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Rita Johnson was a real... nasty person. If she is no longer breathing, I won't say I am sorry. Like Nancy Grace, I don't think the world will be losing anything when they are gone.

Anyway, this thread introduced her so I will add a couple of her posts just to show how twisted the woman is/was.

2003-12-13: VOY Forums(
"Dear old "Ellique".....straight from the horses mouth..."

Rita Johnson
Date Posted: 18:49:03 12/13/03 Sat
I just got off the phone with Lou. He was surprised to hear from me. I told him that there was a debate going on about whether he was "flamed" off the internet and he laughed and said "if that's what they want to think that's fine"...Then I asked him if he heard from jameson directly on on the internet and he said "no-that's all BEHIND me now"....whatever that meant....He said he had to go and hung up abruptly...A little later I called back again and asked him about his "famous" son-in-law....and he said "that's all behind me now, I don't want to get into that"....then he hung up abruptly.....Strange isn't it? I wonder who this guy really was? Rita

(this might just be a strange coincidence BUT old "ellique" lives right around the corner from my that bizarre...

2003-12-14: VOY Forums(
"Sorry, the Lou I spoke of was "ellique"...."

Rita Johnson
Date Posted: 08:38:05 12/14/03 Sun
I forget everyone wasn't clear on "Lou" being "Ellique".....he lives in Marietta and is the person who met jameson at the graveyard the day I met jameson. They really appeared to be chummy chummy, although Lou said that he NEVER met her in person until that day. I don't believe that. He seemed a little stand offish and a "true Southerner" so I doubt he would have so easily invited her into his car. SOUTERNERS are leery of Northerners and jameson is NOT from the south. I figured they were tied together through some kind of an "organization" I won't go into here because Lou "ellique" seemed to be performing some kind of "obligation" by bringing the ladder for her and driving....There's definitely more to it than jameson wanted to portray. Anyway, jameson said she had emailed "ellique" and I was curious about who his "famous-lawyer" relative might be so I called him. The number he gave me originally turned out to be Lin Wood's HOME NUMBER and then when I called information I got his real number and found his address to be within minutes of my daughter's house.....Very strange. Anyway he didn't say much, just that he DIDN'T and hasn't heard from jameson and doesn't care to.....said that "part of his life" was over.....I thought it strange for someone so interested in the CASE that he would suddently drop out and have no comment about the Carnes ruling seemingly exonerating the Ramseys....Rita

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