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"John's Bio"
Posted by SpiritRain on Jan-22-00 at 06:15 AM (EST)
Quote: This is from:
John Ramsey was born in Nebraska two years after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. His father, James Dudley Ramsey, was a highly decorated transport pilot in World War II who eventually became director of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission.
He instilled a lifelong love of flying in his eldest son, a quiet, steady youth whose controlled exterior belied his willingness to take risks and an uncanny ability to see beyond the obvious.
In 1957 -- the year Patsy Paugh was born -- 14-year-old John Ramsey moved to Okemos, a tiny town near Lansing, Mich., where he ran cross country, played in the band and chaired the Christmas dance his senior year.
The caption beneath Ramsey's photo in his high school yearbook reads: "Some say he's quiet -- others doubt it.''
"Everything he did demonstrated character,'' said Nancy Turner Lawton, a former classmate who dated Ramsey for several years. "He was just an upright person who had a desire to do things right.
"He had a savings account. He had a plan for his life. I can't tell you how responsible he was at 18.''
John Ramsey followed the same straight and narrow path at Michigan State University in Lansing, where he became president of his fraternity, joined ROTC and met his future wife, Lucinda Lou Pasch.
He became a military pilot, like his father, spending two years in the Phillipines; he earned a master's degree in marketing in 1971, and soon after, accepted a sales job in Atlanta with a California-based electronics engineering company.
But when the company urged him to come West, he refused. It wasn't the obvious decision, one he later credited with making his career.
"That was the turning point for me, back in 1976,'' Ramsey told Computer Reseller News.
It also marked a personal turning point. He and Cindy, now the parents of three children, Elizabeth, Melinda and John, divorced. On Nov. 15, 1980, he married 23-year-old Patricia Ann Paugh at the Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.
By that time, Ramsey had formed his own company, Advanced Products Group, selling computer terminals, printers and other items from an office in his basement of his home. Despite the company's high tech mission, neighbor Joe Saportas recalled that Ramsey drove a battered pickup and enjoyed doing construction projects around the house.
Ramsey saw his future in presentation graphics. In 1988, he merged his company with two others to form Access Graphics, based in Boulder. For more than a year, he commuted from Atlanta for his job as vice president of sales. In 1991, Lockheed Martin acquired Access, and Ramsey became Access president.
In five years, he shepherded the company from a $150 million in sales to more than $1 billion, tripling its work force to 560 employees worldwide.
"I would describe him as a visionary leader,'' said Access spokeswoman Laurie Wagner. "He's very good at looking ahead toward where we need to be.''
With his promotion came the family move to Boulder, and a $750,000 brick Tudor in a quiet, upscale neighborhood on 15th Street.
What started me on this was after reading the JonBenet article on Mousey's Susan Smith thread, (http://va.crimelibrary.com/ramsey/ramseymain.htm)I learned that John had been voted businessman of the year. At the time of the murder, "John had just been voted local "businessman of the year.""

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