The head injury - graphic image
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From the autopsy: "The scalp is covered by long blonde hair which is fixed in two ponytails, one on top of the head secured by a cloth hair tie and blue elastic band, and one in the lower back of the head secured by a blue elastic band. No scalp trauma is identified. The external auditory canals are patent and free of blood.The eyes are green and the pupils equally dilated. The sclerae are white. The nostrils are both patent and contain a small amount of tan mucous material."

and after the scalp is opened,
"On removal of the skull cap there is found to be a thin film of subdural hemorrhage measuring approximately 7-8 cc over the surface of the right cerebral hemisphere and extending to the base of the cerebral hemisphere.The 1450 gm brain has a normal overall architecture. Mild narrowing of the sulci and flattening of the gyri are seen. No inflammation is identified.There is a thin film of subarachnoid hemorrhage overlying the entire right cerebral hemisphere. On the right cerebral hemisphere underlying the previously mentioned linear skull fracture is an extensive linear area of purple contusion extending from the right frontal area, posteriorly along the lateral aspect of the parietal region and into the occipital area. This area of contusion measures 8 inches in length with a width of up to 1.75 inches. At the tip of the right temporal lobe is a one-quarter by one-quarter inch similar appearing purple contusion. Only very minimal contusion is present at the tip of the left temporal lobe. This area of contusion measures only one-half inch in maximum dimension."

The blow to her head would have been a fatal injury.  The fact that the coroner (and everyone else who saw her body) had no idea there was such an injury indicates there was no obvious swelling, bruising.  In fact the coroner had no idea she had the head injury until he exposed the skull during the autopsy.  The written autopsy indicates very little bleeding and THAT tells us she was hit in the head VERY CLOSE to the time she died.  Otherwise there would have been a lot more bleeding into the skull, bruising, possible bleeding from her eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Lou Smit and others believe the garrote was cutting off the flow of blood to the head and that limited the amount of bleeding from the head injury.

THAT should make the BORG  (Bent on Ramsey Guilt) who are holding the theory that the head blow came a half to full hour before the garrote was put on her as staging or to "finish her off" think twice.   That theory just does not fit the physical evidence.

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