Public Presentation at Castle
Steve and his wife gave a public talk in Colorado and a friend attended.  This is the report sent to me on that meeting.

Last week, I attended an event at Cherokee Castle south of Denver where Stephen and Joyce Singular spoke on their updated version of "Presumed Guilty," their book on JonBenét's case.

I think my overall review of Singular's theory of a child pornography theory being the root of this, as well as a connection with a photographer or photographers and a sort of conspiracy to protect powerful people in Boulder, is that he may be on the right track as far as one investigative path--but that it should not be the primary avenue of investigation. He is the first to say that he is given to speculation. I think he does not have hard evidence, necessarily, but he also doesn't really give himself credit for the research he has done and information he has found that does support this theory. Because circumstantially, it is there, as a horrible and dark problem in Boulder. The missing link just seems to be what could connect specifically to this case.

With that said, I find his writing style very enjoyable and his demeanor pleasing. I would say the same of Joyce. 

The Singulars were unequivocal in their belief that the Ramseys had nothing to do with this. They were very clear about that. 

There was only one person during the Q&A after the talk who said she suspected a coverup within the family--I think specifically concerning Burke. She really sounded like someone who just wouldn't be swayed, particularly considering that she was sitting there with two presenters giving her facts to show why that wasn't right.

It also became apparent to me that there is a LOT of misinformation out there, some of which was brought up at the talk. There was someone who thought there was vomit at the crime scene. (No.) Things like that. I am not sure how these rumors get started and take off.

The gathering was very respectful, which was nice. No really hostile vibes, which is almost surprising with a case this controversial.

Stephen's point that he came back to a few times was to emphasize what the grand jury found: that they did not vote to indict for murder. That in addition to strange things that happened, such as why the entire indictment was not released when Charlie Brennan got 4 pages of it released. He spoke a lot about suspected coverup like that, and who is it that is being protected in Boulder by information not being released? Who was protected by the Boulder Police refusing so steadfastly to look anywhere other than the parents for investigation? I believe someone in attendance at the event brought up starting a petition to get the entire indictment released, and Stephen and Joyce received this idea favorably.

So, to sum it up: I don't really think this theory should be tied so closely with the Ramsey case without hard evidence, but it's certainly one theory that should be investigated closely. The connection is possible.

Also, I would recommend reading his updated version of "Presumed Guilty," which is a 70 page supplement, as well as some updated content in the rest of the book. It's available as an e-book from Amazon.

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