Patsy in April 1997 interview
ST: Let me ask you one more question and then Tom if we can take a five minute break and let everyone use the restroom, um, Patsy, have you had any suspicions or concerns about any involvement in this on the part of Fleet White.
PR: Well, yes I, I have, um, and only because of some erratic behavior that, that they exhibited um shortly after uh, you know, we found JonBenet. Uh, I mean, there, there were a couple, two, three incidents and I know everyone was traumatized incredibly that morning, but they just acted differently than any of our other friends, you know, uh and it, it, you know, I mean, God, you know, I hate to, I, I hate to think, let myself think that, because those are, they’re friends of ours and uh, but they just acted strangely, you know.
ST: And certainly hard to gauge somebody after an event such as this as to whether the behavior is natural or unnatural.
PR: Right.
ST: Certainly I’m no psychiatrist, but was there ever any, what we call, pre-offense behavior. Was there anything that you ever thought was just wrong prior to Christmas in Fleet’s behavior uh, concerning the kids.
PR: No, I mean, he was a very loving father, I mean, um, we called him Mr. Mom, because he was not, you know, working. I mean he was, I guess, doing some, a little bit of stuff still in California, but basically he was available all the time and took the kids, you know, I felt perfectly comfortable with him having our children and we had their children, you know and everything and they vacationed with us and everything. It just, it just subsequent to that it just, um . . .
ST: And I’m very familiar with what happened at your mom’s on the . . .
PR: Yeah.
ST: . . .that was the 31st or the 1st of January . . .
PR: I don’t know.
ST: And those issues.
PR: Those days kind of run together. I don’t know what those days were.

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