Can you help?

So you read about the murder and feel bad, wish the case was solved so the killer could pay for the horrendous crime.

I have posted a small reward for the identification of the source of the DNA found in JonBenét's panties.
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But I know that isn't enough.

I have this web site dedicated to publishing the truth for researchers and seekers.  Never know what piece of the puzzle will make that one person step forward with information to solve this.

The money will be collected to help find the killer and to pay a reward to the person who ends the mystery.

One thing needed is money to pay for DNA tests to be done for PIs on their favorite suspects.  A single test costs close to a thousand dollars.  If the fund grows as I hope, I want to help those investigators pay for tests on the most reasonable suspects. 

But I expect the bulk will go to pay for investigator expenses - with whatever is left going toward a reward.

So if you want to show support, contribute what you can.  It may make a difference.
The first contribution has been given. I want to thank that person here. Wink

Please do copy the link and post it in other forums. I am not allowed on FACEBOOK but have been told the best results come from the campaign being posted there. So please, if you have access to FACEBOOK, send it to your friends, post on any page that is related to this case or crimes against children or DNA.

It won't take a lot of time but could result in donations coming in for a worthy cause.
(03-27-2017, 12:26 PM)jameson245 Wrote: The first contribution has been given.  I want to thank that person here. Wink
Thank you to whoever donated :Smile)
Moved campaign from family to community as suggested by a friend. (Thanks for the call.)
Bumping this!! Keep donating!
Donations are next to dead, mostly because those who are doing NOTHING to solve this are angry at me for making an attempt - - so they have posted in places I am not welcome that this is a fraud, a con. It is not and I am hoping the new students of the case will figure it out before they are totally assimilated.

I would love to see any of them name someone who has done more to actually see the truth made public and push the authorities to remember they have an obligation to this little victim to bring her killer to justice.

Knocking me in a forum where I can't defend myself is cowardly and shows no effort to see this solved.

So here is the test - - am I spending the money on myself or trying to use it for the best outcome in this case? I am prepared to use the money to pay for this testing, am believed in enough that someone else, seeing the proposed use of the money, has just offered to pay the tab for this test so we can use the money for those PIs who need their suspects checked.

The evidence is there - it is good - - new testing is available that can help the investigators. I hope posters will look again at the attacks on me, consider the sources and ask what are THEY doing other than being online drama queens targeting the Ramseys and their supporters.

We the caring public DO have a voice - - and money in our pockets. Maybe not a lot, but we have some. I hope Ramsey case followers will help see these tests done so the killer can be found.

The man who emailed this morning offering to cover the entire cost of the new testing is just one of a few who did NOT donate to the GoFundme - - but they are watching and may help if they see an opportunity to help directly. Life is OK.
Today I got an email asking if I thought a petition might get the Grand Jury records released. I thought I would share my rather "biting" reply here.

The Denver Post used all their resources, legal department and money, to get the GJ unsealed.  We got all we will.  

I think the authorities have a lot to hide because of what they did there, if you think they look like idiots having botched the initial investigation, you'd be shocked if you just the little I know about what they did with the Grand Jury.  If not illegal, it was at least immoral.  

But in the end, to protect the reputations of some of the most powerful men in Colorado (and even national) politics, I believe that will remain sealed in our lifetimes.

It's been a long time and the more time passes the more I think people really don't care about getting to the truth.  Not just the BORG who won't see the evidence as it is - ignores it to point at the family.  But even the Ramsey supporters - - I honestly don't think they care anymore.  Nothing can bring the child back or spare her family so much pain.  Their reputations can't be restored in any meaningful manner.  A trial would be torture for the survivors.  Others would lose a rather substantial income if the case really did end.  So a few keep trying and are frustrated, eventually they give up or die.

This is a DNA case, have no doubt about it.  There are private investigations underway and I have promised the GoFundMe Campaign monies to pay for some tests - - but $3000.00 will pay for just a few.   I saw a few Ramsey friends donate and thanked them but....  in the end that effort just reaffirmed my belief that the rich are the coldest and greediest group there is.  I mean, consider that John was very rich  (not any more, but he was).  He had rich friends and work contacts.  He ran for an office with the Republican party and we know there are some deep pockets there.  But they didn't contribute, not even with public support of the fund by John Ramsey himself.   No, the money in those deep pockets is not going to pay for any possible justice - - maybe because there is no profit in finding the killer.  But mostly I think the rich value their money more than people like us.

The BORG would like to take credit for the poor campaign, but I don't believe that is even half of it.  I think it is more apathy.  JonBenet is, as Michael Tracey loves to say, just another murdered child, and there are plenty of those.
I just noticed over a thousand people have viewed this specific thread.

I encourage everyone to donate 1 dollar, 5 dollars or whatever you can afford!!! Truth be told, this go fund me is 100% real and each dollar will help trying to find JonBenet's killer.

Please help out!
I also encourage everyone to donate whatever they are able to. This is the best chance we have in finding justice for JonBenet. I donated as well!! Please donate people!!

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