Some of the family’s fondest memories of Charlevoix were when they would gather together on their bikes and cruise down the bicycle paths around Lake Michigan. [b]“Johnnie B. is on the back of my bike, Patsy and Burke close behind us,” John Ramsey remembers. “My daughter is singing and chattering behind me as we sail along the path. The sky is bright and the air is crisp.”[/b]

Patsy looks great!   One of her best photos, IMO.

 All members of the Ramsey family were avid skiers, and JonBenet was no exception. It was a bright, winter day, and John stood on top of the Aspen ski slope, watching his family enjoy themselves. As he was taking in the beautiful site of the Colorado Rockies, he noticed a small blur go by. It was JonBenet. John was concerned that his youngest was going too fast for her skill set and quickly followed her down the hill. Once he caught up with JonBenet, John reached out and a grabbed a hold of her coat sleeve. His attempt caused them to both lose balance and fall down into the snow.
JonBenet sat for a moment, startled and confused by what had happened. Once she began to piece it together, her surprised turned into indignation. “Dad, did you do that?” she sputtered out. “I was just getting going!”
This moment still brings a smile to John’s face. “Boy, was she mad,” he remembers. John told JonBenet that while he knew she was a good skier, he would like her to slow down. JonBenet agreed that she would at least give it a try.
Their truce lasted just as long as it took to for JonBenet to get back on her feet. The little girl started down the hill again, going even faster than before. This time John followed closely beside her.

JonBenet and John sitting together in the audience during one of her pageants.  John always tried     to attend JonBenet’s pageants, especially the talent portion.

“It doesn’t matter if you are the prettiest or that have the nicest dress,” he would tell his daughter. “It’s your talent that counts.”

In the fall of 1990 the Ramsey family moved to Boulder, Colorado so John Ramsey could pursue his career with Access Graphics. It would not be until the following fall did the family move to their house on 755 Fifteenth Street. The large Tudor style house quickly became what Patsy described as a “remodeling nightmare”, and even with the long days of construction the house was not quite ready for the 1991 holiday season. None the less, Patsy and John were able to have all five of their children together for Christmas. They cleaned up a small section in the living room, and celebrated the day surrounded by holiday decorations and sheetrock. Patsy had placed a small artificial tree on top of the piano and surrounded it with gifts.

Despite the mess, everyone was happy. This would be the first and only Christmas that all seven members of the Ramsey family would celebrate together in the Boulder house. Two weeks later, on January 8th, 1992 their oldest daughter, Elizabeth Ramsey was killed in a car accident at the age of 22.
While shopping for Christmas presents in 1996, JonBenet spotted the perfect gift for her father, John Ramsey. It was a gumball machine, one that popped out jellybeans. Jellybeans were John’s favorite candy, and she knew that she just had to get it.
JonBenet was so excited about her gift that she could barely manage to keep it a secret. On Christmas morning, she grabbed the brightly wrapped present and ran over to her father, insisting that he opened it first. JonBenet bounced on her heels with anticipation as John opened the gift. He was touched by how much thought and joy from his six year old daughter.
“Honey, this is the best present ever,” John said. “Thank you!”

That present was on the kitchen counter when police filmed the house.

“JonBenet and Burke run together across the sand, to the children’s playground, and start pushing the merry-go-round. I give the spinning top a push, stand back, and watch my little girl; pig tails flying, holding on the bars, going around and around. This moment now, at the waters edge. Pure happiness.” - John Ramsey, “The Other Side of Suffering”

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