I thought the rope looked the same but was told one was much more pliable than the other and the diameters were different- they were NOT the same.

I was not told that by the Ramseys and don't know if they ever got to compare the ropes side by side - - don't know where the rope is that was used in the photo shoot.
Excerpts from National Enquirer book, "JonBenet, The Police Files" by Don Gentile and David Wright

1998 June 25, 26, 27 - Taped Interrogation interview of Patsy Ramsey by Tom Haney and Trip DeMuth in Colorado

NE Book Page 245:

Patsy was shown a photo of rope found in John Andrew's bedroom

Patsy Ramsey: "I don't recognize it, specifically."

Trip DeMuth: "Okay. And that, that particular piece of rope, do you ever remember seeing anything like it around? And if you look at photo 115, you notice the... ends are unusually secured... can you think of any reason to have that kind of rope around?"

Patsy Ramsey: "I've just never seen ends like that, done like that. John had some, you know, boat ropes and things up at the lake, but it seems like when they cut those they kind of melt the ends of them or something to keep them from fraying or something. I've never seen one done like that."

Trip DeMuth: "The kidn of ropes you're talking about that John used up there - "

Patsy Ramsey: "For the sailboat or - "

Trip DeMuth: "Are they colored the same or similar?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Well, some of them have like little blue flecks in them or red, or there's some white ones, you know."

Trip DeMuth: "Okay. Do you know what, what those are composed of? Is it a nylon-like that melts?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Yeah, it must, something that melts, yeah. But it seems to me like they somehow torch the ends and kind of keep them from fraying. I can't remember seeing any one looking like that."

Trip DeMuth: "You don't remember that being used anywhere in the house or yard or - "

Patsy Ramsey: "No"

Trip DeMuth: "Would you think that unusual to be found in the house?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Yeah, I mean, Burke had some ropes that he would play with through something out on the playground, you know, in that, in that picture yesterday the rope around the, the fort, you know, or something."

Trip DeMuth: "Right"

Patsy Ramsey: "Always trying to make a boat or something like that."

Trip DeMuth: "This was found inside the house"

Patsy Ramsey: "Inside the house?"

Trip DeMuth: "In John Andrew's room?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Oh. Maybe it was a, some rope he used for capmping or something, I don't know."

Trip DeMuth: "Did he have rope in his room that he would use for camping?"

Patsy Ramsey: "...I don't know. I just don't remember seeing this specifically, and I don't remember ever seeing a rope like that."

Trip DeMuth: "Do you know John Andrew had a rope in that room?"

Patsy Ramsey: "No"

07-11-2001 British Documentary
'Who Killed The Pageant Queen'
By Michael Tracy and David Mills

Lou Smit: "What's interesting about this room - we did see that some of the drawers in the bathroom right off the bedroom were partially open - looked like they were out of place. Also in this room there was a rope and we don't know where that rope came from. No one can explain why that rope is in this room."
Is there any record of what kind of tape is at the ends of the rope?

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