Took her, raped her, AND RETURNED HER
GIRL, 6 RAPED IN BOG; Child taken from her bed in sickening attack.

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THE six-year-old girl taken from her bed and raped was attacked in a bog, the Irish Daily Mirror has learned.

A sick attacker snatched the child from her sleep and brought her to the waste ground. A 26-year-old has been arrested and further evidence to support a rape charge is being assembled.'

The victim, a Traveller, was originally treated at University College Hospital in Galway and then at Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin, Dublin. Specialist surgeons had to operate on her due to the injuries.

Gardai spent two days forensically examining the bog where the attack took place in the West on May 10.

Officers believe the girl was raped some time between midnight and the early hours of the morning.

Sources described it as the worst case they ever encountered involving a child.

The alleged attacker appeared before court last week on a different charge and is due to appear again next month.

He has not yet been formally charged with the rape of the child and is being held on remand at Castlerea Prison, Co Roscommon.

The Irish Mirror has learned that prisoners in the jail have vowed to kill the suspect - also a Traveller - after his identity became known among inmates.

A source said: "His name has gone around the jail like wildfire.

"Some of the toughest criminals in Ireland have vowed to get him." It is understood the victim and her alleged attacker lived close to one another. Family and friends are now worried for the girl's mental well-being.

She was lying in bed when her attacker crept into her room and lured her away. She was brought to an isolated bog and brutally raped before being tucked back into her bed.

The child has spoken to specialist officers and identified a suspect. The rape suspect was arrested within two days of the incident and charged.

Gardai believe the book of evidence will be completed within three weeks.


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