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So this week online at Radar Online, they are running a few of drawing by JonBenet and suggesting they may indicate prior abuse.  I will share the images and make comments.

Pictures done at school - first grade so she had just turned 6.  I see smiles and a family "group" which seems fine.  Most disturbing is she seems to have run out of time and didn't get to put colorful clothing on the last two drawings.  The pretty yellow hair is missing.  

Bottom line - I don't see any evidence of a child begging to be helped, protected, saved.  I think the tabloid is really stretching for a story here.

But I confess I enjoy seeing the drawings and thinking how happy the child was when she drew that yellow hair and pink dress and declared she wanted to be a "DKTR".

Here I see a child drawing the basic shapes, square, circle, rectangle, triangle.... and how great she attempted a DIAMOND!

I think those people who look at the drawing and see vaginas need to get their minds out of the gutter.   

Children who are victims of sexual molestation draw images that are far more OBVIOUS than this innocent efforts to make shapes.

(The numbers being reversed are adorable I wonder if those people who deal in reverse speech are going to try to say THAT is evidence of her deliberately over-indulging in pineapple and autoerotic strangulation.

As you can tell, I am unimpressed with their "expert's opinion".

The most interesting.

This is referred to as a "shocking self-portrait".

"Renowned forensic psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman" feels the circle around her legs could be "a barrier of protection to stop anything from penetrating her".  

If she was concerned about being penetrated, would she really be drawing a big smile  on her face?  Just wondering.

My concern here is her failure to draw her NOSE!  Certainly she is not so concerned about her genitals being assaulted as she is her nose being......  who knows?

OK, all seriousness aside, next Dr. CL   (which may symbolize the word clitoris in the minds of those people who think a diamond shape has vaginal undertones)  suggests the circle may represent panties dropping.  With tongue in cheek  (oh, I can see those sickos reading into THAT) I must say I think she would have done a better job if that was her thought.  I mean look at the detail in the shirt - - panties would not be THAT hard to figure out.

The circle in this mother's and grandmother's mind looks more like a hula-hoop that the kid just can't get to stay at the waist level.  The child is having fun trying, but the hoop keeps going to the knees.

Again, if I was looking for signs of an abused child in these drawings, I would be disappointed.  Smiles and no threatening objects drawn.....  sorry, I just think this is a really stupid expert getting paid for a negative story.  

Shame on all involved.
I wrote an email to Dr. P who was also quoted in the story. He said he saw "clear signs of sexual abuse" in the drawings. I wrote:
Seriously? JonBenet drew smiles and shapes and numbers and you see a damaged child who is the victim of sexual molestation? I have been a foster parent to a few children who were victims and they drew sharp objects, crying faces, blood. She enjoyed playing with a hula hoop. I think she did a pretty good job showing how it usually wouldn't stay at her waist for long. The drawings made me smile. I think you need to remember not all children are victims.
Dr. DePompo emailed me back and said he was misrepresented. I offered to post a response in his own words to be posted on this thread but don't know if that is something he will want to do.
The print that went with the images

Startling sketches drawn by JonBenét Ramsey, and obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com, could suggest the murdered child beauty queen’s chilling plea in the months before her death, begging for someone to end the alleged physical abuse she’d endured. But because the little girl would not, or could not, speak the heinous words aloud, she depicted the horrors silently — in crayon!

Radar has gained exclusive access to never-before-seen drawings by the slain six-year-old that indicate her torment.

A team of experts convened by Radar examined the images to reach the conclusion that JonBenét had been sexually violated prior to her death on Christmas Day 1996.

JonBenét made the drawings while in first grade at the Boulder Valley School in Boulder, Colo., in 1996 — and they’d been kept there, along with a report card, until Radar discovered them. Click through to see the disturbing images that were shockingly never investigated by police.

In a series for a school project called “My Time Line,” two of JonBenét’s drawings show a smiling yellow-haired child in a bright pink dress. But in another picture, one stick figure has multiple limbs and no mouth! Experts believe the mouthless character could be someone trying to silence JonBenét, with the numerous lines for legs being an indication of aggression, frustration or other anxiety pertaining to that particular person.

Equally disturbing are the oval shapes with a hole in the center — which the experts believe signifies a vaginal opening — that JonBenét drew over and over again. The same startling image appears on the T-shirt she’s wearing in her alarming self-portrait! “The drawings projected her unconscious mind onto a page, emotions and things she would not consciously say and might not have been able to articulate,” explained Dr. Jeffrey Menzise, a former school psychologist who’s now an associate psychology professor at Morgan State University.

In another shocking self-portrait, JonBenét depicted herself wearing a T-shirt, no pants and a partially erased circular ring around her legs. “The line that encircles her bottom half could be a barrier of protection to stop anything from penetrating her,” said renowned forensic psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, adding that, more literally, the ring “could represent her panties.”

“A five-year-old girl does not typically draw her underwear dropping,” pointed out renowned child psychologist Dr. P, asserting that if a patient of his created such a drawing he would be concerned. “If this was a client of mine I would absolutely ask further questions because there are clear signs of sexual abuse.”

“Everything a child does in a drawing sends out a message,” said renowned mental health professional Dr. Gilda Carle. And the message adorable JonBenét was sending, quite simply, was: “Save me!”

“All these things together would make me ask further about any type of sexual abuse, exposure to sexuality or inappropriate behaviors that she could have been exposed to at her young age,” Dr. Menzise told Radar. The mental health professionals’ findings reinforce charges by investigators that JonBenét suffered “prior vaginal intrusions” months before her lifeless body was found in the basement of her home.

During her June 1998 interrogation, JonBenét’s mother, Patsy Ramsey, was “shocked” when confronted with news her strangled daughter may have been sexually abused.

Although a grand jury voted to indict Patsy and her husband, John Ramsey, for child abuse, they did indict sexual abuse. Further, Alex Hunter, then the Boulder District Attorney, refused to sign the indictment, so no formal charges were brought — and the Ramseys were ultimately exonerated of all crimes. The case remains unsolved, more than 20 years after JonBenét’s tragic end.

(MY COMMENT - Read the last paragraph again. "they did indict sexual abuse" - - When the Hell did THAT happen???
They need to hire experts and proofreaders who know the case.
OK, so this guy's quotes are not really directly interpreting the shapes JonBenet was practicing - kind of a silly expert to call on, IMO. Here is his information.

Maybe someone else can tell me why anyone would call him in for an opinion on these simple drawings of a smiling child and her family.

Jeff Menzise
Associate Professor
Office Location: 
Jeff Menzise is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Urban Research. He is a graduate of both Fisk and Howard Universities, receiving advanced training and degrees in clinical psychology. As former Director of the Academic Success Center at Fisk, Menziseʼs responsibilities included: Directorship of the Campus Counseling Center, Student Disability Services, and the HBCU Wellness Project. He has provided clinical trainings (Wal-Mart, Trial Lawyers College, NBCDI, Meharry Medical College) and has taught at Tennessee State University, Fisk University and Howard University. Internationally he has worked with: The Songhai Project (Benin), Ministries of Education (St. Kitts & Nevis, Gambia), West African Examination Council - WAEC (Gambia, Ghana), and the Oxford Roundtable (England). Dr. Menzise is a Kettering Foundation Public Scholar, and has authored and co-authored articles in journals, encyclopedias, and five books (Dumbin' Down: Reflections on the Mis-Education of the Negro, Rambling Ruminations: Rare Writings from the Collection of J.A. Rogers, African Heritage Playing Cards Series: Vodoun Veve (with accompanying cards), African Heritage Playing Cards Series: Adinkra Affirmations (with accompanying playing cards), and Symbolically Speaking: African Lodge #1 (July, 2015)). He is a skilled mindfulness meditation expert, and a qi gong/yoga instructor. He has recently completed data collection for a study focusing on how meditation impacts academic performance.
(09-20-2017, 07:22 PM)jameson245 Wrote: The circle in this mother's and grandmother's mind looks more like a hula-hoop that the kid just can't get to stay at the waist level.  The child is having fun trying, but the hoop keeps going to the knees.

Exactly.  That was my first thought....had to be a hula hoop.  Keeping it above one's waist is a lot trickier than it looks, especially for a 6-year-old.

Some of these media people are pathetic.  Anything to try to sell their magazines.
Dr. P emailed me that he felt he had been "grossly misquoted" and that he spoke to his attorney and both sites carrying the story would be removing it. This morning the photos are still up but the print is gone. To be fair I am removing his name from this thread and referring to him simply as Dr.P

I would like to know if the other experts feel they were also misquoted, If they email me saying they were, I will also remove their names.

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