Saturday June 30 Daily Camera
sadly, I don't believe the police department is doing all they can to solve this. The two put in charge a few years ago were not new eyes but part of the original BORG group who didn't follow up on leads way back when and I honestly don't believe they would now.

I myself spoke to one of them who admitted to me that the Ramsey boxes were in storage, tips were being filed nicely and I was correct that no one was jumping to attention to see them processed. (If the Chief of Police or DA meet with me I will let them know exactly what was said and by whom). Earlier, I was told the case was NOT a high priority because Boulder had a lot of new crimes that demanded their attention. And,, to be honest, I can understand THAT.

But there is a new DA in town, a new lab at the CBI and clearly someone is taking an interest. Testing is underway and we MAY, just MAY see this mystery solved.

I just hope it happens. JonBenét may be "just another dead kid" to some but to others she was someone special who deserves to be vindicated through the justice system. Her family deserves the same.

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