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Your theory seems to depend heavily on the claim that the enhance tape was aired on Geraldo show since if this were true, there's a lot of 'splainin' to do about how Mr. Big managed both to get that portion deleted from all subsequent airings of the show, from the DVD version AND from the written transcripts.

I'd encourage you to read Case Encyclopedia more carefully on this issue.
First, why do you accept everything Spade says as 100% truthful, especially in light of his subsequent decision to scrub all his posts and be silent forever after that on this issue?

As just one illustration, consider this: "Internet poster koldkase says she does not watch Geraldo's daytime show, including the one in which the mock trial was done, but she is certain she heard the enhanced tape, hence it must have been on the nighttime show." According to your very careful reconstruction of events, koldkase is dead wrong. She could not possibly have heard the enhanced tape on the later show because Mr. Big got it scrubbed. YET koldkase is 100% positive she heard the tape (along with the list of others you provided).

This gets back to the reliability of eyewitness testimony. You have a handful of highly motivated posters who claim they literally heard the tape (highly motivated meaning they are 100% convinced of Ramsey guilt and the enhanced tape--assuming the voices truly can be heard as clearly as they claim--is incontrovertible evidence Ramseys lied). Against that, you have a moutain of evidence that it didn't happen, i.e., many other posters AND STEVE THOMAS who deny it happen, along with a) the official show transcript showing no such thing happened; b) the DVD version including no such segment; and c) zero contemporary accounts from newspapers or other print media that Rivera had actually aired this bombshell material.

Occam's razor says a handful of posters either lied or unintentionally mistaken in their recollections (they WANTED it to be true, so their memories allowed it to be so etc.). To avert this pretty straightforward conclusion, you have imagined a Mr. Big so extraordinarily powerful that he can shut down NBC from airing content.

So go back to Spade. If Spade were truthful about all his previous claims about the enhanced tape being aired and scrubbed and transcripts redacted etc., what would motivate him to pull all those posts? Could it possibly be guilt over having lied? Your claim is that it's really Mr. Big's influence behind the scenes, but that scenario implies that Spade knows what actually happened (a pedophile ring) and by implication so do Tricia Griffith, River and others in the close-knit ring of posters insistent on Ramsey guilt. If so, why in the world do these posters keep beating the drum for John and Patsy's heads? That would seem pretty unconscionable: they know that a pedophile ring did the deed, coerced Patsy into writing RN and yet they want Ramseys jailed for this?

Moreover, how did Mr. Big not shut down Singular's book in 1999 that was ALL ABOUT A PEDOPHILE RING? That book and the possibility that it might lead investigators to did into that allegation would seem far more of a threat to Mr. Big and colleagues than a murky-sounding enhanced tape which would have virtually zero probative value in pointing the finger at Mr. Big.

Mar 29, 2017
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Subject: Discussion about the 911 call and why the voices do not belong to John or Burke Replies: 5
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Your theory about the voices not being John and Burke's is interesting, but is far more complicated and sinister than the Occam's razor alternative: that it was simply bleed-through from a recycled tape (you appear to reject that ONLY because you find Kim so credible, yet IMHO we've established that she actually is NOT so reliable after all). A couple of problems:
You theory requires that PR flat-out lied about what happened. There's no way in hell she wouldn't have remembered a separate cell phone call that morning. What possible motive would there be for covering this up?
Your theory requires an individual so powerful that they could quash the re-airing of the tape within the space of 3 hours. Honestly I don't picture such individuals watching trash like Geraldo, although arguably he could have gotten wind that tape was going to air and tuned in for that reason. But if that's true, then how come said individual couldn't have pre-empted the first airing etc.? So leaves us with a guy who regularly watches Geraldo, got caught by surprise by what he saw and placed an immediate urgent call to desist from re-airing that tape.
No one can seem to agree on what words were said, much less who said them. It defies credibility to think anyone hearing the enhanced tape would say "OMG, that's obviously Mr. BIG!" The interpreted contents of the tape already had been reported in National Enquirer the day previously (this I presume is what instigated Geraldo to jump on the story) and subsequently got reported/repeated all over the place. None of those purported words "point a finger" at anyone, so it's really hard to believe that HEARING the same words on an enhanced tape suddenly would reveal who Patsy was actually talking to.
I don't know how far out you've played your theory, but if Ramseys were aware of Mr. Big and actually complicit in his killing of JBR (that would be consistent with the nature of GJ indictments issued), then why in the world would they call in the police? What do they gain from a staged kidnapping that they could not have achieved by simply calling the cops to say they'd found her killed in the basement etc.? And if your theory requires either Ramsey to have written the RN, I just don't buy that for all the reasons Smit rejected. Especially if their own child was the victim, parents would have been way too freaked out to have written a note as logical and coherent and nearly error-free as the one actually written etc.

Mar 29, 2017
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Subject: Discussion about the 911 call and why the voices do not belong to John or Burke Replies: 5
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This is fascinating detective work. I wasn't aware of Spade's deleting all those posts. Have you tried using the Wayback Machine to see if it retains a copy of the site before Spade deleted those posts? It won't answer the question of why they were deleted, but may at least enlighten you about content.

I'm puzzled why you think Archuletta's account is credible in all its particlars. The issue is not whether she believes what she's saying: I don't doubt her sincerity, but that is not dispositive of its truth value. As you yourself say: ""What bothered me immensely – it sounded like she’s said “OK so we’ve called the police, now what?” And that disturbed me, so I remained on the phone trying to hear what was being said and it sounded like there were two voices in the room, maybe three different ones. . I had a feeling about this, to me it seemed rehearsed . . .

Your rection: "I see no reason to doubt what Kimberly says she heard is what did actually happen, which is that there were at least two voices that spoke after Patsy stopped talking to her and those voices were picked up on the recording of the 911 call."

My reaction: I take "it sounded like she’s said “OK so we’ve called the police, now what?”" literally. That is, it doesn't sound to me as if Archuletta is trying to paraphrase what Patsy says or give us the "gist" of it. She's reporting the words she remembers hearing. But of course, there is NO version of the enhanced call in which Aerospace engineers or anyone else recovered words that even approximate what Kim claims to have heard. Which in my book simply confirms unreliability of eyewitness testimony etc.

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