The head injury - graphic image
I have never seen a photo in which I could see the claw/struggle marks, but I accept the conclusion of so many others that they are there. I am trying to make sense of the garrotte and head injury, and other autopsy evidence, and I'm wondering about the location of those marks.  I am coming to the conclusion that JBR was strangled first (the first, lower furrow), not fatally but enough to restrict the blood flow to her brain. With that blood flow still constricted (perhaps by holding the noose of the garrotte in place), the head blow was inflicted. This did not kill her immediately, but also did not bleed inside her skull very much because of the constricted blood flow. Then, to finish her off, a viciously brutal amount of pressure was applied to the noose, creating the fatal furrow wound where the cord was found embedded into her neck.

It seems to me, if that scenario is correct, that the struggle/claw marks would be from the first episode of strangling, and would be above the first furrow but very near it, and below the second. The head injury would have, in this scenario, probably rendered JBR incapable of significant struggle, although I believe that the self-preservation instinct is so deeply embedded into our lower, reptilian brain that she could have been only slightly conscious and still struggled to some extent against strangulation.

Thoughts? Location of the struggle/claw marks?

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