Announcing my death
I did what I could to get the truth out when it seemed a liar would help Steve Thomas put Patsy in jail.
I released a lot of truth when I saw an opportunity to replace a book of lies with the actual transcripts of the Ramsey interviews.
I have paid for a place where the truth can be published for all to see.
I have done what I could to help several investigators clear reasonable suspects and helped more than one documentary maker put out honest programs.

I couldn't have done any of that without help and to those who sent files and met with me, I am truly indebted.

But I am not a "force" in reality, just someone who has tried to see this solved. And with the army of BORG seeing to it all honest discussion is blocked, even deleted, from the forums, I have to work in other ways, or not.

Just going to watch things for a while. The truth is here for those who care, but apathy and the joy of belonging to a gang seems to have sidetracked any search for the truth.

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