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JD: I would like to feel comfortable that the case would one day be resolved. However, as many of you know, there was a major contamination at the crime scene when local law enforcement allowed people to freely roam through the house. I will, however, take the position that has been a somewhat controversial position, and that is that I do not believe that the family, John or Patsy or the son, was involved in the death of JonBenét. It is difficult to comprehend that John and Patsy Ramsey -- on Christmas Day, a happy time of the year, planning to go to Michigan the following morning, with their car packed with gifts, out with friends for the evening -- would suddenly return home and kill their daughter, especially in the way that she was killed, i.e., blunt-force trauma to the head, which causes an eight-inch fracture in her skull, coupled with a ligature tightly bound around her neck, as well as sexual assault.

This is from a question and answer Douglas did online - I forget where.

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