Burke lawsuit
01/22/2018 Case Evaluation - General Civil
03/05/2018 Settlement Conference (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Groner, David A.)
16-017577-CZ Ramsey, Burke v CBS Corporation , et al.
Looks like a settlement will happen sooner rather than later. It may be reported in the news but the amount will be sealed.

Thanks for posting this, Kaligirlsam
So glad to hear about this!
That’s odd. There are rumors going around that CBS wants to go to trial and has something or someone that wasn’t revealed in their special.
The BORG has always said CBS wants to go to trial so they can get John and Burke on the witness stand - - but if that is true, why try to get the case dismissed?

I see no evidence that they are eager to try to defend their disgusting actions. LE made it very clear Burke was not a suspect - even Queen BORG Nancy Graceless has made it clear he was innocent. With access to more files than most, I have to tell you CBS made a BIG mistake when they backed that theory.

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