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Scott Gibbons - North - jameson245 - 01-30-2017

Scott Gibbons was the neighbor to the north.  He is the man who reported a different light on in the kitchen around midnight that Christmas Day night.  He told me personally that the light on was a light Patsy NEVER used, a light located at the ceiling over the sink area.

He said it could NOT have been a flashlight or light from the refrigerator, it was clearly a set of lights above the counter, near the ceiling.

RE: Scott Gibbons - North - jameson245 - 02-18-2017

From Steve Thomas' notes printed out 6/23/1997

"Scott Gibbons got up and observed a basement door leading into a kitchenarea was standing wide open."

That would have been the door to the butler's kitchen. Not a basement level door but ground floor.   The time has been questioned by some as being too late to be important, police had been all over the house.  Scott spoke to me and he did not tell me what time he saw the door open,  just said early. Later I found in investigator records that he saw the door at least 1/3 of the way open at 7am.
Some feel Thomas intentionally put in the later time to minimize the importance of the open door.  I can only say I interviewed Scott Gibbons and he felt the police didn't follow up on his information so....    I don't know what else to say

RE: Scott Gibbons - North - jameson245 - 08-02-2017

On the 27th, police went to the Gibbons house and spoke to Scott and his children. Scott says they spoke to him for maybe a minute and the kids for 2.

They wanted to know if Burke and JonBenet ever seemed afraid of their parents and did the Gibbons family ever feel anything was strange at the Ramsey house. The answer to both questions was NO. Further, they had never seen John or Patsy ever get angry with the children.

A year later, police asked Scott Gibbons about stun guns. Scott knew what they were but he did not own one and didn't know anything about the Ramseys having one.

RE: Scott Gibbons - North - jameson245 - 08-02-2017

Just a little story, a true story, that can show the impact of a single statement.

Scott Gibbons knows Fleet White and after the Ramseys had moved from the house, Scott asked Fleet if he might deliver a letter to the Ramseys. Fleet said they had no contact. Fleet's lack of vocal support had Scott briefly questioning his belief in the Ramseys - - but the doubt passed and Scott soon returned to his belief that an intruder killed JonBenet.

And, for the record, he was never asked to speak to the grand jury.