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In February of 2000, Judith Phillips gave an interview to Mary Suma, a poster on the internet who used the hat "mame".

In that interview, Judith said that when she first heard of the murder, she was "not surprised".  Judith felt that the Ramseys had been given their hard times as a "lesson".  They were living evil lives, not doing as they should have been, so they lost Beth, Patsy got cancer, and then JonBenét died. Judith felt they should have been donating more time and money to the poor, not spending it on homes, decorating, traveling... certainly not PAGEANTS!
But Judith said that she did NOT believe that the parents were involved in the murder at all. She said the thought was "inconceivable".
THAT was what she felt right after the murder.
She went on to say that she later became convinced that Patsy wrote the ransom note - this all happened at the same time her marriage was failing and her new friends were the tabloid people.  They were calling her up to 30 times a day, talking to her, befriending her. She said this happened because she "was privy to a lot of information."
She said she knew the Ramseys had asked their friends and relatives not to speak to the press, but, she said, "I guess I'm the kind of person that, someone says, 'Don't do something.', I go ahead and do it anyway."
Before long, Judith found herself not only cut off from the Ramseys but befriended by the tabloid reporters and FURIOUS at Patsy!
Judith said that she became infuriated at Patsy's statement said at the end of the CNN interview - the one where Patsy said "There's a killer out there, hold your babies close."  She said that terrified her, was a terrible thing for Patsy to do - scare people like that.  Mame, the leading interviewer, commented that that was a "...very selfish thing to do."  Judith agreed. "...she would want us to share in her terror."
Judith went on to say that she revieved a letter from the Ramsey lawyers advising her not to make the photographs public.  She said that "...made me mad....extremely angry."  and "...that's when I started thinking, "What's going on here?"

Judith was marketing herself as a friend of the Ramseys, but she clearly was not. The interview gives clear evidence of that.  They spent very little time together, had little in common.
In 1998, Judith believed Patsy wrote the ransom note.
In February 2000, Judith was stating that she believed Patsy killed her daughter.  Her theory was that Patsy had caught John molesting his daughter and that resulted in the murder of JonBenét.
In February, 2000,  Judith was engaged to Tom Miller and close friends with Craig Lewis. 

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