Theory on how Patsy murdered JB over bedwetting
IMO, this book was a joke, but it is still worth the read.  I read it at the same time I was reading "Death of Innocence" and it just reinforced my belief in the Ramsey's innocence.
Thomas told his theory to Larry King

THOMAS: But I think there was a toiletting issue that night that has been dismissed and underplayed.
KING: OK, toiletting -- explain.
THOMAS: A bed-wetting or a toiletting issue.
KING: That caused Patsy to get mad at her daughter.
THOMAS: Absolutely.
KING: And say slap her, or hit her, or punish her?
THOMAS: I don't know. I'm suggesting that there was an explosive encounter, because at one point put the child in clothes, a red turtleneck, for example, not the same clothing she was found in deceased, the following day. I think something happened in that bathroom.
KING: All right. Why would it lead then to garroting and hitting on the head: What would lead to that?
THOMAS: I don't know. What can you imagine would led to garroting or hitting on the head?
P. RAMSEY: What can you imagine? I can't imagine. I want to you look at me and tell me what you think happened.
THOMAS: Actually, I'll look you right in the eye. I think you're good for this. I think that's what the evidence suggests.
P. RAMSEY: Steve Thomas, you are so...
KING: So in other words, she killed her daughter in a rage over the bed wetting and then garroted her.
THOMAS: Yes, this is interesting hearing this theory, because again it's not consistent with forensic experts that worked with the police department, the law enforcement in this case. Right?
J. RAMSEY: I disagree. Totally disagree.
JonBenet -- in fact, the autopsy says this. JonBenet died of strangulation. That is consistent with...
P. RAMSEY: Where am I supposed to have learned how to make this garrote?
THOMAS: John calls it a very skilled instrument of some sort. You admit, now, do you not, that it was your paintbrush that was used? Do you admit that?
P. RAMSEY: I don't know!
J. RAMSEY: Steve...
THOMAS: No, I care. Let her answer the question, John.
P. RAMSEY: The perpetrator was in our home. He had access...
THOMAS: Your paintbrush...
P. RAMSEY: He had access...
THOMAS: He forgot -- the kidnapper who forgot his ransom note. The kidnapper who forget his pen and all his tools of the instruments.


J. RAMSEY: What Steve Thomas' theory is based on is that...
THOMAS: You're not going to answer?
J. RAMSEY: ... our child wet her bed and we slaughtered her. That is so preposterous.
THOMAS: You weren't there, John. You can't tell.
J. RAMSEY: I was there. I know Patsy.
THOMAS: You were...
J. RAMSEY: I've lived with her for 20 years. I know that she loved that child more than anything in the world.
I would have given my life for JonBenet, Patsy would have given her life for JonBenet, and I'm sorry we weren't able to.
KING: Are you saying that if it were Patsy you would never have covered it up?
J. RAMSEY: Absolutely not. Not in a New York minute.
KING: So you never doubted your wife, ever?
J. RAMSEY: No, no. No.

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